Move Your Money Part 2: Buy Silver to Help Stop Market Manipulation and Show Too Big To Fail Banks Like JP Morgan Who Is Boss

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Leading economists and financial experts say that our economy cannot recover until the too big to fails are broken up. See this and this. The giant banks have been sucking money out of the real economy and making us all poorer. But the government is refusing to even rein in the mega-banks, let alone break them up.

One of the too big to fails - JP Morgan - manipulates the silver market. See this, this, this and this.

Mike Krieger and Max Keiser have an idea for attacking the weak
underbelly of the seemingly invincible too big to fail banks and market
manipulators ... all at the same time.

Specifically, they say that if everyone buys just 1 ounce of silver, it will force JP Morgan - a giant manipulator of the silver market - to cover its short positions, and drive it out of business.

Watch these short videos for an explanation:






Silver is way down today, so it is a perfect time to buy.

Disclaimer: I'm not an investment adviser and this should not be considered investment advice.

No, I'm not short JPM or any bank or financial. I own some silver, but am not leveraged through a 2X ETF etc.

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Excerpt from


"I would like to comment a bit on these numbers and its significance.  It looks to me that the total number of silver eagle sales will probably hit north of 36 million oz this year.  The months of November and December are traditionally huge sales months for the mint as they also get a headstart with the 2011 year sales but record them in 2010.  The usa must use all usa sources of silver first in their mintage of coins.  If there is a shortage then they can import silver into the country to fabricate the coins.

The usa produces around 40 million oz of silver from all its mines  such as Cour dÀlene, Hecla and Newmont.   So the huge demand in silver will cause the comex bankers to have problems as the mint gets its silver first.  Then you add in our two major silver ETF`s, the Central fund of Canada and Sprott`s new PHU.s silver  fund, one can imagine the migraine headaches that the comex bankers will endure trying to find available silver to satisfy the ever increasing demand for this very important metal."

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I'm sure CNBS will help the effort....not !

I just added the videos with some text to my blog.

Hope it helps, it would be sweet if this did it.


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Just went in on some more gold on a recent dip.  A fuck it, I can swing for a few silver ounces of silver.

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The media will never get it. Buyers like myself are feeling totally ripped off by government spending, bailouts and bloated entitlement programs. We are not the Hunt Brothers looking to make a kill. We are a new breed of investors in a rebirth of real money. I don't need to sell for dollars, Silver & Gold is already money.

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Notice Marketwatch doing there best to talk down gold again. Mostly trash talk. You wonder if these people are really so ignorant or they are endeavouring to undermine gold for .....


If gold and silver are such non entities why on earth are they all so keen to trash it and manipulate it?

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Who here owns GDX and GDXJ?


Let's sell the ETFs and buy individual miners, and take delivery of the stock certificates. They are probably naked shorting those also.

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Smash JP Morgan, buy a silver ounce.


The day Blyth Masters head is paraded around the city on a spike will be the day silver is freed.

Just practicing

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now the time to plan the 600 dollar 1099 problem ,

exchange the 1 oz gold   for 1 oz silvers


i oz gold at 3500 on  a sale sends up the flashing 1099 paper,, self employed tax  and other government issued tax liabilitys

silver even at 200 will just be a exchange no whistles, no heads turned ,,

grab the dough buy the food, gas,, with 6 times your cost,

a fine way to plan the future ,


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The price movement in silver and gold is irrelevant to me in the short term. Iv'e bought as long term insurance and wont be selling until 5-10 years and I pretty confident it will have appreciated against fiat quite well over that time.

The thing that annoys me with the JPM HSBC scum is there playing with the market plays with my gold and silver stocks.

Geee you would think some of gold and silver miners would have a decent size loss of revenue dut to the antics of JPM and HSBC. They should be suing.

I'm guessing there will be a solid dip in my bullion stocks come monday, 13% ahead this year, will dump them first thing and sit on the cash waiting to buy back in later.

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Think gold and silver stocks will do fine.

