The CRFB Sees Locusts, Plagues And Lots And Lots Of Budget "Impossibilities" In America's Future

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So, Tyler, let's hope you are taking your words to heart and have some preparedness in place. I wouldn't want to be stuck on Manhattan when the day of financial reckoning comes.

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There is absolutely no question how this will play out. Why do we even ask questions like "Will the powers that be do the right/necessary thing?"

Of course they won't. The question is preposterous. Our system of government prevents taking unprofitable choices with painful outcomes. We can only do what is immediately beneficial, and so the "hard choices" never get made.

We are headed at 1000mph towards collapse, and only an idiot or an ignoramus cannot see it.

Prepare accordingly. This *is* happening. And it *is* happening in your lifespan. The immediate result will be anarchy, and then a new America which will be worse than anarchy.

Be prepared for anything.

Be prepared to fight, hunker down, bribe, flee or suffer. I'm not sure there will be any other options. Fleeing might make the most sense for the most people.

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"Obama's legacy is to effectively enslave America to its creditor interests."

Not if we don't pay it back.

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What makes the green grass grow?

Blood Blood Blood makes the green Grass grow!!!

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What exactly is all this money being spent on?

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Good question that I've asked myself a lot recently.

Certainly not being spent on, oh, Cash for Clunkers payments. Or for all those portions of the stimulus that haven't even been spent yet.

I know what SOME of it has been spent on, though, since I happen to be not too long out of grad school...

All sorts of stuff in there that, on the surface, might seem to be good news for students. Except for the part where the gov't "buys" (seizes) your loans from your lender, forces you to service your loan through the Dept. of Education regardless of your loan terms, and changes all the rules of eligibility for deferments and forbearances.

Ask around and see how many recent grads are getting the lovely little letters in the mail informing them that the Dept. of Ed. now owns their asses... For the children, of course. Hell, the gov't could easily pour out several tens of billions of USD a year buying these up based on the number of degrees awarded each year and the average student debt.

Oh, and just for shits and giggles, let's throw in a "rule change" last month to retroactively take away deferments on loans the Dept. of Ed. hasn't managed to seize yet. Yeah, now we're cookin with gas.

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I think we are using past experience to predict what is happening, which may be flawed.

At no time in history has money been 'digital'.  I really don't think our leadership is worrying about actually spending anything...after all, they can, in the span of a few minutes, 'print' the entire money supply 100X over if they wanted to...every day...with no-one to stop them.

Now, the game is all about individual jockeying in the global-power-structure (singular) and playing the game of controlling/calming Joe and Jane six-pack back home.

Just my $.02 (and depending on inflation, that may be valued as a 'free opinion') :)


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You're still enslaved Actually, you're still enslaved even if you don't pay it back since you will need to continue borrowing.  The only way you're not enslaved is if you don't pay it back and somehow develop the fiscal discipline to live within your means.  That isn't going to happen until it is forced upon us, thus slavery.

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Anything tied to a Social Security Number is not yours.  It belongs to someone else, with your ignorantly tacit approval.  If you want to be free, trade your syphillitic Federal Reserve Notes for fine gold and silver.  Gold and silver have no counter-party.  They are discrete and discreet stores of value.  Hide it well, and no one can take it from you.

I am Chumbawamba.

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This won't happen. We're starting a new program called Cash for Old People. Bring in your grandma for a few bucks and the country will sell soylent green to the governments of the Third World. They get food and our health care costs dramatically decrease so everyone gets paid back and everyone is happy.


Problem solved. ;)

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I love your idea.  Better than mine.  I was going to suggest we declare war on Canada, and catapult all the old people.

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I agree, though when we do, "My visions of locust return, I see Pinkertons [Chinese] coming in swarms."

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okay perhaps its my twisted, end of the week sense of humor that's been ruined by yet another spy ramp job - but there's a huge amount of irony that the first african american president in U.S. history is 'enslaving america to its creditor interests'...

come on.. the rest of you were thinking it.. I just said it out loud.

no? too soon?



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Too much cheese can really constipate a fella.

Gubbmint Cheese's picture

perhaps I'm just watching far too much Family Guy..


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Twisted irony it is (though not something we'd see from a "black" man who wasn't raised by his white grandparents, IMO.)  It is the shameless pandering of the classic "oreo."  FWIW.  No wonder educated white people like him so well . . . he's so very civilized

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Twisted irony it is (though not something we'd see from a "black" man who wasn't raised by his white grandparents, IMO.)  It is the shameless pandering of the classic "oreo."  FWIW.  No wonder educated white people like him so well . . . he's so very civilized

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"Chains you can believe in?"

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Ah ah ah aha ha aha aha aha aha aha aha ah (lol)!

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I loved this bad pun almost as much as Bill the Cat.

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Actually, I couldn't help but notice that Obama will be the second legislator from Illinois whose election to the presidency will cause the political breakup of the U.S.; this time, though, while the army is overseas.

Foreigners: hide and watch.

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what total bunk.

That president from Illinois did not cause the breakup of the US.

It was Southern bigots and slaveowners who didn't want to give up their despicable lifestyle and actually work in their own fields, who caused it.

Give us a break.........

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lincoln could have bought all the slaves and made slavery illegal, like every other civilized nation at the time.

he chose war.

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Thank you.  Someone out there is reading their DiLorenzo.  Sad to say, but the only thing most Americans know about history is what they learned in their 8th grade "Social Studies" textbook.


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The war had nothing to do with slavery. That's revisionist history. Lincoln SAID he would fight the war if it didn't free one slave. He fought the war because the central bankers were screwing up the southern economy by manipulating the prices on all the commodities. Mostly cotton.

