Correlation Desks Gone Apeshit: Announcement Gov't To Allow 13 Oil Firms To Restart GOM Drilling Whacks... Silver??!!

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And then there was one... correlation desk. Following Reuters news that the US government would allow 13 oil firms to restart deep-water Gulf of Mexico drilling without the new environmental review (under certain conditions), oil drops, drillers spike... and precious metals plunge. Obviously, this is just because silver extraction is so very closely tied to how deep underwater a given jack up can reach. Record correlations may have declined, but only to be replaced with correlations that no longer make absolutely any sense. This is just how ridiculous the power of Wall Street's correlation desks is now that almost nobody is trading.

Crude and...



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Maybe JP Morg wants it to make look like they are correlated?

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Maybe the oil industry has hedged itself outside the oil industury kind of like JP Morgan may have hedged its silver exposure shorts against copper longs?  We know that different nations have hedged themelves against each other, why would/should different industires not do the same?  This would hedge bad parts of the economy/would support-against/by the good parts of the economy.

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No copper kills JP Morgan. It almost killed them before but world war II saved them. Which is why we'll either see 9 dollar copper this year or world war III. Because that's how it works. They don't have gold they use palladium and platinum. They don't have palladium and platinum they use silver. They don't have silver they buy up copper to try to pay. It's just a progression of how broke they get from a real live "money" perspective.



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They hedged all that with the Food Stamp distribution. It pays to be an early recipient of freshly minted Benny Bux

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All while the dollar stays rangebound.  Oh well, the EE is only setting themselves up.  Obviously they did no historical checks on what happened in the '60's and 70's when the US and England were manipulating precious metals.  Back then, the dumps spurred price increases only 6 months later.  With all they are doing now, it should only be a couple weeks until we break this range and move from $1420 to $1440.  I think the move above $1440 is the move the EE is scared of.  Imagine when sheeple hear gold is +$1500, what will they say?  Will they not realize what monie is then?

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you don't think they know what happened in the 60s and 70s?

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Even if this bites them on the ass this year, they have made billions in the meantime.

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Mr. Turd  could the EE be using the after hours globex raids to sell short contracts to themselves, protecting themselves, from delivery, by preventing the wrong investors, from buying their shorts, and basically creating a price suppresion mechanism, for the cost of the exchange fees?

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... and precious metals plunge. Just because silver extraction is so very closely tight to how deep underwater a given jack up can reach.

LMFAO! Insanity has arrived.

"May you live in interesting times."

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Borders up 3% on the day!

Yes, the same Borders book store that can't pay suppliers.

"When a customer of that size (Boarders) calls you up and says you aren't getting a check, that's a piece of information you have to act on," said Jed Lyons, CEO of Rowman & Littlefield.


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You seem to be under the mistaken belief that fundamentals matter.

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I think that avatar is a picture of that Russian spy from last year.

Yes, she was both smart and hot.

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And I am a hand puppet who works in the Kermit the Frog show by day and deals Ice by night...

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... and the domo kun also does god's dirty work on the side.

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I swear to fucking god I gotta change my avatar. I'm not a chick, it's incompetent, but hot Russian spy, Anna Chapman.

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So what you are saying is... you are a hot, female russian spy...

Way cool, do you get conjugal visits?


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knukles's picture

How 'bout an incompetent conjugal visit?

knukles's picture

Then again that's sorta like box'in yer goofie, isn't it?

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A Moscow mademoiselle from deep in the heart of the KGB! Vodka martinis all around!

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She is a confirmed Russian spy. But I deny any rumors she is actively being recruited by Spectre.

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well remembering you great technical analysis about the upcoming USD/CHF increase when QE2 was lauched;) (as a little reminder we are now at 0.9335) maybe time to Escape from the bollinger band to real fundamentals - or do you want to explain you're bullishness on silver on manipulated price charts???