The earning will be good for a lot of company's

even when gold and silver would correct some more.

Keeping mine for the longer term and try not to

time the market,exept for some nice add ons on dips.

Jumping in and out of ones position can be a big mistake

in a strong bull market.Before you know you loose your

position and are left behind.Selling some in trading

porfollio for profit taking is OK but selling core position???


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in "reminiscences of a stock operator" an investor is asked why he doesn't sell his profitable investment (and, perhaps, buy back later at lower prices).  the answer is because it is a bull market and i would lose my position (and not get to buy back later at lower prices, because they don't go lower or because of waiting for lower prices still and then, because of shame, stubbornness, rather be right than rich, etc. never buying back in at higher prices and thus never participating in the (much) greater profits to come in the bull market).

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Just bought 200 oz at apmex

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"Crash JP Morgan"

Is great statement.

Dont forget to do it in Chinese with a Chinese Youtube clip!

d?o suì JP Morgan

f?n suì

JP Morgan

Now if you made it viral in China, Taiwan and HK you would more than achieve the target

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The real way to get at JPM and HSBC is to sue the CFTC.


The  people bringing civil cases against JPM and HSBC for losses due to their manipulation of the silver and gold market over time also must have a case against the CFTC for the same losses.


If they alleged or simply can demonstrate through data that the silver and gold markets have been systematically manipulated over time then have a case for damages against the CFTC for it would have been willful negiligence/abandoment of a duty requird under law. And indeed if possible you would also want to bring a case for damages against individuals in the CFTC if you can, even if it fails.


The likes of JPM have no fear of being punished even if what they do has been exposed and obvious, they continue on in the knowledge that the CFTC is there to assist and protect them in breaking the law. You have to go for the CFTC to get to the banks.


Yes buy silver, but bring the CFTC front and centre and pair them with JPM HSBC.

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How does one show a "too big to fail?" They don't lose everyone else does.

They are insured and government protected. Costs get passed along to the little people. Heads they win, managers make a mint, tails you lose. That's the best risk reward gig going.

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when they are placed in receivership, the management discharged, bankrupted and jailed, when enough pain jolts the bottom 9x% of the u.s. out of apathy and the bums are thrown out (enough times) that systemic change (again) occurs.  that's how.  when is up for grabs.

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For more on the Corruption on Wall Street, watch the YouTube video Bankrupt Motors IPO, Hedge Fund Fraud at (

The American public gets robbed, and we are supposed to be thankful??!!


47 seconds ago

Great upload cgreen34, the best fictional writer in the world couldn't even make this nonsense? up. Makes me sick.


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It is exactly this hubris that this site continually spews that had everyone shorting into the equity markets from Sep 2009 onward.  Yes let's buy silver after a parabolic rally and subsequent break.  Good idea!  Should I be buying sugar, coffee, or cotton too?  3 other markets out of touch with the real fundamentals.  I can't wait till all these long everything fools get smoked. Notice how the $ rallied the entire week.   Eventually everything is mean reverting and reverts back to fundamentals. Once Europe rolls over and dies gold will be back at 1000 and silver $18 -20.  I will be smiling all the way to the bank. 

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 So, you're here why? As gold and silver have outperformed the market since sept 2009, why would I be in equities? Or bonds? The risk reward ratio is not advantageous. By all means, keep trolling- hope you have a nice place under a good bridge.

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since pm's have outperformed "the market" for the last decade.  and bonds for the last two years.

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Maybe its a good idea when you enter the shop to buy ,just go out for a walk and return to buy after a couple of hours.

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I flipped a silver eagle - HEADS, I buy.


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FYI, Apmex is out of monster boxes in Eagles, Maple leafs and Wolfs. They weren't this morning.

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there will be fucktards galore pointing to today's plunge in silver and gold as proof that the "gold bubble" has popped. it is a gift to buy and take delivery.