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Bbbilly, I grew up believing what you did.  Then, when I got older I discovered I had been lied to by my government.  It always bugged me.  I mean, on one hand we were practicing genocide against native Americans whose only "crime" was living on land we wanted to steal and on the other hand we wanted to free slaves because it was the right thing to do?

Maybe in your world, but not in mine.  The truth is that Lincoln used slavery as an excuse to destroy the South economically.  In spite of 200 years of history that suggests we tend to act in our own self interest as a nation, it's nice to know that there are still those, like you, who will eat whatever is spoonfed you with a sort of childlike innocence.



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economicmorphine - you hit the nail on the head brother.

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more total right wing nut bunk.........

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You mean like the slave owners in the North Lincoln had no problem with while in office?

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Obama doesn't represent typical african american interests, he is a straight scumbag asshole socialist know it all communtity crapivist. early?

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you do a disservice to scumbag asshole
socialists by calling obama that...bucket of
shit comes to mind when i think of
kenyan born indonesian barry soetoro mubrak
hussein obama or whatever the fuck his name

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All the election of Obama did was get us rid of the appallingly ignorant, dubya.

The POTUS being the figurehead that he is, a PR person for the US, and subsequent to 9/11, the election of any person with a name like Obama Hussein is a testament to the dereliction, perversion, blatantly corrupt scoundrels the republican party morphed into for 12 years. Having voted for them until the first W election as a life long republican, I am mortified that I participated in this

Thru the law of Sequential Causation, Bush's election, after the legal, semantic, moral and ethical pit of the Clinton admenstruation, appears to make our elections ever more simply reactionary with little real regard to the merits or track record of the new pretenders.

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Retard alert: (59481)

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I would looove to hear how you might describe "typical African American interests" mean like fried chicken and watermelon ?


That's pretty much the level of thinking when you start to assign a whole group of people certain "characteristics".


Oh, and maybe you could describe some of those "typical Causcasian American interests".....that could be fun too.

How about "typical Asian American interests"......

Can you really not see the ingrained bigotry you're carrying around ?

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caucasian American, Asian American, Hispanic American....and you probably have no idea how much of the problem you are with that racial stuff. It is always the fools crying "racist" who want to put everybody in a racial category. How about if we just let them be Americans ?

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actually the new PC terms are: af-am, eur-am, as-am, and so forth. It makes us more homogeneous, don't you think. Who the frik cares what someones space/time suit looks like. Scoundrels have been known to wear all manner of them.

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Too soon? Not soon enough for Demi and Ashton. They want to enlist us peasants to pleadge servitude to the President. Thank God they told me what I must do.

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I have actually pondered his status as "First Custodian".

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"but there's a huge amount of irony that the first african american president in U.S. history is 'enslaving america to its creditor interests'..."

Actually the irony is that it was pointed out by someone going by the name  "Gubbmint Cheese".

My observation is that whether it is people like us on ZH or the talking heads of tv, radio or even the internet... until we stop referring to our national problems as if Obama is actually pulling the strings we will continue to go around in circles. It is like watching the WWF, we get caught up in the show and spectacle. Vince McMahn is pulling the strings and everything is done with his best intest in mind. Same with our country. Corporations are directing the show to their benefit. They write the policies, they write the bills, they tell our representatives what to say, they tell the media what to report.

What can we do to make a stand by our daily actions?

Put your money into local credit unions today! Buy at local stores or farmers markets Do whatever you can to support your local community especially get involved with your local goverment. Donate your time or money, become a member of a group, joining a committee ect.

After reading this story on the CRFB report and taking in other info conerning everything from violations of the Posse Comitatus Act, abuse of presidential executive orders, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports the chemical compounds of the swine flu vaccine, Flash trading, threats to the Hippocratic Oath and the financial gestapo known as GS and JPM we have got to get up from our laptops and pcs and take action.

Just think this all started because i could not find "Gubbmint Cheese" at neither of these sites: or

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to reiterate:

"Put your money into local credit unions today! Buy at local stores or farmers markets Do whatever you can to support your local community especially get involved with your local goverment. Donate your time or money, become a member of a group, joining a committee ect."

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Well, do we know who is pulling Vince McMahon's strings?  The rabbit hole goes deeper!

I am Chumbawamba.

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Good lord! Is he a former Goldman Sachs pinhead also?

By the way your tagline has inspired me.

"What I justice"

Clive Owen "The International"

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Obama listens to Geither and Summers who are both idiots. Where the hell is Paul Volcker

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Where the hell is his street sense?  

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He's a nigger, not a nigga.

I am Chumbawamba.

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You know what Chumbawamba... I think I might have to ask Heli-Ben on his next fly-over of South Central LA to drop you off in the northwest corner neighborhood near the 110 and 105 interchange wearing a blue bandanna... with that comment pinned proudly to your chest... and I would suggest immediately upon your arrival you begin discussing all of these types of thoughts with as many people as you can find... you are one of the most offensive people on this site... imho... you really ought to do a little historical reading and develop a more refined sense of empathy...

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Paul Volcker is warning that money market funds are the mechanism that triggers systemic crises - the tool by which the Street extracts huge, unaudited rents from the Fed and Treasury to "prevent collapse". Expect we're being set up for Round 2 in the near future.

Volcker Says Money Market Funds Weaken US Financial System

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Volker can't fix this one. Way too late.

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Volcker was brought in house to defuse his effectiveness as a dissenting voice outside.  Keep your friends close . . .

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Then Paul Volcker needs to do one courageous and heroic act as the sun sets on his stellar career - completely disengage from this disaster Socialist-Communist "Presidency" and speak up loud and clear about the looming next leg down in this depressionary crisis.