Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 14

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I guess that all the various "dollar" stores are now going to be the "2dollar" stores.  BTW,  if China is announcing 5.5%, chances are it is much higher; all governments obfuscate economic statistics.

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BoJ Target Rate (Jun) M/M 0.10% vs. Exp. 0.10% (Prev. 0.10%) (RTRS) The BoJ slightly upgraded its assessment of the economy, saying it continues to face downward pressure but is showing some signs of picking up. It also decided to create a JPY 500bln new credit line for banks that extend asset-based lending.

...things are looking up - just want to make sure we have sufficient gauze for the 3rd degree burns covering 90% of the body...

"slightly upgraded" = sievert rating down from 10 to 9.8

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And Silver still look dead even with robust Chinese economy

numbers , will load protective

calls on ZSL 2x short, need insurance.

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silver suffers from Blythe's suffocating clamp down... Masters of  PM rip off.