Daily UK and Europe Highlights - 10 August 2009

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nice to see you back raymond.

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Yes I am not surprised the UK wants to poke its nose into more of people's business and privacy. This is THE most spied on country in the world with more CCTVs than anywhere else in the world!
And the UK govenment and various departments LOST a lot of very important personal data many times in the last year or so.
They can't be trusted with the information they have and they want access to more?
It seems like one rule for the rich and another for the poor here.
Catch ordinary people for slight infringements of the law which generally happen though mistake of lack of awareness of yet another new law they didn't know about.

I was driving in a town the other day and was accelerating but didn't change up gear so the car sound like it was going faster than it was of course, I was not going over the speed limit at all and there were no pedestrians or cars in front of me. A police car that was parked on the other side of the road signalled at me and said to slow down! (he did NOT say I was speeding)

I was NOT speeding or swerving around the road... so now I am not allowed to drive within the speed limit without police dictating to me!!!!

If I was a banksters I would have had a police escort and been able to go as fast as I wanted and have lots of free money and a huge pension

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booo bonuses booo

let's get guarries (aka fixed salaries) going instead :-)

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In the meantime the Italian stock market is making a weird display of personality and ... it has been UP all morning !

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Shanghai, Beijing and the rest of the big China cities are in a Tokyo-style real-estate bubble, and it is not going to end well, especially if ChiGov doesn't boost up domestic demand. At the moment China is a big betting house for hedge funds; and i, somewhat, suspect that a lot of big players are shorting those MBS waiting for the bubble to pop. Thanks for the news Raymond and nice to see you back.

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I'm short on China! It's pop is going to be spectacular. Green shoots will be replaced by green nuke shots across the sea to Taiwan and Japan the way they're gonna crash.

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yep, same here; and im heavy on a Hang Seng shorts .... that little bubble is gonna pop even harder than the one we have seen in 08 with the American Equity Markets. You're smart and you know your game.Kudos to you.

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Do not bet against this country.

The chinese have to put their monies somewhere and cheap loans for residential properties is the main reason. Construction companies will be supported by the Chinese central Bank, as it has in the past. Great for employment... imagine those 47 million people unemloyed ..

Millions of chinese buy condo's in cities so that their child has the opportunity to attend university. Whether they are lived in or not they (chinese) do not have land taxes to maintain, only the loan. Understand their collective mind-set and you will realise that they have no intention to save for their future generations. Google Ghost Condo's China and read a bit on mpettis.com before you short them