A Curious Snag In Debt-For-Equity Restructurings As Goldman And JPM Do A Stealthy Roll Up Of The Media Industry

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Tyler, Tyler, Tyler

39 of 40 senate republicans wrote a letter to Geithner requesting not to extend TARP handouts past December.


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Those worthless pieces of shit.  Like Faber, I have ZERO confidence in the leadership of this country. TARP is so 2008!  It's all about secret Fed bailouts now:


Is anyone covering this shit or are all the banks getting secret $$$$$ infusions.  At what point to us bears give up and just start shorting Treasuries? 

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Lol the comments on there. Dollars are fungible. I want to print some dollars and buy stuff with it cause dey is fungible and theres NOTHING wrong with DAT. It's just perversion hatin. Just because some fool don't have no fungibility doesn't mean the people with fungibility shouldn't be fungibilitatin everything they feel like.

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I remember that part of the hearings. Grayson asked about who the currency swaps went to. Bernanke said that they went to a few other central banks around the world.

This is exactly what currency swaps are intended for people!
The whole point is to provide USD to other central banks so that people in those countries can borrow USD and buy US goods and services.

It's not a bailout, it's a swap - look it up!

Grayson is an idiot.

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He's only an idiot if they buy US goods and services. The jury is still out on that.

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Good luck to GOP majority which violated every sacred
trust of free markets when it ruled from
1994 to 2006. GOP may rue marginalizing Ron Paul
and itself. D incumbent majority may not be reelected either as enough people figure out false flag ops on both sides of the aisle by the masquers behind the throne...

"Debt for Equity No Way"
say millions of little people who left capital markets in 2000 and 2008 never to return. They cash in their retirement accounts en masse while institutional risk
money managers wake up one by one to the new reality:
The only place to survive may be US cash, the dollar.
And few people may trust Uncle Sam enough to buy Savings Bonds with enormous real returns after a deflationary collapse of Biblical proportions...

China PRC Cosco tried to buy Long Beach Naval base and
it did not fly. But they own or control almost every
other significant cargo container port as the Bible prophesied. Now CIC buying mortgages? HAHAHAHA.
Fed bought 80+% of US Agencies according to WSJ.
Just a matter of time until House of Cards
collapses amidst mountains of official denials and mass media propaganda.

Why are so many offshore hedge fund managers
cashing in chips left and retiring offshore to grow
their own? Do they see the impending failure of capital markets trading only with Fed, GE, GS, MS, JPM and Treasury?
Can IMF, World Bank and sovereign surplus nations really put Humpty Dumpty together again? Ask BB, HP, LS, TG
and 0, not to be confused with Zero Hedge...

The dirty little secret of offshore havens:
Treasury Promis PTech refuse to publicly prosecute dirty money stashed by criminal elected and appointed leaders for sovereign clients, with such unwinnable taxpayer scams as Vietnam Golden Triangle, Iran Contra Columbia Panama, Savings and Loan RTC Crisis, Welfare for Illegals, Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq, TARP PPPIP et alia...

Be a tracker for survival: study the tenuous trails of Carlyle Moon Paraguay House of Rothschild Rockefeller Saud carefully.

Madoff and Stanford minor scapegoat asset pimples hide
bank corporate offshore skimming, criminal corruption. massive malfeasance and titanic theft from citizens, consumers and wage slaves. Only the little people paid taxes...

The inevitable cure is the collapse of criminal empires
by starving them of cash. Let them eat gold...

2010 the year of the duly elected Constitutional
Independent Citizen or Write-in Annette Funicello for
Prez? The choice is ours...


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Coming soon to a TV station near you:

GSBS TV - the "all greed, all the time" channel.

...including the new hit series; Attack of the Vampire Squid.

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meanwhile, over at (JP)MTV, an oldie but a goodie:
(featuring all JPM-owned REOs of course)

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Who cares at this point... It's time to fold up the tents, this country has HAD IT

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Might as well watch some of the others get squeezed...


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Robo...picture of A.J.Cohen would be fitting.

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So who's the head on a stick?

