Daily Highlights: 3.2.10

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Don't worry about any bad news cuz it has NOTHING to do with the economy or structural financial matters, it's all due to snow.

If you don't believe me, even Larry Summers (he being the "smartest guy in the room") said to pretty much disregard the NFP number Friday because it is due to snow.


Extrapolating just a bit, there is no need to worry about any future bad news as April showers are soon to arrive and as we all know, those showers can dampen the growing and glowing aura of our strong economic recovery.  

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Don't forget that global warming caused the snow! Next thing you know, they'll be selling cap and trade as stimulus.

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Extrapolating just a bit, there is no need to worry about any future bad news as April showers are soon to arrive and as we all know, those showers can dampen the growing and glowing aura of our strong economic recovery.

In conclusion, "buy in May and go away." (because April showers bring May flowers)

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Quote of the Day


“They will fit in well with the Fed and come to be supporters of Bernanke and the policies he’s trying to follow,” said Gramley, now senior economic adviser with Potomac Research Group in Washington.




Ja wohl, mein Führer.

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Still Unsafe At Any Speed


The twin swelling heads of Empire and Oligarchy are driving our country into an ever-deepening corporate state, wholly incompatible with democracy and the rule of law.



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"Asian stocks climb on US consumption, improving economic outlook, semiconductor sales."

OK, so GM Recalling 1.3 Million Vehicles, February 2010 Federal Tax Withholdings plunging to multiyear low, last weeks horrible job figures, bank (lack of) stress tests last year, massive QE, potential CRE crisis and more home foreclosures this year are all indicative of an improving economic outlook? Just want to know.

Certainly the stock markets are behaving as if inflation is on the way rather than deleveraging/deflating.


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Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Quiet, fella. American Idol is on the telly.

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Greece braces for more strikes
ATHENS - GREEK civil service unions announced plans for a barrage of strike action this month, as thousands of taxi drivers protested on Tuesday against measures to boost tax revenues for the debt-ridden government.

The Adedy union, which has around 300,000 members, called for a 24-hour strike on March 16, the same day that the European Commission is due to deliver its verdict on Greece's attempts to tackle a crippling debt crisis.

The strike would be the third major protest since Prime Minister George Papandreou unveiled radical tax hikes and benefit cuts aimed at slashing Greece's record-high public deficit by four percentage points this year.

Greece is expected to unveil additional austerity measures on Wednesday in a bid to reassure the European Union and foreign investors, news reports said.

Adedy said rallies would also be held on March 3, March 8 and March 12. Meanwhile the main tax service union, which has a membership of some 15,000, said it would hold a 48-hour strike lasting from March 8 until March 9. The powerful union has already held three strikes in the past month.

The new calls for protest action came as drivers of around 30,000 taxis across Greece protested against a reform that would force them to provide receipts and keep accounts in order to increase tax income and eliminate fraud. -- AFP

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God forbid the Greek taxi drivers pay taxes and give receipts just like everybody else!

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I think the most humiliating part of modern life is the fact that they make you do accounting and bookkeeping to give money to theives and gansters. Just the mere fact that people put forth any effort before giving up the money is rediculous while the financial system makes it all up as they go.

I guarantee you those taxi cab drivers will flat deck their books 2 days before tax day just like the financial system does.

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