Daily Highlights: 11.16.2010

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Gold down, Oil down, dollar up.

Same old game. Of those three legs, dollar breaks, system crashes.

1001, 1002, 1003, 1004....

Im e nent!

And hey, GM oversubscribed. Must have great "poe ten tial"! The joke is on us and the money out of our collective pockets! 

My Olds Cutlass Sierra was a rock though, gotta say!



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The people who made that Cutlass don't work there anymore.

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"US retail sales rose 1.2% to $373.1B in October, compared with September."

Is this with or without 0% for 60 months with 0 down?

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For those who want the grand illusion of retail sales-what is included in retail sales figures--financial and insurance section is most interesting.


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forgot the main link to all 72 industries included in retail #