Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: July 11

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OK....I give up....an hour ago SPXU was up 3 1/2% now it's down 5+%.....S&P still down 1.4%.....WTF!!

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Earnings had better be good.

Clock is ticking.

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I'm sorry - what the heck happened to the most recently approved bailout of Greece?  It was approved, just a few days ago, wasn't it? Was that the plan for banks to take voluntary losses on Greek bonds so as to not trigger any CDS events? Was that a wash (imagine banks not wanting to take the voluntary losses for the "common" good - of something)? Is that why they are now talking about a new bailout package for Greece only days after the last one? Farce is too weak a word for this! I must admit I am loosing track of what's happening.

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is time time to duck and cover??

dems need a deal, GOP wants to give them small deals that repeat this debt limit debate until 2012, good politics.

year of stagflation and high UE the economy on life support and the FED giving slow iv of funds.

one unexpect black swan and the tight rope gets cut.