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Maybe the oil industry has hedged itself outside the oil industury kind of like JP Morgan may have hedged its silver exposure shorts against copper longs?  We know that different nations have hedged themelves against each other, why would/should different industires not do the same?  This would hedge bad parts of the economy/would support-against/by the good parts of the economy.

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Maybe we'll hear they discovered the biggest silver deposit ever while drilling for oil. Like that Afghan gold deposit in the news for 10 minutes.

TruthInSunshine's picture

They're drilling holes to China, to get some rare earth.

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Betas must be preserved. It's a service they provide their clients.

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No risk, VIX now below 17 at 16.9.

Medicated manipulation continues unabated into 2011.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Nothing makes logical sense anymore in this 'market' and that's the way the powers that be want it. Because logic = truth, and truth is the enemy of the powers that be. Truth is what they say it is.

Order out of Chaos.

Eternal Student's picture

Yessss! I was figuring that they'd do something like this during this week. Next up is Blythe and her evil flying monkey brigade to follow up with a serious exploit tomorrow or Wednesday. Goodness knows they needed some help here, as they have been getting clobbered lately.

Drive that price down, oh Wicked Witch of the East Coast. I was waiting, and now I'm going to be buying!

I love these fire sales!

Grifter's picture

A whack down to $25 or so would be nice.  I'd Andy Samberg if a move to $20 happened.

Yes I know, neither will happen.  A guy can dream however...

Hearst's picture

My thoughts exactly.  Just got sent a new Citi card with 0% APR for 18 months.  If Silver drops to $25 I'm loading up.  Fuck the surcharges incurred by paying with plastic.  I'll take the physical.  If this corrupt economic system is still standing this time next year I'll deal with that then.

thetruth's picture

I think I got the same card in the mail.  What is the credit limit on that?  Got another one from Citi with General Motors rewards.  That's even better

Hearst's picture

Only $8700,,or just about enough to buy half a green box of eagles.  It's not to uncommon to get 12 Mo 0% APR, but 18% is rare (for me).  If Silver dips I may contact them to try and get a larger limit.  Never got a GM one...

destraht's picture

Don't scare me like that.

EscapeKey's picture

What are the odds of a decision not going the way of the big corporation?

How can you trade on this near certainty?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Why would anyone want to take on the risk of trading this unless they're on schedule for meetings with Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Sacks & Co.?

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Buy semiconductors. SPRD,MIPS ... 


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Well that worked out beautifully . Shorted WTI crude futures at $92.50 a barrell earlier .

Internet Tough Guy's picture

They have been smacking the metals all day. Any excuse will do.

The Disappointed's picture

Not much of a 'whack' to the price of silver, IMHO.

If 30 cents are as much as 'they' can manage anymore, then the end game is truly upon us.

Freddie's picture

The JP Morgue and The Ben Benank with Blythe will keep trying to whack silver. 

Sudden Debt's picture

This might well be their last smokescreen opportunity to try to get the price down.

And the more they try to supress it, the more it jumps back and the worse it gets for them.

Also there seem to be involved many more banks involved in the shorting escapade and the total silver bet is now growing to nearly 317 billion dollars. Enough to sink all these banks involved.

So I think we might expect some nasty rumors to try to get it down if this one fails.

The Disappointed's picture

And now I read that bazillionaire Carlos Slim is going to buy (some/all) of Fresnillo....

Maybe that is the reason a takedown was needed today.

Oso's picture

this rumour first appeared summer time.  While it seems logical, nothing has happened yet, so dont get too excited yet.  The majority shareholder is one of the other richest dudes in Mexico.

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Top scientists and enviromental experts have found a direct link between silver and global warming. All silver must be ............... sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties due to net nuetrality.

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Do you realize that from the moment a GOM drill operation starts until the first drop of oil flows is 5+ years?  It will take an extra year to reserve the equipment, now off the coast of Ghana.  

Expect more meaningless announcements because the one thing they are not is stupid.  They know oil is everything.  If it takes off, wars start.