Cramer Apologizes Over Twitter Rant

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Take this shithead off CNBC and nobody will recognize his name with 72 hrs.  I hope you're reading this you dick....'cause you're 15 minutes are waaaaay up.  Go to the carnival and guess peoples birthdays and weights and shit......its time to shine.

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Better yet, he should dress up in a clown suit and be the one dunked at the dunk tank.

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He's a killer clown. Worst example may be his propaganda campaign against Dendreon's prostate cancer treatment Provenge for his buddy Milken. 60,000 dead men tell no tales. I'm sure most readers here are familiar with the story but if not;

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 Deepcapture rocks...and solidly exposes his criminality.I hope pm's crash...I need to buy more.And they will go back up, but who cares?I need a solid wealth protection vehicle...and they work great for that.

  Cramer is evil, PURE EVIL.I know he is fun to bash for his "incompetence" but I suspect he profits from every super misdirection he screws people with.



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Wait a's the doorbell.

"No, Jim, I don't need any Halloween candy today."


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I can't believe you guys don't like the upstanding citizen that Jim Cramer is.  Sure he takes pleasure in being a sociopathic suck up, but that doesn't mean he would not take equal pleasure in killing new born puppies with a claw hammer. 

I guess this means Jimbo is not going to be my Myspace friend now....

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who the hell still uses myspace?

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Cramer is to market credibility as John Wayne Gacy is to dirt floor basements.

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Thank you for posting this link.

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Thanks for the link. I plan to read all 15 parts.

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Don't listen to these people Jim, your a great guy. I especially admire your almost Nostrodaen ability to see where financials are heading, my one complaint would be your position on gold, you seem to have let these unpleasant hecklers on ZH convince you to purchase gold, this is a mistake.

So sell all that scrap metal and put those dollars to use in the stock market, maybe invest those savings you built up through all your hard work into the markets too. This way when the gold bubble burts you won't lose all your money and be reduced to whoring your body to filthy old men in order to get a meal.

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Cramer, is a dipshit.....I ponder how many sheep he has led to the slaughter????

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The ironic thing is everyone is long gold on this site... thats not Cramers worst call by a long shot

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Any evidence of his six year gold claim?

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Reverse PSYCHOlogy to gain street cred.

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I agree, but would say more criminal than dipshit.

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Yep. Anyone remember dan dorfman?

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That is an excellent excellent point.  Dorfman is damn lucky he avoided criminal prosecution.  They are one and the same animal, one and the same animal.

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After recovering from my 48 hour fog, I do remember seeing a very clever Tweet from the Honorable Tyler Durden about Cramer's ratings.

I believe the word "crap" is applicable.

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AMEN  RIP Cramer and Cramerica -- you were entertaining like a clown during the bull market.  Now you are simply dangerous.  You know ... a clown only a masochist would love.

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That Cramer worked on Wall Street as a hedge fund God we're so screwed!!!!

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Could someone please explain what the fuck Cramer's point is? Was he drunk when he wrote this?

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i think you nailed it.  The lonely bastard clown was drunk twittering! 

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Like Ke$ha said, "Got my drunk text on, gonna regret it in the morning".

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"lonely bastard clown" - now that's what I call an insult.

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Poor Cramer was walking around the studio a couple of days ago with one of those gold-plated donkeys.

The type you see in old Bible movies which represent "false idols"......

What an idiot.

Just like the last great call he made, when the SOX hit a low in September this year, he told everyone to SELL....


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You should have known what you signed up for when you got a Twitter account.  If a famous person actually Tweets their own Tweets, they are asking for trouble(above and beyond having a ghost Twitterer).  90% of your "Followers" are going to be people throwing shit on stage from the cheap seats.  And you wear a big honkin' target.  If you don't like it, close your Twitter account.  Otherwise, deal with it.  You shouldn't give a shit what people think about you.  You are worth millions upon millions.  Are the really rich really that thin skinned?  Man up and buy some kevlar.

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Wait a second, isn't Cramer the ultimate contrary indicator for at least 3 years steadily reliable?  What gives with the admission?


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He still is and yet wants some semblance of credibility. Nothing's changed, move along.

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Remember when Cramer and Herb Greenberg were bitching and complaining on set and they tore up their SEC hearing subpoenas  concerning the short selling case , started by Patrick Byrne of


ToNYC's picture


The sweetest thing I remember about the Patrick Byrne episode was seeing the vicious side of Buffett-spoonette Becky Quick

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Yeh she showed another side of herself on that day. I remember it well. She made me sick. I believe she used to work as a producer for Jim Cramer's show before she got the big seat so she was totally one sided and Dr. Byrne knew it too. Quick's silly sycophantic attitude toward old man Buffet makes me sick too.

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Here is video where he tore up SEC subpoena. Isn't that like contempt of court or something?

Not long after this good old Herb left CNBC and went to work for himself but now he is back, go figure.

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"Man up and buy some kevlar."


Won't help him coming from a rifle.

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Or a Fn 5.7 with AP rounds in it.

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A knife goes through kevlar like a hot knife through butter. Plus it's up close and personal.

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What if they shot me in the head?  That was a risk we were willing to take......

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I have mixed emotions about the idea of him exiting stage left...he has always been a reliable contrarian indicator...who would take his place in the carnival of the absurd?...Liesman is way too dry.

With Kneale gone who is left?...waiting for Bob Pisani to giggle like a school girl at every market top may be cutting it a little close to get out ;-)

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Caboosa Cabrera visibly popping a woody next time the DOW is up 150+ points -- will be very revealing to those versed in esoterica.

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I could have gone all night without the mental image...LOL.

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I email it from work occasionaly -- to remind it to take its hormones.

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For big investing decisions I either watch Cramer or read my horoscope.

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I recommend the Ouija board.

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 Wow, I thought I was the only one and was planning on selling seminars on my sure fire "4 step stairway to wealth" program.

  Using the inverse of Cramers calls to nail general tops and bottoms confirmed of course by technical horoscope analysis, the ouija board selects the ticker symbols and of course the magic 8 ball decides the allocation (all in or a conservative 50 percent)

  My track record was soundly trouncing Cramers, but its back to the drawing board. Man its hard to come up with a truly original investing thesis. Wouldnt want to be seen as a fraud or anything.

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cramer is an old Goldman alumni - same tactic: sale paper lower the price w/ the left hand, while the right hand buys the bullion...cant really blame him - thats business.  he is just a thief or better assisting thiefs...after all thats why he is there in the first place...why do u think he is there???

its a shame but thats what they have done...its a casino now...


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yup, it takes certain type of fool to get up and perform day in and out with no side effects...but on a long enough time line...his usefulness is coming to an end is all. there will be another to take his place..most likely a guy..just sayin'. there are plenty in the itty bitty committee brunette CNBC crew too. but retail knows at this point there is a turd in the pool but just cant see it. there's alot of fallacies to be put to rest before folks start thinking for themselves.

oh yeah, 1+1 = 3 all rightie then!!

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I seriously think he's bipolar.