Congrats To All Who Got In On AIG Offering...(UPDATE: TIMBERRRRRRR)

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Update: Timberrrrrr - this is what happens when you can't package dogshit as a social network or a chinese reverse merger.

...You are down just 3% in a few hours. Also, as a reminder, flipping to bigger idiots only works when one has a profit. And congratulations to the US Treasury. The $5.8 billion in gross proceeds (and $5.4 billion net of the $385 million in fees paid to Bank of America, JP Morgan and other TBTFs) is almost, but not quite, in the same league as the $110 billion in new debt issued this week. Oh, and good luck with the remaining $41 bllion in AIG Treasury exposure (through the common) not at a loss (above $28.70)