CVN 77 G.H.W. Bush Enters Persian Gulf As CIA Veteran Robert Baer Predicts September Israel-Iran War

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A Black Swan is like unexpected anal

Followed by the disapproving fish eye?

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Hey, watch it buster.  We black swans can bite, and it may even leave a welt.

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In the hope that everybody will forget a global default for a few more years.


I don't have a problem with Iran. I've never even met anybody from Iran.

I've never seen any real treath from Iran.

All I know is that it's a enemy of Isreal and Isreal like to stamp the feet of the Iranians.

And of course they have oil... plenty of it.



It really isn't!

Nobel price winner MY ASS!


This weekend, the Obligationteam from Deutche Bank made a very bold announcement. "The only way to solve the EU and US credit problems is by printing a Filthy Large Amount of money".

That will get the PM market swinging again in the next couple of weeks...

So instead of talking "tactics" and politics, those who haven't yet prepared for the shitstorm should concentrate on doing so. Erase CNN and CNBC from the channels of your TV. Keep that shit out of your head because it will be only mirages.



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Nobel price winner

Is that how they determine the winner? Auction them off to the highest bidder?

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A "bring your own gold medal" event. I guess they didn't do a metal testing...


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Maybe it's a sex test for the Peace Prize- if you have testicles you're automatically disqualified.

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I don't know...

He looks like a big dick so how do you explain your theory now?


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LOL you guys...

Zero Hedge can be great fun as well as a place to learn.

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Using D.C. logic, a war with Iran would be a good excuse to print even more shitloads of fiat and lower taxes.

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Close, but not quite.  A war scare is precisely to make the point not to include miliary cuts in the budget battle farce.

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We could take out Netanyahe first.

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That would probably be the cheapest option. 

Just wait until the Israeli Internet Defense Force sees this thread. Those goons will be here in no time.

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That was not a wise thing to say about taking out so and so.

I would not want to be anywhere near your place when they do come for you.

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I dont care who you are Hungry Seagull! I won't do it!!!! NEVER!!!!

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I'm coming clean Hungry Seagull! Don't any of you believe this bastard! He is not who you think he is. He's trying to destroy my life! He pretends to be a weak little bitch on the internet, and in real life, he pretends to be a go nowhere, but therein lies his genius! He hides everything like a master magician. He is running cocaine, meth, and weed from down south, and has amassed a fortune. He contacted me weeks ago from another site, and made me an incredible offer. Although he fancies himself a gentleman, he is nothing but a diabolical genius out to CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH VIOLENCE! He paid me heaps of money to ASSASSINATE Ben Netanyahu, Obama, Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and to BOMB an IRS bldg, and a GOLDMAN SACHS office! I will never do it! I am halfway to the Amazonian Basin, and you will never catch me before MOSSAD suicides your ass! Your penchant for the finer things including the bitches and cognacs, won't save you this time. I'm a good jewish boy. I appreciate the cash, but I will never do your bidding PSYCHOPATH!!!

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Benyanin Netanyahu is a real asset to the jewish people. You! Hungry Seagull want him and his entire family MURDERED! You are the DEVIL. All you want is to KILL, KILL, KILL! He is a good man, and I pray that evil Goyam like you never succeed! I have contacted the Israeli embassy regarding our transaction. I will be exonerated, but they will be paying you a visit very soon. Were the finer things in life worth it!?

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I Love You Man! Please Always Post from where ever you go! You are the best!


It was good of you to save Mr. 29 Standing Ovations Life!


SeaGull why are you trying to have the Jewish Leader Murdered for Money? are you a secret Nazi?

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Thanks for the kind words :) Yeah, that Hungry Seagull is one sick motherfuckin anti-semite! Hey, Hitler, if your reading this, don't attempt to find me in the Amazon. Me and some of my Yanomamo friends'll pop a poisonous dart in your ass!

cosmictrainwreck's picture got serious mental hygiene issues... wait, what's that smell? oh, just your brain rotting - never mind... carry on

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I know YOU! You're the original ZH anti-semite. Why are you filled with such hate? I'll never understand your kind...... PLEASE REMEMBER THE HOLOCAUST.

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i'd like to call 'liberal sodomy' in on this conversation.

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Oil prices going up is bullish for the dollar... but not so much for the US economy... higher oil prices = more demand for dollars to pay for oil... So that's why the US government loves to bomb middle-east countries?

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We burn dollars; they use them to own us.

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Let it be done.


Good luck and good hunting!

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Junk junk and junk.

Must be those who don't wish the very best fortune and hunting for our Armed Forces.


