Congressman: "We're In Libya Because Of Oil"

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Congressman Ed Markey said today:

we're in Libya because of oil. And I think both Japan and the nuclear
technology and Libya and this dependence that we have upon imported oil
have both once again highlighted the need for the United States to
have a renewable energy agenda going forward.

Could that possibly explain why we're not letting the Arab League states take care of Libya?

Remember that Alan Greenspan, John McCain, George W. Bush, a high-level National Security Council officer and others say that the Iraq war was really about oil.

according to French intelligence officers, the U.S. wanted to run an
oil pipeline through Afghanistan to transport Central Asian oil more
easily and cheaply. And so the U.S. told the Taliban shortly before
9/11 that they would either get "a carpet of gold or a carpet of
bombs", the former if they gree

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F Libya's civil war and the new U.S. boss,  same as the old boss!

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  1. Qaddafi is being forced to privatize the National Oil Corporation so it can be sold to the right ( = Western) people.
  2. Before the assault, Qaddafi said he wanted to revise the terms of his agreement with the Western oil producing companies in Lybia so their commission is no more than 20% of oil compared to current 20%-52%. Russian companies in Lybia get 10.5%.
  3. French company Total had to pay $500M to Lybia. [ Same Total that paid $6.12M in Burma in a forced labour case. - MC ]
  4. Qaddafi chose to buy military equipment from Russia instead of from France.

Source: former Russian ambassador to Lybia - (in Russian).

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Tried to post something but sever doesn't permit Cyrillic.

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Its too bad Gaddafi could not have bought some of these for future usage.
The Russians maybe would have sold them to him, not sure. They were going to sell some to Iran but they got pressured into not doing it. If the Libyans had some of these, the deck would not have been stacked so badly.

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              Qaddafi's Man-Made-River System

                  Eighth Wonder of The World


          He built for his people what is considered the most massive and sophisticated fresh water aquifer system, from deep underwater aquifers, and turned what is a country with 95% desert into an exporting agricultural country. Built it from 100% internal funds.


           If he did only this he should be considered one of the greatest leaders in history.


           TPTB did not like the fact he did it without the world-bank, or the IMF, or any other Zio-Entry. And of course many country's in the area would like to examine, er copy, or steal the methods as well as the fresh water. And they don't like any country to be food independent, or financially independent either. Because it sets a BAD EXAMPLE TO OTHER COUNTRIES THEY WANT TO CONTROL.


            It's at least as much about this system as Oil.



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Sure he feathered his own nest, but he also helped his people out and he helped out a lot of people around Africa.  For this, he is expendible. This is another example of a man who was selected and not elected and who in the seasons of his life, realized that his role to his country and to his people was bigger than himself. Therefore he started doing things that were helpful to his people instead of doing the things that his controllers wanted. This has happened many times before. An example of this would be Lincoln, a man who was hated by everyone, yet he becomes President of the United States. So he did what his controllers wanted by getting us into a needless and destructive civil war and in the end, he started thinking about life and what he was doing etc and he made the mistake of following the constitution of the United States in matters of money, much to the chagrin of his banker controllers and so one fine evening , he and his wife are sitting upstairs in some movie house, watching a performance and the presidential guard leaves his post and go takes a powder and in the end, the man called Lincoln is eliminated for daring to do something that was good for his country. Louis Farrakhan said, during a visit to Libya, one time, that he told him, they would come for him. So they have now as they came for Lincoln and every President of the United States that has ever been assassinated or removed. Such is life in the talmudic world we live in.

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Edwin Wilson:
The CIA's Great Gatsby

A CIA man who spent 20 years in prison and was finally kicked loose by a federal judge in Houston back in 2003. He worked closely at times with el presidente for life Gaddafi....Gaddafi was in the pockets of the world "terrorist" who are as you and I both know, some of the so-called "freedom loving" governments of this world.

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Gaddafi, 33rd degree freemason.

So he was one of theirs and so now he is no longer any use and they want to discard him. He was stabbed in the back by his little jewish freemason buddies who used him and now no longer want him. He understand this fully well now, I am sure.

El Presidente makes some interesting comments , some of which concern JKF and Obama....very interesting.

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We are in Libya for gold! The oil is a bonus!

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THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR sort of laid it all out--nearly 40 years ago.

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THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR sort of laid it all out--nearly 40 years ago.

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THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR sort of laid it all out--nearly 40 years ago.

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THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR sort of laid it all out--nearly 40 years ago.

