Congressman Pete Stark Explains Leverage, Tells Reporter To "Get The Fuck Out"

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In a clip that has to be seen to be believed, California Congressman Pete Stark displays the most unbelievable combination of economic incomprehension, stupidity, hubris, and to top it off tells interviewer Jan Helfeld to "get to fuck out" or he will be thrown out of the window for daring to expose just what a sack of... hot air Stark is.

A line that will now live forever, thanks to Congressman Stark: "The more debt we owe, the wealthier we are".

That pretty much sums up political "thought"


hat tip Janis

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Cam Mac's picture

What a moron! God help us and get us some leaders with brains!

Anonymous's picture

I thought that he was very intelligent and capable --- for being a member of congress. but yes, I agree; ultimately a moron.

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I saw this video after Peter Schiff favorited it and I LOVE IT!!! I doubt you'd get a much different response from a Republican since they've abandoned fiscal conservatism as well, but boy can they bitch about things that don't take a bite out my wallet, like abortion and gay marriage!!!

These guys are all bought and paid for by the same people, as ZH readers for the most part (those who don't post anonymously at any rate lolz) are well aware of. We all know about the $981,000 that Goldman Sachs used to buy off Obama and boy, are they getting their money's worth. This is the reason a public option for health care reform will never pass, it is also the reason the Dems are pushing that bullshit Cap & Trade, which as Matt Taibbi pointed out funnels BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS straight to Goldman's coffers. An energy tax would create the same level of demand destruction and have the added benefit of filling the Government's coffers instead of Goldman's, so that money could be spread around on social programs and environmental remediation. Not to mention paying down this monster debt. Of course, this is the same Barack Obama that hired outsourcing guru Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State and is STILL waffling about a withdrawal from Iraq. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

And speaking of which, something very interesting happened to me over at Crooks & Liars just now. Here's the article:

You've got to watch where you get your news, the Democrats have a noise machine that is just as powerful as the Republicans equivalent and trust me, they're all owned by the same Wall Street clowns in the end. C&L might as well be CNBC for all the truth you'll get from them. I wonder if Maria Bartiromo should do some guest posting for them? MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Speaking of which, here's a GREAT post from Matt Taibbi featuring a great clip where the Money Honey earns her pay for CNN by helping to sandbag health care reform:

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Aw, c'mon. Do you have a doctorate of economics, mister smarty pants? Eh? I won't explai...I won...listen, will you let me say something?  Now, when you get yourself an education from....hey listen, with the big words and funny questions! This interview is over. I can't hear you blablabla....

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OMG!!! He (Stark) finally realized that he was cluelessly babbling.  What a F#$& MORON!!!  He gets paid $180,000+ for this....

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No, he's worse than a moron, he's a Keynesian.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Now we know what is wrong with California  :-)

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I've seen it and I can't believe it.


haven't laughed so much in ages.


what a tool.

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How old is that clip? Hard to believe it's from this decade.

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Looks dated. But that still does not take away from the fact that Stark is an arrogant fucking idiot. And he has an MBA too, lol.

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Thought the same thing.

Congressman Stark says the Republicans are going to cut taxes on the wealthy. So it's at least three years old, likely more.

Isn't it a little disingenuous to post this as though the conversation is happening in today's circumstances?

slore's picture

he's still the same person, and still in office.

bonddude's picture

Really? Well then just how long has our national debt been at the $5 Trillion mark?

Unless I heard wrong YOU ARE A MORON !

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

Was there ever a time or place when this type of thinking was considered appropriate?

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California, modern day.

Nancy Pelosi talks the same nonsense.

People still vote for borrow-and-spend Democrats like crazy over there.  Their state budget proves it.

Anonymous's picture

yeah, republicans are different - Bush certainly did nothing to increase budget deficit

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And we want to get our elected representatives involved in important market issues because???


