Daily Highlights: 10.8.2010

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"China's credit rating may be raised by Moody's"

Time for kiss and make up already? That was a short trial separation!

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China is bullshit. The Chinese government has loads of off-balance-sheet commitments and obligations. 

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Chinas internal obligations are irrelevant, they can alway roll tanks over them like in tienanmen

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Today is 40 days since the last Hindenburg Omen triggered. So if we don't get a collapse today, all that nonsense about Hindenburg last August is pure BS. Wickipedia says it gave five signals in August, and that the "rules" call for market drop within 40 days. Who writes the rules, I wonder?

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The market began collapsing oct 8th 4am to 9 am new york time. Though you won't see it for a while. If gold doesn't drop today significantly the game is over.

The powers that be have 2 choices. Stop playing. Lose. Keep playing. Lose. One option comes with severe penalties for early withdrawal.

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Oil up, dollar down, ES right back at 1155? I don't see the collapse?

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Ireland' rating cut to A+ by Fitch, outlook negative.

Ratings  ...  now with 0.001% less bullshit.

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