Criminal Charges Next? Barofsky To Coordinate With DOJ To See If US Taxpayers Were Victims Of Goldman Fraud

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can someone also please ask if GS is still in possesion of/using that market manipulating software that they were so worried about after it was stolen last year.  or did they just lend it to the fed so that no charges would be pursued there?

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is it possible for Goldman prop desk to short their own stock during the day and buy it back before close? because thats what seems to be going on atm.

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Good news and a rally for banks indeed

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The lower manhattan bank cabal has hundreds of thousands of current and former employees. They have an equal number of powerful shareholders. They have further bribed many in state and federal gubbermint. There is zero chance that this goes anywhere. If the Jefferson County ripoff didn't sink JPM then GS has even less to worry about.

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Barofsky, you're on the right trail.  Let's qui tam the former Treasury Secretary while we're at it.  Obviously his hundreds of millions came from the long, slow buildup of the fraud ("no, honestly, these things are going to pay off in the future so pay me my share NOW!"), which he closed the loop on by getting a chump to ask for $700 billion, said chump later saying the figure was just made up cause it sounded better than a whole trillion (better for fraud to ask for a little at the time), and begging the Speaker on bended knee to get the NEXT Treasury Secretary, the one who cheats on his taxes, to enforce MY taxes to pay for it all.

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Well put.  Hank Paulson's role at GS and later in the bailout of GS via AIG requires much more thorough investigation.  It's ironic that it may happen because GS is now the Dem sacrificial lamb despite generous GS donations to the Dems but at this point any form of justice would be a welcome change.   

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A class action suit should be filed against Goldman, on behalf of the US population!

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Love the avatar dude!  The govt' should run these guys out of town, like they've done so well with toyota.

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There is a BIG PICTURE here, and it ai'nt pretty. "Connecting the dots" does not only apply to Al Qaeda...

Blankfein's head is not going to be enough when it all comes out...


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"Criminal Charges Next? Barofsky To Coordinate With DOJ To See If US Taxpayers Were Victims Of Goldman Fraud"


Shirley you jest? Oh......sorry, I forget.

Tyler you jest? :>)

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Neil Barofsky and Elizabeth Warren, both great people.


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Elizabeth Warren is a true American hero. 

But i worry that Neil Barofsky may be more like an undertaker with a dead bodies as far as the eye can see and by the time he tries to do any autopsies,  the bodies, they will be so decomposed, there is nothing left to examine or bury and all evidence of the crime washed away...I feel very sorry for him.

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The fraud in all this is that the Fed bailed out private companies that were, in effect, trying to game each other. The Fed had no business wiping out the AIG shareholders and paying off the bad bets. The Fed also did not have the authority to turn GS into a bank overnight. If anyone should be prosecuted it should be Bernanke, Geithner and Hank Paulson. I would like to see Barofsky and Holder investigate these three and bring charges. The whole mess should have been dealt with in bankruptcy court and through private civil suits. The most telling thing about this is that Obama continues to protect Bernanke and Geithner. The system is still alive and well, this SEC suit is just window dressing for the November election. If the SEC wants to bring fraud charges, it should look at the products that were sold to local governments who are not "sophisticated investors" and relied on the investment banks for advise. That clearly was a breach of fiduciary duty.

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Can anyone clue me in to the date that the GS/SEC hearing will begin? I want to be well short GS before then, but not too far ahead of time.

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Fuggitabout the hearing. Keep an eye on CalPers. They sit on 1.8 million shares of the Squid......and are getting nervous. Wouldn't be surprised if CalPers got chewed up in some form of Abacus-type sweating their other "attachments".

Public pension funds are #1 targets for the WS boyz.

There's more than one way to skin a taxpayer....federal, state, muni, etc. 

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Thanks, after hearing Jim Rickards take on things, I think I will just buy the puts now.

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About time they went after this guy BlackRock.

See if they have real huevos and include Carlyle Group, too.

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There was no fraud, they was no illegal activity. Goldman will lose some trust among their small accounts. Those accounts will divest about 60% of assets. But in 6-9 months they will be back like pigs at the dinnertime feeding trough.

Enough Goldman shit, OK?

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Even Goldman admits there was fraud (e.g., the pep talk memo to employees from Blankfein). The big question now is the extent this mostly politically motivated suit snowballs into other suits from other entities (political or otherwise). We must remember, that once politics enters the equation, all bets are off and history begins to twist and turn. "Enough Goldman shit", ah, whether we like or it not there will be a great deal of "Goldman shit" over the coming months and possibly years. Try to enjoy the show.


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woo woo woo somebody pulleeease kick blackrock in the nutz! it's about time!

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Goldman has been under increasing pressure over past few weeks and it might eventually end up getting penalized as well. However, one key point that will be forgotten in this entire debate is that companies are what employees and people make them to be. One Goldman may go down but other like it will keep on coming up as long as the perverse incentive system in the industry continues. The employess will simply move elsewhere and continue to do what they have been doing.

To solve a problem, you need to identify and treat the root cause and not the symptom. Goldman is a symptom of the system; not the cause.

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Ding, ding, ding!  Give the man a cigar.

Crony capitalism is the cause (dare we say Fascism?).

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EURO continues to get a lot of support ...

But USD index weekly chart continues to give bullish warnings.

Euro chart:

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Those who think the investigation will go nowhere overlook an important point. The political climate has changed. It is now advantageous for politicians to kick Goldman in the nuts rather than defend them.