Daily Highlights: 9.28.09

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So, asian markets down across the board and U.S. Futures are up this morning? Nice.. Back to the games I see.

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US market makers have god-like power...to infinity and beyond!

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Not just US MMs; they have gotten Euros involved lately.  No need to let the East Coast early (pre-PPT buying) wakers see red futures anymore.  Gives a new meaning to global cooperation.


"We pledge to avoid destabilizing booms and busts in asset and credit prices and adopt macroeconomic policies, consistent with price stability, that promote adequate and balanced global demand."



Not sure how they are avoiding the boom part, but they certainly are promoting balanced global demand - for SPY futures.  Good to see that pure socialists still care about the markets, though.

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<img src="http://img.printfection.com/13/46120/JI0Ak.jpg" alt="" title="" />

Saw this today.  It would make a great t-shirt.

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Sorry about the image link not working.  The image is a Dali-esque melting Federal Reserve logo.

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Did someone throw liquidity on the wicked witch of the north? LOL

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feels like a up 200pt day