Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: July 20

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Great! Let me just say this...If James "Dipshit" Altucher is correct and Apple is a Trillion dollar company and the Dow hits 20K in the next 12 months I am gonna have to commit Seppuku!

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We all know QE3 is coming, but Obumma and his robots, who bow down to the elites are dtoo chicken to give us any hints. That is exactly what the market needs right now to sends us flying up to 1400 on the S&P 500. 

Obama keeps claiming we are recovering, yet, why does he have to keep coming out and saying this every 2 weeks, for the past 2 years...LOL what a baboon fool. Does he really think we are that dumb!!!  I guess so!! and so it continues peoples...lean over the fence of your neighbour and ask him how well the economy is! Go on I dare ya!


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Well if you think the second Greek bailout is cause for a rally, wait until you see the third and fourth bailouts.


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Ooops. Bad call on the market dropping zh. As the complete opposite sentiment of Cramer (hyper bull), zh (hyper bear) is running about the same tab... 45% right or so.

So much for extreme sentiments.

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By all means, buy with both hands. We'll watch.

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All i am buying is physical precious metals.

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Markets have to bounce once in a while no? Can't be a direct drop to 0 lol

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$1 trillion in new taxes? I ain't paying. Fuck you!