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Obama open to newspaper bailout bill
By Michael O'Brien - 09/20/09 04:24 PM ET
The president said he is "happy to look at" bills before Congress that would give struggling news organizations tax breaks if they were to restructure as nonprofit businesses.

"I haven't seen detailed proposals yet, but I'll be happy to look at them," Obama told the editors of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade in an interview.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has introduced S. 673, the so-called "Newspaper Revitalization Act," that would give outlets tax deals if they were to restructure as 501(c)(3) corporations. That bill has so far attracted one cosponsor, Cardin's Maryland colleague Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D).

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had played down the possibility of government assistance for news organizations, which have been hit by an economic downturn and dwindling ad revenue.

In early May, Gibbs said that while he hadn't asked the president specifically about bailout options for newspapers, "I don't know what, in all honesty, government can do about it."

Obama said that good journalism is "critical to the health of our democracy," but expressed concern toward growing tends in reporting -- especially on political blogs, from which a groundswell of support for his campaign emerged during the presidential election.

"I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding," he said.

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Wow. I thought this was an Onion article at first.   Yeah I agree -- blogs are such terrible sources of information. 


Okay Obama, with this story, you just made This Week In Mayhem geopolitics section!!  Congratulations!


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"I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding," he said.

you mean like the Puffington Host right?

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I think Washington prefers serious "fact checkers" like Judith Miller and Adam Nagourney of the New York Times, who will print whatever they are spoon fed by anonymous sources about anthrax, WMDs, Iranian nukes, OBL's latest threat, and other warmongering BS.

Without the mainstream channels, the only information getting widespread coverage might resemble reality too much for convenience of the politicians' agendas.  Or worse yet, people might turn to foreign news media like the BBC or Asia Times and learn that America is more at risk from the corruption within than from its "enemies" abroad.

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can you say the Great Satan

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"I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere...... that what you will end up getting is news from people that are not owned by the same people that own me, which could really derail the propaganda stream and provide a lot of mutual understanding," he said.

Shark has officially been jumped.

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Yeah! Let's bail out the newspapers. That's great! We should also go back in time and bail out the horse and cart industry about the time that cars were invented.

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They are welcome to have these "assets."  Kinda reminds me of when the Japanese bought 30 Rock.  Lots of Americans panicked, but what where the Nips gonna do, move it?  Somebody has got to be a custodian every now and then and I'd say that GS and JPM are expanding their balance sheets too much.  Not that it will matter.  Obama will surely backstop them.

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What I want to know is how this fits in with the "cash-for-calamari" Blankfein corruption scandal

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cash-for-calamari" Blankfein corruption scandal!!!

Think about it, you can't make this shit up..

We should have the complete federal government be a contestant on the fucking GONG SHOW..


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TO: Hank

FROM: Rahmster

Your selfless duty to our country has not gone unnoticed as I reiterate our country’s deepest gratitude for your objective and impartial approach to solving our nation’s banking crisis.  Your actions have resulted in not only stabilizing our financial system, but strengthening it through your policy decisions to diversify our systemic risk among a multitude of 1, maybe 2, financial organizations.  

Though you find yourself now in the blissful state of retirement wiling away the days with defense counsel, I must ask you to return to Washington as your country desperately needs you once again.

The Federal Communications Commission is in danger of failing due to an antiquated and capital resistant  set of rules that has threatened our media and their precious right to free speech.  Your country needs a person with your specific background and experience in debt to equity conversions to guide the FCC through the necessary changes to ensure a bold new world of a reinvigorated media and communications infrastructure.  Truly, we feel your presence and connections to others who want to be a “force for good” in America can do for the media in this country what you did for our banking system.

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Since it will be not for profit it will have steady incomes like the SEC and be a good stabilizing force for good. Pay Per Propaganda should be a hit. I'm feeling monetized already.

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The range of my personal friends includes laborers with chicken producers, school teachers, nurses, physicians, university professors, etc.  I know of not one who supports ever expanding bailouts.

This situation is going to end badly if congress does not stop redistributing the little wealth left in our country.

I hope everyone is corresponding with their congress critters regularly.


