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Daily Highlights: 10.4.2010

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  • Asian stock mostly higher on Monday with investors inspired by US gains on Friday.
  • China: Will continue to buy Greek govt debt when the country reintroduces open sale.
  • Dubai's Cityscape realty exhibition to start Monday amid oversupply fears.
  • Europe put on terror raid alert; US & UK issue warnings to public and travellers.
  • Greece's 2011 budget seeks reduction in deficit, return to bond markets.
  • Silver advances to $22.21, highest level since 1980, on investor demand.
  • Wen says China to boost local demand, maintain holdings of European bonds.
  • World stocks mixed amid higher commodity prices, strong data out of China.
  • AIG forced to lower Asia unit’s valuation; move secures pledge from Kuwaiti fund.
  • AIG in talks to sell India AMC unit, hires BoA Merrill.
  • AT&T to pay $300M to IRS to settle disagreement regarding its 2008 tax return.
  • Burger King Hldgs to sell $800M of 8-yr notes.
  • DaVita Inc. to sell $1.45B of Sr notes for refinancing existing debt.
  • Dynamex to be acquired by Greenbriar Equity Group LLC for $21.25/sh cash.
  • GM lowers sights on flotation; expected size cut from $12B to about $8B.
  • GM to seek out partnerships with other auto makers with an aim to cut costs.
  • JFE Steel: World steel output to plateau mid-decade.
  • New York Times Co. plans to pay back a $250M loan from Carlos Slim.
  • Prudential Financial Inc. said it entered into a term loan of as much as $3B.
  • Sanofi-Aventis begins a $18.5B hostile takeover offer for Genzyme Corp.
  • Sinopec buys 40% stake in Repsol Brazil for $7.1B.
  • UBS, Credit Suisse need to hold almost double the capital required under Basel III rules.
  • UPS Freight announces a general rate increase averaging 5.9%.
  • Verizon to issue refunds to 15M customers over next 2 months for errant charges.
  • Visa, MasterCard close to settling a Justice Dept antitrust probe over credit-card acceptance rules.
  • Visteon exits bankruptcy with a bit more than a fifth of its prev debt load.

Economic Calendar: Data on Factory Orders, Pending Home Sales to be released today.

Earnings Calendar: ADX, BSET, CMN, EMMS, MOS, SMIT, STRZ, SYMS.

SPAIN (1841z SM)

Data provided by Egan-Jones


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