The jackals in new york are frantically shorting what they do not own in a desperate titanic struggle with the asians who are taking delivery of their silver purchases. this brazen price destruction today is evidence of the complete contempt in which jpm, hsbc, gs, db and others hold the toothless and complicit cftc.

the advice to buy silver on the exchanges and to take delivery is an outstanding plan to destroy the den of thieves. buying etfs is a loser's ploy. buy silver and take delivery.

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What a sight it will be when paper silver collapses.

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I wonder if Alex jones will run with Max's idea and do a silver "money bomb"?






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Hey all, you don't have to go find FRN's to do the job. Swap a 10%-50% (depending on your current PM diversification) of your Au for Ag right now. Perfect entry point for Silver!

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LoL this site... kept bankrupting people..... Yea buy silver while it tanks $2 / day.  I love stepping in front of freight trains.

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if it is going up long term, that's a good tactic.  if not, it's not.  currency and sovereign debt depreciation essentially world wide looks fairly sure for the next few years so bankruptcy via pm investments looks unlikely soon.

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I'll buy silver according to my needs, not according to whom it hurts.  If JPM is in the line of fire, so be it.

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ZH may be offline before JPM out of business

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If it bleeds, we can kill it

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So long as folks don't just buy it from each other.  JPM could care less!!


sourse for buys needs to be from the banks themselves and the comex.  

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It doesn't matter.  Silver is fungible.  The local and online shops buy from wholesalers who buy from the exchange and the banks.

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Just FYI and not a commercial endorsement but I've been struggling with this idea that the U.S. gov't will somehow get their hooks into my IRA account. Apparently they've floated the idea, no link though.

I went with what's called a "checkbook" IRA that is essentially a LLC that is personally owed and acts as the IRA holder. An IRA servicer is the official administrator (perhaps wrong technical term).

How it works after it is all set up is your IRA funds go to the servicer who in return wires them into your LLC account which you have set up with a local credit union or bank. You have to invest those funds in accordance with IRS guidelines, but you can take physical delivery of PM's for instance.

I used IRA financial services out of florida who in turn uses IRA Services out of California. The transaction went off without a hitch. I ordered from Apmex and wired the funds from the LLC account, had them sent to me (in the name of the LLC) and then transferred them to another physical location where they are out of the reach of the US gov't and other unsavory characters.

Might be something to consider for those of you looking to get your IRA out of the sights of the gov't without taking an immediate tax hit or early withdrawal hit. Possession being 9/10th's of the law and all.

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I did this too, through NAFEP.  APMEX just recently ran out of IRA-acceptable silver bars before they ran out of coins, so it looks like other people are catching on too.

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I bought 20 silver bullets today. More to come soon.

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 Coming up 2:25 EST and silver down 5.75%

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You can be sure that JPM and HSBC will be buying paper and selling physical -- to frighten the nervous nellies by keeping the price of physical down. Don't be fooled by them.

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buying some for my kids this week...will put 4 oz each in their christmas stocking. fuck you JP Morgan

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Silver Bells, Silver Bells

It's Christmas Time in the City.

Ring-a Ling,

Here them Scream,

When they get caught, with their Shorts down.


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Come to Kitco and buy some silver, he he, we'll have it ready for you in a year or two

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The MW forums finally seemed to get rid of AmericanPatriot - these was a surge in people calling themselves AmericanParrot, AmericanPoirot and similar, all with the same avatar as AP, all spawning absolute nonsense.

Drowning out AP was a great strategy, and it seems to have worked.

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JonNadler at his best!  Great looking avatar, where'd you get it?

Superior sense of humor this guy has.

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been doing my part thousands of times in past few years. having the physical on down days as today is far less stressful than owning a silver or gold mining stock.

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...using fraud to stay in business is as smart as a dumbass...let the world crash 'em and burn 'em and  leave their ashes to fertilize their wall street minions...who's next?

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roflmao, i was thinking about this last week, it's just a viral thing that would work, and which one is a good idea

i'm going to buy 250 dollars worth tommorrow, wtf do i have too lose, nothing

it just needs to go worlwide worldwide, worldwide worldwide, brothers in arms, it's a money war and there is more of us