Countdown To A Libyan Military Coup As Revolutionary Half-life Plunges

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Thank God the POTUS and his crew are giving clear and unambiguous clues as to what the US will or will not do.

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Obama was selected by the elites because he would not lead under his own convictions, a puppet if you will.

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relative strength in the futures:

dow   -77 only

sp     -13

naz   -28

bulls are going to say look how little relative effect global violence has on multi-national (Dow) corporations

ps---i thought crisis like these sent the futures locked limit down--must be the new New

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If they close this thing green tomorrow, whatever few bears are still left in this rigged casino will finally throw in the towel. It's a bulls market only, so TheBernank has decreed, so it shall be done.

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"not for long" 

Man, the only way the paper market will turn is with a power failure at the FRBNY, and they've got a lot more generation backup and diesel stored up than you'd think.  This market is the last chance Texaco for the way things are, and it's not going to turn until there's no reason for it to keep holding on.  When that happens, you will not want to be here, if here is anywhere in the USA.

This sh!t in the middle east is shaking my faith in the Illuminati.  These fuc*ers are supposed to have things well in hand, but I suspect they've been living in the same tetraethyl lead-coated world as everyone else, and the current generation of 'em might not be up for it.



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heya thorny + know what yer sayin, .....but 'they' dont have things in hand?.....tis always a bad thing to think, let alone say.  there is no 'over' .....whatever is going on in the middle east in general is a living thing at this point, controlled/instigated or yer own statement in six months and see what you say then......these cocknecks are good at what they do......never forget, right?

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2 x Libyan Jet Fighters & Fighter Pilots Defect and Fly to Malta after being ordered to bomb civilians:


"What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead," Saleh told al Jazeera television in a live broadcast.

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Interestig side note on the 23rd, wednesday, we will have 666 days until dec 21st, 2012. You can't make that kinda chit up.


oh and nice avatar rag.

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"his own convictions"?

 I'm extremely curious as to what they would be, since I haven't seen any evidence of any convictions on his part.

 Has anyone pointed out to him that the happy medium is analogous to a flatline on a heart monitor?

 You can be on the side of the scab, or on the side of the wound, but not both.

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In what game does an intelligent player give "clear and unambiguous clues" about his intentions?

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in marriages that lead to divorce.

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In any game played with a partner or teammates.  Unambiguous communication between allies is FAR more important than the advantage gained by opponents in predicting your moves.  You might read up on bidding in contract bridge as a clear exmaple.

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One useful thing the US could do with those carriers is to propose and implement a UN sanctioned no-fly zone, this would at least stop the airforce from killing their own people.

Again the Arab League is keeping a low profile.

By the way, there's about 1 million Egyptians in Libya who are trying to get out.


Even the Chinese has joined the international outcry against the regime.

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Interesting times.

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2 pilots just defected to malta...I guess they didnt want to come back after being ordered to kill thier cousins to be executed.  nice.

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Smart. Anyone who shoots at protesters from an aircraft deserves what they get.

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When it happens in the US, they'll be called enemy non-combatants.

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Some will, others will be called guerrilla fighters, and still others will be called road pizza.

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Long live the "freedom fighters!"

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now that is just a cowardly, asshole junk.

+1 on my behalf

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turn out the lights

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Turn out the lights and I'll glow. To the extreme I rock a mike like a vandal, light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.

-Vanilla Ice

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I find it hilarious that as each ME domino falls, Obama declares he's looking for democracy to flourish. Why wasn't he looking yesterday? We all know the answer.....don't we?

Careful Obama or you might get tangled up in your own puppet strings.

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Now you're being as nice as me Cog.

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Momma always told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Since that would leave me a mute I try to compromise. :>)

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Thanks for one of those big words I had to look up  ;)

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how does one compromise with 'nice'?  Never been able to figure this out! - Ned

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According to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck etc. all this unrest is at least partly due to Obama refusing to support the despot regimes.

So which is it...Obama is for democracy or not?   If you say "not", please explain his continuing committments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Obama is whatever he is told to be. Don't expect consistency if he serves different masters.

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I'm not seeing the inconsistency.  On the contrary, I think it's the criticism that has shifted while Obama has been steadfast.

Once upon a time Obama was meddling too much.  Now he is not meddling enough.  Or vice versa, depending on whether you watch MSNBC or Faux News.

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Trying to make sense out of anything "Rush and Glenn" have to say naturally causes a severe state of confusion... don't panic, try not to think, let it go... I tried it a few times man and believe me, it goes away, just hang on for a couple of hours... try chanting "Fox Lies" until it passes.

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To be honest, arguing what is said about Obama is par with celebrity small talk to which I have below zero interest. What he reads from the teleprompter might be important; what is said about it, hardly.

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Of course our Dear Leader is for 'Democracy'.

Our Dear Leader was against commitment to Iraq, Gitmo, but thought that the 'smart' war was in the Afghan.  and McC was the warrior-monk-general.  until he wasn't.  Then send in ...

all y'all 'TeamAmerica' dudes well, ya better gear up for a rough and unexpected ride.  and, well, when you get into trouble, well, 'The Secretary Will Disavow any Knowledge of Your Actions."


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Get ready for the CYA report leak to NYT.

The New York Times will be the first to report that 18-page classified report Obama ordered last August, that identified likely flash-points of potential unrest, including Egypt (also included Libya).

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CBS should start production on Survivor Libya. The entire cast might get shis-ka-bob'd during first tribal council.

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bla bla bla


the situation is unclear


bla bla bla

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Hardly.  I'm batting 1,000 so far

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"the situation is unclear"

NAY, "unsustainable"

'cuz most of the language recipients can't understand what the 'status quo' thing that o keeps prattling about really is.  do you?

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OT: Chavez Currency Market Takeover Spurs Bank Lines for Dollars

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What's the formula. As 2011 approaches November change goes to infinity.

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Interesting to see Libya splitting into tribes. Kinda like the US splitting into states. I live in Texas, and we have a treaty with the US that says that we can withdraw from the union at will. This treaty provision has been taken to court and tested for its strength by generations of lawyers - my father-in-law was one of them. They have wanted to ensure that if the time ever came, the Republic of Texas could assert its treaty rights and become an independent entity.

Perhaps this is the face of the coming American revolution. Black Swan anybody?

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Too bad the United States does not recognize that supposed "right". Maybe your brother-in-law should stick to chasing ambulances.

The annexation resolution has been the topic of some historical myths; one that remains is that the resolution granted Texas the explicit right to secede from the Union. This is a right argued by some to be implicitly held by all states, although the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled in Texas v. White in 1869 that no state has the right to unilaterally secede. (Wikipedia)

"The price of sovereignty is the capacity for self-defence" -- Will Durant

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+1.  I'm a proud Texan. but the ignorance of some of my "countrymen" is astounding and shameful.

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The same holds true for my countrymen in the Republic of California.

Ignorance is curable, stupidity not so much - nmewn

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Yeah, there were a bunch of states that thought that way too.

Just google "america 1860s".  

The USA is like the mob. Once you are in, you are always in.


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Until the U.S.A. ruled by Obama/Washington D.C./Federal Reserve cabal totally fails.  

Then it's every state and every man for himself.