Consumer Confidence Improves As 1 Year Inflation Expectation Remains At 2 Year High

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Once again confirming that sentiment indicators are completely irrelevant and thoroughly misleading at best, we have the UMichigan consumer sentiment coming out at 69.6 compared to expectations of 68.8 and up from the March 67.5 print. This number is a rather stark contrast to the recently highlighted Gallup consumer confidence which plunged to August 2010 levels. And looking at current economic conditions index confirms that since 2010 the economy has gone precisely nowhere. But most notably, 1 year inflation expectations are still at the highest since 2008 at 4.6 unchanged M/M. All that of course is irrelevant as the algos just scanned the headline and go batshit, lifting every offer with gusto.


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depression's picture

I know everytime Silver makes a new high I feel better and better !

Silver Bitchezz !!!

alien-IQ's picture

Where the fuck do they find these "consumers"? At Porsche dealerships? The Bar at the Plaza? Or do they only survey those who own private islands in tax havens? What the fuck.....

gall batter's picture

exiting Barney's, Bergdorf's, Cartier, and Tiffany's, but only those with proofs of purchase.  

Misean's picture

Well, nowhere in most of Michiagan, certainly.

carbonmutant's picture

Shopping malls provide a target rich enviroment.

FIAT_FixItAgainTony's picture

maybe it's based on american express gold card users.....

i know for a fact they never asked me!

Dick Darlington's picture

This one never fails. With all the hand picked 300 CONsumers surveyed, this irrelevant indicator is perfectly designed to get all the algos churn and levitate equities towards the chair creature's targets.

pendragon's picture

well it is still at historically very low lvls. nice to see equities rallying on the miniscule beat though!

Ray1968's picture

Just enough rally to screw (people like me) that were holding SPX and/or SPY puts on expiration Friday.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Hurray rallyyyyyyyyyyy

r101958's picture

Hey, they have to earn their gov't money somehow......

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

The U.S. administration are on par with the Nazis, of that i have no doubt after seeing the past few years day in day out.

In fact, i think if the Nazi party could see how the U.S. is ran today they would have nothing but complete and utter admiration.

The only difference between the U.S today and Nazi Germany, is that Nazi Germany had an industrious hard working populous, where as the U.S. is slobville central.

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Those without phones are not contacted..... ever...

mayhem_korner's picture

Asset bubbles do that to sentiment, especially when it's the Dow.  Akin to morphine for the terminally ill.  Also, the numbers get biased by those sheeple that take visible inflation as an indicator of recovery occurring.

God help us if this round of elixir gets people borrowing off of that sentiment...

tawdzilla's picture

"Asset bubbles do that to sentiment, especially when it's the Dow.  Akin to morphine for the terminally ill.  Also, the numbers get biased by those sheeple that take visible inflation as an indicator of recovery occurring."

The patient is not terminally ill, the Doctor who is prescribing the infinite morphine is.

Racer's picture

Fed's Evans says doesn't see evidence of bubbles in equities, junk bonds and loans


The fed didn't see subprime either... 

they can't see a crocodile even it is eating them alive!

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It's odd that the UofM has such surveys. Obviously Detroit is a mythical place to these folks.

Tell me lies's picture

My thought also, maybe they gave more Welfare to the population that gets counted as CC.

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Headline scanning algos......

Think about that for a minute. The media now have the power to move markets on the published word. Explains a lot of the bettet than expected or silver lining headlines. Not a new tought, as TD has been all over it for over a year, but profoundly troubling given a moment's reflection.

GIANTKILR's picture

In my little window to the world, I see several houses being built in my neighborhood. Existing homes are starting to sell. The restaurants are packed every night. Traffic is horrible so gas prices are not effecting them negatively. I am left wondering if these consumers are living in the same world. Are these "consumers" living in blissful ignorance? Sometimes I think being ignorant is probably more fun!

Seymour Butt's picture

It's always calm before the storm. 

Rogerwilco's picture

Unlike the majority, you are differentiating between consumption enabled by wealth versus spending fueled by debt. While you consider the difference and the consequences between wealth and debt as important, most do not care. They spend money because it's available, and they couldn't care less about next month or next year.

It's that simple.

FIAT_FixItAgainTony's picture

in my medium sized window to the world, i notice less people and product in non-food stores, less traffic on the road, an ever-increasing tent city size, elected officials with blinders on, an increase of 30 to 50 % on certain "food" items, an increase in whining and complaining, corrupt courts and judges, mass vacancies in strip malls, mass empty residential properties, more traffic cameras, more senior citizens struggling and more people asking questions as to why.

the complaints need to be directed at the right people.  i'm on it and i strongly suggest others get on their complaint letters and send them out to state AG's pronto!

aerial view's picture

Of course "consumer confidence improves"- the ipad 2 was released in March and at the same price as the original. Buy sheeple, buy!

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We are at a moment where caring for fundamentals is like star gazing...we are on a moving a sea of unknowns...Those who believe MSM and the networks...believe the light is shining up ahead...end of tunnel! Those who are into it deeper are contrarians, as fundamentals do count, but to a tiny, tiny minority...even when they are covered with make-up like a TV program invitee on talk-show; looking his puffed and combed best.

"Le radeau de la Méduse"... (the raft of the Medusa) an image that should only be contemplated in a museum...

Rogerwilco's picture

I remember the mass hysteria of January 2000. Fundamentals didn't matter anymore, jobs were obsolete, and a new age of infinite commerce was here. Home Depot was open 24/7. NASDAQ 5000. If I wanted, I could tippity-tap on a keyboard and have a Snickers candy bar delivered right to my door at 3 AM.

We snapped out of it about four months later.

tawdzilla's picture

TD, last week you reported that the stock market rallied on bad news because it meant that QE3 was a slamdunk. 

Now you are reporting that scanning algos searching for good news are moving the markets higher.

Which is it?  Are you just pulling excrement out of your anal cavity?  Are these competing forces real?  Are algos searching for good news more powerful than traders searching for bad? 


d00daa's picture

Gee asshole, why don't you give us your "expert" analysis on the topic?

Since TD is full of shit, I want to hear what YOU think, you fucking genius you.

tawdzilla's picture

Can anyone of substance please help enlighten me?  I genuinely would like to know if there is any truth to TD's assertions that traders are buying on bad info, and algos are buying on good info.   

FIAT_FixItAgainTony's picture

the "free market" changes daily, just look at silver!  anything on paper as an asset is bad imho.

carbonmutant's picture

It's good to see that the salaried workers are confident about their jobs...

It's too bad they couldn't sample a broader demographic..

Eireann go Brach's picture

This is just Obamanomics where they scramble the decimals around to see fit, it is really 57.6! 

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If you have a combined median family income above $120,000 the social security tax reduction of 2% is putting $200 a month of discretionary spending in your pocket (the contribution income cap is $106,800 or $213,600 per couple. Thus couples making that and above are pocketing $356 more a month) and makes it almost impossible to think that Obama could not only remove this but then allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. Why not be optimistic!?!?! Is it any wonder that luxury good sales are exploding?!?!

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

I'm sure the questions they asked were VERY objective, and not leading in ANY way...

Hephasteus's picture

All questions are leading. Or else conversation would go nowhere.