From A Cyclical Start To A Defensive Finish - Goldman's David Kostin Tells Clients Where To Shove Their Money

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A presentation by Abby Joseph Cohen's replacement on where Goldman's clients should put their money. To be taken with the usual airplane carrier full of salt, and dodecatuple reverse psychology. The core theme of the presentation: BRIC, BRIC, BRIC, cyclical, cyclical, cyclical. Remember Wall Street lesson 101: whatever Goldman's clients are buying, Goldman is selling.


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How does GS still have clients?

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Served with a nice glass of Chianti.

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The best thing about this report is that you save lots of time by not reading it.

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Exactly. I only wish it had been longer.

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Exactly. I only wish it had been longer.

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Could Goldman be right this time?

MarketTruth's picture

Am sure abused wives say the same thing every night before their husbands yell at them and then beat them.

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In Goldman We Trust.

Did they recommend GOOG ?

Getting a bit of a slamma jamma !!

anony's picture

The jews are always great retailers.

Why wouldn't Goldamn Sucks be?

You don't sell what the customer wants; you sell what you have.

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If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bull shit!

Fritz's picture

Goldman is a bucket shop.

Whatever is on their recco list, they are ass-deep in inventory and will be selling it with extreme prejudice.

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The best place to put your money is down the national money hole!