Daily Highlights: 10.28.09

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USDZAR still leading the way.

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Consumer Confidence in US unexpectedly fell in October on job concerns

You always want to ask "who" was expecting "what, when, where and why" in order to get to the root of the matter.

If there ever was a profession susceptible to herd mentality, it's the economists. Followed closely by anyone paid to either see things or ignore things. Or both.

It's nearly impossible to get someone to see one thing when they are paid to see another.

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Dude, we here at ZH know all MSM is basically Pravda. The poor Russkies in the day only had Radio America ( gee, what a great counterpoint, our bullshit versus their bullshit ).

We are very lucky to have this here interweb thingy.

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I know that you know that we know that ZH knows about the MSM experience.

I was just regurgitating puke in order to keep my head clear for when the CNBS breaking news banner wakes me up to something really important.

BTW, as sacrilegiousas this may sound, you must always question your sources. Even Zero Hedge. Just ask Tyler, Marla and crew.

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Oh, I knew that you knew that I knew you knew, I just hadn't posted in a while.


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I love the smart and witty avatars and IDs on ZH but I haven't been able to figure yours out. Maybe it's a regional thing or I'm just slow. What does "I need more cowbell" mean or can't you say in public?

I always hate asking these questions for fear of proving to everyone how stupid I am. :>)

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Voice of America

Math question: one minus one equals

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Can't beat the typical Bloomberg headline,,Supermarket stuff

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USDZAR breaks out about 7.80 nice W bottom going in.

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Crude completes H&S top, looking for a move to $72.50, Gold breaking below breakout level.