Daily FX Summary: October 26

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Silver gapped up.  Doesn't seem to care bout FX.

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Watching the Aussie tonight... maybe just maybe risk finally off

Orly's picture

Excellent observation, NegOneD...

Limited upside potential with a virtually unlimited floor.  Now, watch as the JPY reacts to the diminished carry...

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UK's Q3 advanced GDP data beat expectations by a impressive margin

I'll just say it..(it's late and i'm hittin the konig pretty hard for a tuesday) really now? i hate lookng at gdp numbers for bull shit. i'll call it now and look out later. housing permits? housing has confirmed a dip in prices there. idk, shit seems very bullshit lies and statistic-y..but i'm drunk commenting..wheres captcha when ya need it

Orly's picture

Hang in there, unum.  Once you get past the drunk, you're getting very, very close.

Very close, indeed.


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Holy crap, the AUDJPY pair are having a domestic dispute.

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Why is the JPY showing more relative strength than the EUR? Are there termites in Europe that we don't know about? Maybe in Portugual or Greece?

boogey_bank's picture

termites are in Germany. they don't want a strong euro.

they (germans politicians) don't care about savers, they care about german exporters.

TexDenim's picture

Very good point. Yesterday they were saying it was the Swiss trying to jack up the greenback (on the boob toob). This makes more sense to me. The Swiss are currency neutral.

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Step 1.  Assess

Step 2.  Design

Step 3. Develop

Step 4. Implement

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Cameron's Budget Gamble Pays Off as U.K. Economy Holds Firm


 “Can you really take out half a million public-sector jobs without that having an effect on the economy?

No.  Shrinking government will always have a positive effect on the economy.


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