Congratulations Ben Bernanke!

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Dear Chairman, Congratulations on Time's Top Tick of your career. With a 79% disapproval rating, you are now one of the lest deserving Men of the Year.

Some other candidates for lest deserving include Adolf Hitler:

Joseph Stalin:

Nikita Khrushchev

Ayatullah Khomeini

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Long live the Empire of Debt and Monetaristic Slavery!!!

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Helicopters vouchers for everybody!

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Ya'll notice Ben the Red joins the other proposed recipients, all hailing from left wing national socialist leanings, each looked upon by their sycophants as the Messiah? 

Dear, oh dear, how the evil do procreate. 

ED's picture

Aint nothing but a marketing trick. The more rags they sell, the more covers Mrs B (Ben mom) gets to scissor and slip into his acheivements file.

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Maybe Time is trying to be controversial so that their circulation will reach a full 1% of the population.

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well, Bernanke's in good company isn't he?

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Don't forget Hitler made the list!

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Be afraid of Men of the Year with facial hair - be very afraid

johnnyBoy's picture

oops!  Hitler didn't make the list, only was considered.  I have that long nose for a reason.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but the Time Magazine "Man of the Year" is not awarded to the person most significantly beneficiant.  An example of this stance would be the Nobel for Barack Obama - except Time looks backwards as opposed to the Nobel Committee which looks forwards.  Most people think Time embraces the beneficence in the rear view. Time recognizes he/she who most influenced events or the course of history.   Genhgis Kahn was awarded the Man of the Millenium back in 2000.  Kahn might not have been a nice guy but he had an impact.

I believe that Bernanke will be seen to have influenced events, but this won't be evident until the real crash occurs in 2010.

Who had an immediate impact this year???  Its hard to tell.  This year really hasn't been that dramatic.  A mountian of decisions have been made which will make 2010 interesting - Afghan war, European bank collapse, state finance collapse, etc. 

I would vote for Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Perdro Martinesz who declared his own significance and then lost the World Series for Philadelphis.

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Time Mag <---- mouthpiece of gov't

CB's picture

My husband just said, upon hearing ZH's depiction of Ben & friends, "It's more depressing than funny."

I'm laughing.  I've got the sick sense of humor in this household.

WaterWings's picture

No kidding. Tyler's space monkeys are churning out some quality stuff.

WaterWings's picture

Holy ****!

I just spent some time wading around in 'real news' world...I thought it was a joke only ZH could come up with. Unfreakingbelievable!

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Congratulations to ZB!!

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He should be rewarded by not being confirmed. 

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The helicopter was missing on the cover... a shame.

Anyhow if you missed the Jim Chanos interview on CNBC, talking banks, autos, and his disregard for the data out of China (short commodities)

Meanwhile, we eagerly await the Man of the Year's blessing of free money (almost) forever at 2:15 PM

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and people wonder why the president is out there pimpin fiberglass.

ChimericO is china times 1000

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Sensational headline. You should write for Time.

Anonymous's picture

I'd love to chat but I gots-ta get back to pickin' some mo cotton. Gots-ta chase dat inflation yessa...

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It's not exactly an "award," is it?  More like a recognition of influence on current events. And in that respect, the Bernankster is certainly more influential than Obama. He who decides how the American money supply is deployed controls everything, right up till the moment when it all slips out of control and we go down the chute. But what could be more "consequential" than that, short of one of the Four Horsemen making an appearance?

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Wall paper for a vomitorium.

Cursive's picture

@dead hobo

You made it over from TBP?  Glad to read you here.

dead hobo's picture

Thank you. I never posted much here previously because it was so easy to get lost among the other comments. At TBP, I stood out and sometimes people made comments that I interpreted as "they really like reading my stuff."

I stopped posting regularly at TBP for a couple of reasons. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, I convinced an elderly relative to cash out of a huge number of funds that a manager had put a smallish six figure life savings into. The manager was reluctant, primarily, I suspect, to keep a 2% management fee coming in. If this cash vanished in another collapse, I would have to start supporting the relative. To that point, the manager had done well for my elderly relative.

I sent BR a couple of back channel emails asking for advice on how to handle it. He never responded to either. That pissed me off. I contributed to his success on a daily basis and he couldn't even offer advice on how to handle the situation. I suspect his expansion into new markets for FusionIQ is conflicting him, and now wonder if he is a much bigger part of the machine he used to rail against. A little conflict of interest is OK with me. To me it looked like the game there had changed. I may post there again from time to time, but never again on a regular basis.

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Does anyone buy Time anymore? Lol!

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79% disapproval rating isn't the number to worry about - the number 60 is all that matters - 60 gutless senators lining their pockets with bank lobby $$ once they vote him back to finish his destruction of the middle class.

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And Timmy is "Boy of the Year"

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It's good to see the propaganda arm of the CFR is still able to tickle the appropriate media outlets at the appropriate time.  After all, it's a dangerous time for the favorite money laundering organization for the Powers That Be (tm).  I haven't laughed so hard since TurboTax Timmy made People's Hottest 100 Studs list.


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You took the words out of my mouth. Surprise, Bernanke is up for a Congressional vote on Thursday, audit the Fed it gaining steam, etc. Time for a little "independent" media to ring the bell. 

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If anyone in the populous believes America's news is not just propaganda, then I have a 100% LTV loan to sell them with a HELOC of an additional 10% above LTV. I'll also throw in no closing costs with only 2 points yield spread.

Anonymous's picture

Can I take that loan out from you?....although I can't promise I will be paying it back

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Sure thing.  I have a warehouse LOC and will just be selling it to local municipalities after you sign on the dotted line.  I could care less if you pay for it.  I just need the transaction fees ya know.


Cap's picture

As sure a sign of a market top as there is ...

Gordon Freeman's picture

Ding, ding, ding!!  We have a winner!!

Anonymous's picture

Definitely a winner!

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This will look good when we are using the dollar as toilet paper in a decade or so.....

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Someone should put down a carpet of condoms for Ben as a sort of Cecil B. DeMille salute.

Anonymous's picture

I would rather someone like was on the cover

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BTW, why does no one (in the mainstream press, academia, public etc) question the whole premise of Time's "Man of the Year" process and even the title? The qualifications are so broad (for better of worse) that it is not much more than a propaganda piece.

Wait, maybe that's what it is!

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Obama - Peace Prize

Bernanke- Man of Year

and just announced:

Blankfein- Humanitarian Award, for doing "God's" work

WaterWings's picture

Obama: Guns and Ammo Salesman of the Year

Bernanke: Precious Metals Salesman of the Year

Blankfein: Consolation Prize from Forbes:

In honor of the modesty of his pronouncement, we lift him to the celestial height of No. 1 on our list of CEO outrages of 2009.

koaj's picture

in a close second, Steve Liesman

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Can we get a global boycot of Time Magazine...  Seriously, I did not even know they were still making that magazine!

WaterWings's picture

They're trying to get a bailout, too. All their lifetime subscribers have either given up the ghost or watching Glenn Beck now.

Anonymous's picture

TIME used to claim this was about the person who most influenced world events during the past years (for good or bad). Hilter is in that group too, btw (twice!).

But in 2001, they couldn't bring themselves to give to OBL.

In any case, it ain't a popularity contest.

BoeingSpaceliner797's picture



Future poll suggestion


Which is the most disingenuous/laughable:

a)  Barack Hussein Obama's 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

b)  Benjamin Shalom Bernanke's recognition by Time magazine as its 2009 person of the year

c)   The November 2009 employment report from the BLS

d)  most disingenuous/laughable award/recognition/report/act of 2009 has not yet occurred.