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We are in Libya because of what Gadhafi knows. Why would France be front and center on this initiative? Because they don't want gadhafi to spill the beans (with the prof to back it up) on corruption in EU countries leadership. Bribes, sweetheart deals etc. (Like the ones disclosed between Hussein and French and UN officials).

Don't have any proof of this, but trying to explain unprecedented behavior that is totally out of character with everything they have done in the past.

The oil matters but not that much. No matter who is in power, they will need to sell their oil, so the 'we are there to protect the oil' argument makes little sense to me.

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Whatever the truth in your affirmations, one thing is sure NOBODY goes to war about bribe taking and subsequent slander. It's so common now and so difficult to make it stick, as its ALWAYS pot calling kettle black, that it just creates a small blip in media until the next blip occurs. No way, WARS are for serious reasons...

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Have there really been any substantial wars that haven't been, at their core, about the taking of resources?  Seems to me that if everyone is fat and happy then there's no need to be stiring trouble; only when fat-and-happy are facing a threat do the drums beat.  Didnt' the Romans give us the full story on how this all happens?

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Markey is clueless, as usual. We haven't bought Libyan oil for years. Why in hell do these tin-foil hat, conspiracy dolts think the French are leading the way on the no-fly zone? Duh!!! They get Libyan oil, not us.

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"We haven't bought Libyan oil for years."  By "we" I'm assuming you mean US.

Anyone with a scintilla of awareness of markets knows that everything is essentially pooled in a global market such as oil.  It's one big pie.

The French are running forward because their govt also needs a big distraction (it's kind of on the verge of collapse as well).  Hobgoblins do wonders for putting the clamps on local dissent...  And besides, the US is still pulling the strings: only Its citizens are stupid enough to not realize that...

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He's only half right.  The other reason----and the zionist controllers in the US and UK don't need much more than a pea shooter attack on some one in an Arab country to motivate them----is Israel.

Count on it.

The more american troops we have in the middle east the greater the protection for our 51st state.

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Let's not be ignorand fools here.

We all prosper because the US has this strategy.

I think our lives would look totally different if they hadn't.

No civilization has ever become so great by saying : "Can I please have some of what you've got sir?"



Every US soldier fights or has fought for our way of life! You'd better start realizing that!

Without it, I don't think there would be a difference between us and those people in those other African countries where nobody gives a shit about.


If you don't like the US & EU way : GET THE FUCK OUT AND DON'T COME BACK!

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"America, love it or leave it" was the rallying slogan for keeping over 500,000 U.S. troops in Vietnam.

58,000 U.S. soldiers died Vietnam and not for our way of life.

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Vietnam was also essentially for oil ... which had just been discovered offshore at the border of Cambodia and South Vietnam in the late '50s. Can't remember exactly how much was found (or whether they even knew how much they were fighting for). The field is in Cambodian territory, but closer to Vietnam.

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You forget the 3 million Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians...for LBJ/RN/HK war on "commies" for defending "freedom" and ...Operation Phoenix...20000 assassinations by CIA 'hit-men'.

Impressive what one can do with napalm/agent orange for 'our way of life'...

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No civilization has ever become so great by saying : "Can I please have some of what you've got sir?"

so I guess you are saying that when Hillary said this she was being disingenuous


Negotiations can provide insight into regime's calculations and the possibility, even if it seems remote, that a regime will eventually alter its behavior in exchange for the benefits of acceptance into the international community.  Libya is one such example.

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Speaking of Hillary, now that she's running around promoting wars (contrary to this little bit), where are all the Hillary bashers?

Me?  I never liked her.  I've been consistent in this.  But then again I'm not a shill for the defense (or oil) industries...

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Pray, they never lose their grip for your surrogate sake...people remember...when the foot changes...then it's your turn to get cooked. Like moules-frites...One more thing, the wheel always's called entropy effect. Just ask the Romans...But yes, that was a long time ago and the moules-frites are still so good, when we do the eating and the others do the slave providing. "I want it fast"...stays kosher...until it goes with the rest.

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Whatsa, "moules- frites"?  Fried mussels?

And WTF?

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really, because of Oil? I though the US was bombing the fjuck out of the country to prevent a dictator from killing people...oh wait.

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If not for oil, Obamy wouldn't be able to find Libya on a map and Bush wouldn't be able to find Iraq.  So what else is new?

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Baloney  --Obama may not be able to find Utah or oklahoma on a map, but Obama knows Africa  -he was born in Kenya.