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Yes, and our military leadership gives a crap about the troops!?  That's why since they make them use depleted uranium ammo that will kill them all in decades.  Remember Agent Orange in Vietnam and The Gulf War Syndrome?  I wish the best fortune for our troops that's why I want them to discontinue being the unwitting pawns of the New World Order!


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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I don't wish those bitches the best fortune you peabrained fuck hole. Fuck our armed forces! The only way I will ever support them is in a coup d' tat back home. Otherwise, they are just a big part of the problem!

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What implications would a war between Iran and U.S. have on the PM prices and currency markets (I am specially interested in the EURUSD) ?

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There might be a run to the U. S. Dollar and/or U. S. Treasury Bonds in the short term with probable spikes in oil, gold and silver.  I would not be short any commodity at this point.  Crap!  This would be freaking WWIII!


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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gold follows crude.

$ goes up if the US is winning the conflict.

This war is inevitable because Iran is an opportunity to secure more oil. China and the US would love to just carve it up. There is no better opportunity for Israel to demonstrate its nuclear deterrent without fear of nuclear counter attack.

motive and opportunity... just sayin'

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This war is inevitable ...

Please note that this war has been inevitable almost since ZH opened for business.  It's a bummer that the time-frame in which the inevitable will happen is so murcky tho, isn't it.

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gold follows crude.

$ goes up if the US is winning the conflict.

This war is inevitable because Iran is an opportunity to secure more oil. China and the US would love to just carve it up. There is no better opportunity for Israel to demonstrate its nuclear deterrent without fear of nuclear counter attack.

motive and opportunity... just sayin'

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must. not. troll. the. zio-muzzie. conflictardation. :grits teeth:

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hey, +10 on the 'zio-muzzie conflictardation'!

If it were only just a problem as funny as that label...

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yeah, we're in some real pretty (ww3) shit now man.

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This is all part of the New World Order Agenda.


The plans for an attack on Iran are in the drawers since 1995.

Netanyahu must be impeached and declared unfit for office if necessary.


This madman must be stopped !


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And 200 Leopard Typ (newest) 2A7+ tanks for the al-Sauds.

Battle of al-Jubail

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They will have to go on a major recruiting drive in the Phillipines to crew them.

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Those tanks are a piece of shit beyond belief.

They are made in Belgium but they don't fire standard rounds.

In a conflict you don't want everything to fire special amunition. you want the to fire the same kind of rounds like the rest of your tanks. You're at risk of a logistical nightmare with stuff like this.


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The Leopard 2A7+ is made in Germany (by KMW). It's one of the best modern tanks in the world. Only the M1A2 might be a better choice (just speaking of tanks) in combat.

The 2A7+ Type is a very strong one. Even the Russians would like to have German tanks. (,1518,756334,00.html (German)

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Pretty much anything made by the Germans is quality. They are a bunch of pacifists now and still they make some of the best weapons in the world. It's amazing they didn't win WWII. They had the best army and weapons of any armed force. The only problem was they were fighting on two fronts, did not have rich natural resources, and simply took on too many countries at one time. 

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Spitfire, MarkV - P-51Mustang - Katyusha BM 13 N - 

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Yeah, those were nice planes, but towards the end of the war, the Germans were developing freaking jets. If the Germans had more time they would have won, they had the superior technology in almost every instance (with some exceptions). The Russians had some decent technology, but in the end, it was just the sheer amount of troops and their defensive position (plus Hitler's botched strategies) that enabled them to win. On a pure technological skill, the Germans had them beaten. 

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Dead right.

    When Monty was setting up  his setpiece battles,  he took one look at those Aryan brutes, looked at the opposing technology, viz... a Sherman tank vs. a panther compared them  to his undernourished cockneys and said i want a five to 1 plurality in  bodies or i ain't playing, and he needed every one of them.

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Rosie the Riveter beat the Germans.  There was no end to the numbers of planes, tanks, ships, guns, ammo, etc. that came out of her factories.  She was impossible to beat.  Some of her stuff might not have been as well engineered as the German's stuff, but there was no end to it.

And then there were the Russians. . .  Endless columns of Russians.

The Germans didn't have a chance.

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the germans might appear austere, but they are by no means pacified. A country with an effeicent manufacturing base will always be able to raise an army to use the guns, which is why there are so many american eagle tears as of late.

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The German army was indeed the strongest military power of WWII

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That is arguable.  The Russians were bad ass, the Americans fought great, the Japanese were tenacious, and yes the Germans had grit and machinery, but they had no oil, which is why they lost the war.