Daily Highlights: 11.30.09

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"Asian stocks, currencies rise on optimism Dubai World losses won't spread."

Of course losses won't spread. The problems associated wit debt and Dubai are "contained", right?

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From our "fave" WEbsite - that would be CNBS

Asian Stocks Rebound as Dubai Jitters Fade

followed by

Euro Shares Fall on Dubai Fears; Banks Slip

and soon to be revealed

Futures Edge Lower Amid Dubai Worries

I am worried about whether I should be worried or not ;-)



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The pump monkey's are in full swing this morning.  At CNBC(S) everything is good, everything is a buy, today and always.  Buy, buy, buy.

They also said the Vampire Squid upgraded all the steel companies.  I'm not sure I get that.

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Can't help thinking it: steel is needed to build... prisons.