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I junked you because this is more tired than an Egyptian mummy.  That it has any fucking meaning is beyond comprehension: I mean, it's a stupid childish stab by some Republican type, someone who forgot to take note that the Constitution is absolutely worthless (hence why whine about something as trivial as this?), George W. Bush had said as much (referring to the Constitution as a "goddamned piece of paper").

Where were you and your Obama's-not-a-US-citizen friends when Congress abdicated its responsibility to declare war, opting to pass the buck along to GWB, who then, un-constitutionally grabbed the ball and ran (he should have demanded that Congress declare war before he committed action).  I could go on an on about Constitutional abuses, but seems that people are so fucking stuck in the soap-opera mindset that it's all a lost cause...

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Oil sniffing technology. That's the best.

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Bush + O'Bama = Harold and Kumar

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That's a slander on Harold & Kumar.

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Sure either can find them even now?

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Time to start laying bets on when boots will hit the ground. Once this "fight for freedom" degenerates into a  messy tribal civil war we'll see how fast politicos attempt to save face by calling in the UN police. Might as well start mailing out the stop-loss orders now.

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 Just what we need, another war for peace.QE TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND!!!

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This Gold that Lybia holds is starting to get some double looks !!

Very interesting ..................Also GATA mentioned it ??

Never seen a "Coalition" move so fast and no one claiming responsibility  ??????????????????????/

Could it be the Gold ??   Looks like a "Conserted effort"

I have heard this used the last few days ??

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$6 billion of gold? Pffffft ... chicken feed! That's just 1 month's oil revenue for Libya.

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I think I'd go beyond just saying "Libya is because of oil" and say "Libya is the West trying to save face." Oil is necessary for the Empire, but this specifically involves the West's response to the Arab Awakening.

As Justin Raimondo from suggests, US involvement in this war is being pushed by the "humanitarian" war mongers within the State Department and Left.  They are as bellicose as their Republican leftist neoconservative warmongers and have advocated US military involvement in Africa for well over a decade.

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I've been trying to get this point across to many a bleeding-heart (I have a heart too, but at some point it can cause more problems than it can cure).

I've been an admirer of Raimondo's for years.  The guy generally nails everything (except he's stupid about 9/11).

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Confusion in Libya Assault Plan: NATO, Obama, UN Asking ‘Who’s in Charge?’

Confusion reigned Monday among U.N. and NATO nations about who’s in charge of the multi-country attack against Libya, even as an international coalition continued air strikes against Moammar Gadhafi's forces.

President Barack Obama’s White House hasn’t definitively addressed that essential issue about an operation that has cost the United States well more than $100 million, and is increasingly rapidly. Other questions looming:

Who's on First?
PulauHantu29's picture
Confusion in Libya Assault Plan: NATO, Obama, UN Asking ‘Who’s in Charge?’

Confusion reigned Monday among U.N. and NATO nations about who’s in charge of the multi-country attack against Libya, even as an international coalition continued air strikes against Moammar Gadhafi's forces.

President Barack Obama’s White House hasn’t definitively addressed that essential issue about an operation that has cost the United States well more than $100 million, and is increasingly rapidly. Other questions looming:

Who's on First?
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Don't worry about the cost of the war in Libia. Presidente Obama has already polled the American people with the question, "Are you as taxpayers willing to fund endless wars in the Middle East?" The response was overwhelmingly in support of further wars with 93% of the population in favor.

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Earth calling all dumbshits.

The US is in the middle east because of oil.   Everything else is slippery dick in an STD clinic. 

Libya - Labia, it's all the same - a gimmick with a guise at twice the price.

Long Zithromax. 

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Markey and Franks think oil is evil but they use plenty of it themselves and we can't do without it. Millions will starve if Ghadaffi is allowed to use it as a weapon or create another environmental disaster like Saddam Hussein did. Why not have it in safer hands and get rid of a genocidal tyrant at the same time? It's a two-fer.

These two congressmen are also crooks who conspired with the banks to steal from the American people. They're no better than Ghadaffi so let's bounce them too -- another two-fer. 

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So... just when did you jump on this late NEED for "nation building?"

And, who are you going to lobby to replace/bomb when we extract all the extractable oil?  Somehow I doubt that you'll figure out that one's ills are usually found in a mirror.  It's so easy to lash out at others in order to keep from looking into the mirror.  Addiction can be nasty that way...


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Second worst contributor here.  After william banzai.  And Lear Capital.  Oh, and anything by Casey Research.  And that guy who keeps linking to Russian TV because he thinks it's the best way to get the truth on what's really happening. 


Sigh.  Man, this site used to be so cool.

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Angry people with no talent tend to dislike amiable, talented folks.