Is The Criminal Case Against Goldman About To be Reopened, As Robert Khuzami's "Ethical" Reputation Lies In Ruins

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Only the finest financial forensics from the Tyler. Sic 'em!

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As long as we allow for the revolving door between regulators and those they regulate, this form of corruption will never end.  It does not matter if we have Dems or Reps in office.  We have "regulator capture", meaning that the cops on the beat are only interested in providing "barriers to entry" for new competitors.  They have no interests in enforcing laws or arresting criminals, even if by some miracle Washington puts some decent laws on the books.  Our public servants are there to provide a show, and nothing more.  They find small fish to pick on, leaving the big organized criminal syndicates alone (with the occasional fine and slap on the wrists).

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+ 1.....the abnormal has become normal. Full capture was the objective and now it is done.

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If any of these allegations prove to be true then they form adequate grounds to demand the resignation of Elizabeth Warren.

How can the state survive if individuals can send unsigned letters of allegation to their elected representatives? Clearly Homeland Security and NSA are not adequately performing their functions.

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@ umop

i think the forensics are rather sloppy.

...the SEC could ever possibly scuttle this criminal case

10(b) 5 is a CIVIL matter. perhaps you're thinking of some other crime that goldman committed?


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Maybe Blankfein has competition. A real angel doing God's work.

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Funny how no one worries about "conlicts of interest" anymore, now it's called being an "industry expert".

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wasn't ACA's CEO married to Goldman Sachs' general counsel at the time this transaction took place?


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Why are they even doing this? They have not the slightest respect or even fear of the law. They flaunt their protected insolence openly for all the world to see. And the stupid SEC exists only to cover for them like street goons whilst (ab-)using the law as a bludgeon on everyone else in the form of threats and fines. When they're not surfing skanky websites on the taxpayer's dime, that is.

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Ditto to the max!

After the S&L meltdown in the late '80s, over 1,000 banksters went to jail.

So far, it appears only Martha Stewart, Bradley Birkenfeld (the UBS-Lichtenstein tax haven whistleblower) and Bradley Manning (correctly fulfilled his legal obligation by upholding the Uniform Code of Military Justice - UCMJ - and reported war crimes) have gone to jail.

The obvious record which results from the land of absolute corruption.

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Maybe we can get some transparency now?

NONE of our financial problems have been solved.

NO ONE of significance (at GS, Fed, etc.) has gone to jail since 2007.

Perp walks, bitchez!

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And who went in 2007?  I thought it was more like 2004 as the last cases from Nepolitano's days were closed out.

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I chose 2007 somewhat arbitrarily, as that was the year when the first big domino (Bear Stearns hedge funds) came down, and the rot was there for anyone awake to see it all.

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Great story. Forget missing Madorff, this is aiding and abetting a crime, perjury, oh man it makes one see red

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Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Lloyd's office when someone mentions ZeroHedge.

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The Obama administration will never prosecute a banker.  The Presiden does not support it the chief of staff does not support it and his AG and head of the SEC are mere lackeys.  Capricious and arbitrary enforcement of the nations laws.  To wit, look at the vigor with which they are pursuing Jullian Assange.  Basic authoritarian state stuff.  Very far from a republic where the laws apply equaly to all. 

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No administration (dem or repub) will ever prosecute an upper echelon banker. They may fry a small fly here and there but that's about it.

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You are mistaken, the laws are not enforced arbitrarily.  Arbitrary assumes that there is a chance that anyone could be prosecuted.  They are more than enforcing laws when it comes to the small players, making it uncompetitive for them to compete.  But, they leave the big companies alone, ensuring that they keep raping the average citizen indefinitely.  What we have is fraud as a business model.  Can't be described any better.

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Perfectly put, I would just add one caveat --- it hasn't reached the popular corporate Non-media (as if it ever will) be litigation has been filed as to variances in the existing corporate-controlled legal databases.

Evidently, the power elites are able to alter judicial outcomes at will which happened quite differently in order to claim existing legal precedent.

Truly, 1984 is the year we are all stuck in.

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He didn't just nail it. He wined it, dined it, and bent it over the hood of his car.

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Quite true.  Ms. Schapiro made her

rep in FINRA nailing small fry for

spitting on the sidewalk violations

while letting the larger players run


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FINRA's about to get its hooks into the

registered investment adviser biz, which

aside from Madoff was relatively clean.

Shit just keeps rolling downhill, don't it?

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+1000 buddy absolutly spot on!!!

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The USeless government always gets the best regulators money can buy!  Course, said USeless gov't ain't doin the buyin' you missed that...

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Perhaps the PigMen are getting a tad nervous?

Billy Joel can't sell his house out at The Hamptons, he lowered the price from $22 million to $18 million, still no takers.{scid=news-site-leftlink1}

Of course, they will probably wait until Billy Joel gets hosed down again by a lover, ex-wife, or agent.

Then they will swoop in and steal it for a paltry $7 million.


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My prediction: Absolutely nothing will happen to this guy.

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is TREASON still punishable by death?

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now it will get you a reality show and book tour

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Geithner, Paulson and Bernanke are still alive, so if it is, it's not being enforced.

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I just can't take this shit anymore. The tentacles of bankster infiltration have touched every single public office at this point. We are so fucked.

I'm seriously considering to once again break up my tent and completely distance myself from the United States. Frankly, I can't take it anymore - reading these types of news on a daily basis 365 days a year deeply frustrates me and I have long given up hope for any semblance of justice. I think it is best to remove myself and my family from of this realm completely and for good.

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There  aren't a whole lot of places for you to go if you want to live somewhere where the banksters aren't actually running the show.  Sweden chose its citizens over its banks in the early 90's but Japan, the U.S. and the EU went all bank all the time.

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Iceland is a good destination now

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I moved from the US to Ireland 4 years ago to escape all the BS. How am I doing??

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Feel for you Buddy, Problem is it´s a World Wide phenomena

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He might prematurely expire in a hot tub after a burglary where all his documents are stolen.

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The Establishment and Mainstream Media is losing control of the PEOPLE and as a result vehemently ATTACKING ALTERNATIVE NEWS. Suddenly, anyone that does not agree with the Socialist policies of the Obama Administration is an ENEMY OF THE STATE!

Watch the video “The Establishment is Losing Control” at (


“We do not have much time left before the FREEDOM of Americans is robbed by our leaders, the Internet Censored, Guns confiscated and the PEOPLE jailed for speaking truth!”

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Meanwhile, China has the most rigid news control and censorship on the planet.  Yet social networking and gaming stocks over there are skying huge....

I assure you, that these young people could care less about politics, PIIGS convulsions, inflation/deflation debates, black swans, etc.

They are anxious and eager to catch up on:

- The Kardashians

- The Batchelor

- Jersey Shore


Just wait until they get addicted to trading stocks 24/7 on their cellphones....