Confirmed: Defense Spending Creates Fewer Jobs Than Other Types of Spending

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AHA!  I see the problem -- that study was published in 2007, when Bush was president!
Give it a little more time, GW. Now that Obama is prez, they’ll come out with a new study showing that Iraq and Afghanistan have “saved or created at least a gazillion jobs”.

Seriously, though; at least there is a constitutional basis for spending on national defense. And I’m not aware of anyone making the assertion that we need more military spending to revive the economy and/or create jobs.  (?)

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Defense spending is insane.

It's the only activity in the world wher wealth is literally destroyed!

I mean where else do you spend money just to blow it up.


Completely insane

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Compare, for a moment, the average wage of a defense contractor and that of the average wage of a teacher, bus driver, or road worker. I think you need to consider total capital asset developed. Engineers hire maids to clean their houses, they buy 40,000 cars (and can afford them). Defense contractors create the middle class you want, not 40k droans that don't put very much capital asset back into the economy.

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I miss one alternative: Spend 1B extra on additional screening at the airports. In economic terms, I guess that all the money spent after 9-11 on additional security and AT defence had the same effect as one giant stimulus package. No wonder the economy boomed to a bust.

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This study supports the conclusion that military spending is not the best economic stimulus. War and military spending are not one and the same.

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I am shocked a self proclaimed "progressive" think tank comes to the conclusion that spending money on public transportation generates more jobs than military spending. They also think that replacing cheap existing energy infrastructure with new expensive "green energy" creates jobs and grows the economy.

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Don't these contradict each other?  First you said military spending increases unemployment then you post this which says 1B in spending creates 8000+ jobs (granted a nominal amount relative to spending).  Both you say vindicate your stance, although I'm not sure what that is now.