Daily Highlights: 1.20.10

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  • Asian stocks advance for the first time in three days on higher metal prices, weak Yen.
  • China money rates rise to the highest this year on signs government to rein in stimulus.
  • Chinese Regulator orders some Chinese banks to limit loans due to insufficient capital.
  • Chinese regulators expect its banks to issue about $1.1 trillion in new loans this year.
  • Chinese shares fall on stimulus concern; Euro at four-month low on Greece.
  • Euro slumped to four-month lows.
  • Federal Housing Administration to announce more-stringent lending requirements, higher borrower fees on Wednesday.
  • Unemployment in UK fell to 7.8% in the three months ending in November.
  • Ameritrade's Q1 profit dropped 26% to $136.2M on higher marketing, debt-refinancing expenses.
  • Bank Of China orders its credit officials to halt any new yuan loans.
  • BHP Billiton Q2 iron ore production rose 11% to a record 32.45M metric tons.
  • Boeing has $10B of orders from Japan Airlines, more than disclosed.
  • CACI Intl announces intent to acquire SystemWare; terms not disclosed.
  • Chevron to cut an unspecified number of jobs in its refining unit, consider exiting some markets.
  • ConocoPhillips warned its Q4 results hurt by $575M after-tax impairment charge, lower utilization.
  • Cree Inc.'s sees Q3 EPS at $0.41-0.44 (cons $0.28) on a sales of $215-225M.
  • CSX's Q4 net grew 24% to $305M, buoyed by prior-year losses from discontinued operations and a tax benefit.
  • Revs dip 13% to $2.3B amid a 7% fall in volumes.
  • Deutsche Boerse sees €200M in write-downs on ISE slowdown.
  • DuPont to go ahead with plans to commercialize a new line of herbicide-proof crops despite a ruling that it is
  • using a Monsanto Co. gene without permission.
  • IBM's Q4 net rises 8.7% to $4.81B, driven by cost-cutting measures. Revs rose 0.8% to $27.23B.
  • Japan Airlines is to enter a three-year restructuring to shrink its operations.
  • Kraft clinched a deal to acquire Cadbury with a slightly sweetened offer for $19.44B.
  • MetLife in final talks to buy one of AIG's largest international life -insurance unit for $14-15B.
  • Navistar sees 2010 EPS at $1.75-2.25 (cons $3.49) on lower military sales.
  • Pepco Hldgs said gross margin for its power-generation units last year came in lower than f'cast.
  • Samsung to pay $900M to end all legal claims with Rambus Inc.
  • Schwab's Q4 earnings dropped 46.7% to $164M on a 23% dip in revs. To sell 26.3M new shares.
  • Simon Property Group, which owns more than 300 U.S. malls, sold $2.25B in new debt.
  • Sirius XM Radio expects free cash flow at over $100M for 2009, adds 257,028 news subs in Q4.

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Anonymous's picture

Asian stocks advanse ???
Not according to this site

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I'm sceptical of China's resolve to limit loans. All the markets have to do is go down a bit, and the oligarchy will get spooked enough to turn the taps back on. China imported a bunch of Harvard MBA's last year. Those boys ought to be in position now, and ready to screw things up there as badly as they've done in the U.S..

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