Congress Passes Republican One Week Stopgap US Budget Measure, Obama Veto Next

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Flashing headline that Congress has passed the stopgap budget measure. This is not a surprise. What will be a surprise is if the measure first passes the Senate (and they better move quick: 26 hours or so left), and then Obama has to not veto it. Which he has said he will. In other words this is a major non-event for the time being.

From Bloomberg:

The measure, passed 247-181, would cut another $12 billion in spending this year and fund the Pentagon at current levels through Sept. 30. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, called the bill a “non-starter.”

Reid and House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, returned to the White House today to meet with Obama for talks to try to avert a shutdown at midnight tomorrow.

Leaders of both parties insist they don’t want a shutdown while they maneuver to avoid blame if one occurs.

An administration statement, in threatening a veto of the short-term House measure, said it would be a “distraction” from the budget talks. Reid said the one-week measure is a sure “way to close the government.”

Boehner called on the Senate to act on the bill.


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armageddon priced in, smooth ride up to s&p 36,000.


central planning, bitchez.

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download the mp3 of The Economic Outlook and Financial Industry Challenges
Speaker: Thomas M Hoenig
Chair: Dr Philippa Malmgren
This event was recorded on 30 March 2011 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building


I ask Mr Hoenig about market manipulation of PM markets at the 55.30 mark!!! And I shook his hand afterward... this is what we need real debate and discussion, peacefully and see if can change the BS that has been going on.


please circulate or call me a dumbass I do not care I will stay my course, but I want more free open questioning and debate


Now I am going to go grab a curry and head to the pub! Have a good day in the states!


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Oh, I just love it so.  I'm such a drama queen!

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obama standing strong for fraud, corruption, funding abortions and communism

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obama said he was concerned about pay for the troops but this stop gap measure provides the troops get paid - 

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which is the only reason why Republicans put it in there.  Then the partisan idiots can say "Obama doesn't want to pay the troops!" when he vetoes it.

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take a breath - you call them "idiots" because they wish to pay the troops?

BTW obama and dems also reject a proposal for president and congress not to be paid if there is a shut down

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No, they want dems to look bad.  That's the only reason it's in there.


I was referring to partisan idiots who haven't realized that Republicans and Democrats are corrupt to the core.  This is just a big distraction.

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Why do we need troops?  

I say fire 90% of them.  We don't need to be the world's policeman/thug.  Bring our boys home!

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Nice handle, "The Monkey Wrench Gang" is a great book.

I agree with tmosley too.

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Didn't Iraq throw us out? Why are we still paying full price?

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You gotta love how the Repubs are such fiscal stalwarts when there's a Dem prez. If Obama were a Repub they'd be lifting that debt ceiling and and giving all of us a patriotic speech about fighting for freedom and God and all that good shit.

First requirement for being in the US Congress or Senate is being a good BS artist, although you don't have to be as good anymore with the population dumbed down so well.

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Obama's export strategy--> Aggression, Fraud, Inflation to everyone in the world - I am certain Madagscar or Micronesia is next after Libya

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Obama wants to pay people who won't vote for him?  Thats not the change I voted for.

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you can junk all you want but you cant defend your obamagod

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You're getting junked because you seem to think that it's only Obama taking us there and not ALL of them.

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obamas running the show - dont blame others.  like it or not he is the president.

how is he leading in any constructive way?

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Right ok.  Why bother having Congress then?  He doesn't write the bills.  I'm not defending Obama.  It's not like he's any more destructive than Bush or whatever crappy Republican is president in 2012.

GeorgeHayduke's picture's hard to beat that kind of airtight thinking.

Is recess over yet?

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Let me put it this way.  I DESPISE Obama.  Clear enough?  However, your third grade level political discourse is making me think I could find a better discussion at Yahoo Politics.

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...and communism"

Lenin is rolling in his mausoleum

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so you deny that obama has repeatedly pledged to redistribute the wealth according to his liking

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It would be good if he redistributed the wealth stolen by the banks.  But he's not planning on it no matter what he says.

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Dempublicans and Republicrats are both cowards when it comes to the banks. F'ck both parties.

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so you deny that Lenin is in mausoleum

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Perfect!  This wil allow for the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street to insert one more price dislocation prior to Friday.  Wonderful! down on Japan...up on Japan all clear....down on the budget crisis....back up on a deal....woot!  Down on veto.  Sweet!  What a wonderful market!  Investors everywhere must be clamoring to get in!

Will someone please get a fire hose into the room next to where Duncan Niederauer takes his afternoon dump, and hose down all co located things...please.

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All this is confusing me. I think i will eat my lunch 

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Shouldn't it say House passed budget measure. Isn't Congress the term for both the House and the Senate?

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yeah, it won't get to Obama.

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Not if the senate covers his ass.  But it might be time for them to finally expose him for who he really is.  For his legally blind constituents. 

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When Dawson's Creek went off the air, I was hungering for teenage melodrama, now I hunger no more.

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Yeah, except no girls in this plot...

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You give them far too much credit, this is more like "Rugrats" on Nicklelodeon™!

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More war, earthquakes and sovereign defaults??!!!

I was watching a baseball game, the Yankees just took the lead, now I'm gonna have to go buy the fucking dip...

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Not many are watching from the seats , place is empty !

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Weather's crappy and too many dips to buy today.  Staying downtown.

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... and the Sox lost again.... I'm not buying that dip.

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Who cares? We are doomed , Right? Why should it matter.

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Entertainment value.  Pass the popcorn and Jack Daniels please.

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Agreed, in terms of the dollar outcome.  It appears that we'll be defining the social terms of the inevitable disaster all along the way, however.  FWIW. 

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Isn't that "One Weak Stopgap US Budget Measure"

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Weak as a piece of spaghetti cooked for 30 minutes!

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These fuckers just bought everything on the menu with a bad check, and are now bickering about whether to leave no tip, or leave a flattened penny with a picture of Helicopter Ben's face smashed into it.