On another level Stark is a genius:

"""Maryland real estate taxes controversy

For two years, Stark was allegedly claiming his lakefront Maryland home as his primary residence in order to claim a homestead exemption to reduce his local real estate taxes. Under Maryland law, in order to qualify, the owner must register to vote and drive in Maryland—Stark uses a California address for those purposes."""(wikpedia)


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Let's be honest. This reporter is not exactly making anything more then the strawman argument. This is slightly out of context. Although stupid, stark is not totally wrong. And that reporter was shit. Still funny though. 

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this is what prompted Borat to get into journalism

Anonymous's picture

lmao spot on

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Anyone, I mean anyone, could out this friggin gangster Stark...Borat, Ali G., anyone.

Anonymous's picture

"Although stupid, stark is not totally wrong."

Yes he is.

And a straw-man argument is one that is initially incorrect. The reporter was just trying to clarify the claim that having more debt = more wealth, he wasn't really making any argument at all.

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I think the reporter was spot on. "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go." It's the Web of Debt.

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If you think that's ingenuity, you need to hang with some really smart people more.

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This goes to what I was thinking for a long time. Politicians have become way too arrogant,due to the pork they get that they never dream off if they were working anywwhere else,and therefore will not accept reason.

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unbelievable...this congressman has been coached by the illuminati who put him in power

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one day a couple of grisly jailers will drag Stark up & down the dungeon staircase all night long by his chained ankles banging his head on every step ...

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How old is this clip?

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I have never seen such disgusting arrogance in my life; Pete Stark can go fuck himself. Also, in my experience, the people who chastize others the most about what school they went to tend to be the dumbest. Not to say good schools put out dumb people, but as an inevitable result of the political connections of those institutions, eventually a few fuckers like Stark get in. Mr. Stark seems to have forgotten that his alma matter has been putting whole classes online for free, specifically because of assholes who him who like to dangle pieces of paper.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

Not to say good schools put out dumb people

IMHO; Harvard leads when it comes to putting out stupid people; closely followed by Yale and somewhere in the third place there is a strong fight between Cornell and Duke. 

slore's picture

then DeVry and University of Phoenix online

agrotera's picture

We all missed you, you Cheeky Bastard you!

Missing_Link's picture

Well that's the whole point, isn't it?

After all, they could never get into Congress unless they were proven to be stupid!

The Fed wouldn't want smart people in Congress, now, would it?  Smart people are so very hard to control.  Far better to have frothing-at-the-mouth idiots like Stark holding a seat in Congress, pretending to get work done.

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Suppid congressman Wow The more your have on a credit card the more you are rich

Anonymous's picture

When he says "we," he probably doesn't mean the country. He probably means "me" (Pete Stark).

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This guy is a giant DOUCHE!!!

No wonder the country is headed downhill...and fast!

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These are actors, right?
Just performing a funny little sketch, right?

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this proves that 20 years ago when this interview took place (and taped via VHS), politicians were no smarter than they are today.

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"You're too stupid to comprehend the vast wealth of knowledge that I have on economic matters." Therefore we should be grateful for having such knowledgeable and righteous leaders in place. How typical of the elitist left in our country.

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TD, thanks for posting this.  We see this "debt is good", "debt only matters as a percentage of GDP" crap all over the blogosphere.  The curriculum in B schools everywhere seems to have been contaminated with it.  We see monetarists taking credit for all the gains in living standards over the past 100 years.  A lot of people actually believe this.


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This guy is a prime example of the 9 scariest words in the english language: 

"we're from the government, and we're here to help"

Anonymous's picture

Sorry Lou, but that makes 11 words.....

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Jesus, this congressman combines my two favorite traits for a ratard (see "The Hangover" for an explanation on ratard):extreme arrogance combined with extreme ignorance.

One wonders why American's keep electing people like this.

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It's really very simple..., there are more net tax users than there are net tax payers. And, they can vote. Sometimes, more than once.

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Correct. One wonders how long the universal democracies can limp along given this inherent flaw. Mob rule, which the founders rightly feared, is now the law of the land. The plebes believe that they can have anything that they want, all they have to do is vote for it.