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fotokem, i hope you guys got your b&w process straightened out because i have a sneaking suspicion that grainy old footage of souplines, tent cities, world war, etc is soon going to be making a comeback.

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Yes, I correspond with them often to tell them what whores they are.

Bring on the revolution already.  I'm tired of waiting.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I only read ZH for my news, so the squid can suck on someone else's face.  The underground revolution has started.

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Come on now.

You don't seriously think that control of the media by the likes of JPM and  

GS is going to change anything do you?

Look at the WSJ since Murdoch took it over.

'Nuff said



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This will just allow GS and JPM to try out some new manipulation...I mean new PR campaigns...

Edward Bernays would be proud.

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PM a companion article to the newspaper bailout theme (perhaps from a newspaper that will be a beneficiary of said bailout)


Unemployed homeowners could get financial assistance

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is engaged in high-level talks about providing financial assistance to homeowners who've lost their jobs and can't afford their mortgage payments....


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Anybody remember the film Brazil with R DeNero?

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Banks own wall street and media....get ready for grocery stores to be next. What we see think eat and invest. Oh fuckkkkkkk

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Watch out for American Investor Idol with Nancy Pelosi, Ozzy Ozbourne and the recently made available Beaker as your esteemed judges.




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Deleted here alot

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they are really not that bright... they're all going to hell.

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Go see Brazil. GS JPM is not just for breakfest anymore

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Nobody believes what's on the tube or radio anyway.

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Since journalistic integrity is descending faster than Rosie O'donnell chasing a falling doughnut, I weep for the future of mass media.


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I'm incensed!

How dare you call my tube an idiot!!!

I can see America's future clearly now -

[cabinet has been debating putting water on the plants instead of Brawndo which contains electrolytes]

Pvt. Joe Bowers: What *are* these electrolytes? Do you even know?

Secretary of State: They're... what they use to make Brawndo!

Pvt. Joe Bowers: But *why* do they use them to make Brawndo?

Secretary of Defense: [raises hand after a pause] Because Brawndo's got electrolytes.

(Source IMDB, Movie - Idiocracy)

Pvt. Joe Bowers: [addressing Congress] ... And there was a time in this country, a long time ago, when reading wasn't just for fags and neither was writing. People wrote books and movies, movies that had stories so you cared whose ass it was and why it was farting, and I believe that time can come again!

Make it so!

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Idiocracy is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!!!!!  We must work now to stop it from becoming prophetic.

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Are you kidding?  We already live in an idiocracy.  Take advantage of it.  Lots of stupid people to cheat.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Good grief. Did you get rejected for a job at GS or something like that? This level of paranoia is ridiculous. We're very much in tin-foil hat/black helicopter territory here.

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If they can somehow get the internet under their control then it's over.

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That's Eric Schmidt's job, Google is the internet lord.

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Propaganda? You have to understand that Hank Greenberg-AIG, Harvey Blankfein-Goldman, Dimond, Goldman, Lehman, Bear, Geitner, Summers, cass sumstein, mary shapiro, berhake, greenspan, axelrod, ram emmanuel, feldman, rattner, barovsky, sheila bair, bloom, bloomberg, sam zell, sulzberger-new york times, sumner lipshitz redstone, see us as cattle to be put into cattle cars. We are nothing but animals to these people.

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What we need is an Internet TV channel.

I claim a 10% stake minimum right now for branding it "The Real News" or maybe "Revolution 2.0".

It needs to discuss the issue of constant disinformation and propaganda. Something that can counter the MSM in realtime, offer better perspectives, more facts.

Discuss alternate viewpoints such as Austrian economic theory, electric cosmos, social credit, abiotic theory of oil...

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'The television will not be revolutionized'

you could try.. http://therealnews.com (there goes your 10% ;)
plenty more out there.. Hunt and yea shall find.

bout time people the world over stopped staring at the telescreen in the corner, put down the vested interest papers and started waking up to what's actually happening out there.. I look forward to the day.

btw, dunno if you've done any research but i'm avoiding the vaccine like the plague it actually is.

good luck out there kids! ;)