Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 15

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Wed, 06/15/2011 - 08:14 | 1370433 firstdivision
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Hey look, bankruptcy isn't the end of the world. http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2011/06/europes-debt-crisis-...

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 08:22 | 1370453 writingsonthewall
writingsonthewall's picture

"It is expected that UK’s Chancellor Osborne will endorse plans to “ring fence” retail banking businesses of UK banks today in his Mansion House speech"


Door, horse, bolted, closed.

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 08:33 | 1370477 nedwardkelly
nedwardkelly's picture

Hmmm too much golf on my mind. I read the subject and saw:

"Daily US Open news"

Was wondering why ZH has started reporting on the US open

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 08:31 | 1370487 Cdad
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“ring fence”

 Well, now there's a term we have not heard in a couple of years.  As I recall, ring fencing subprime did not work out so well.

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 08:41 | 1370494 SheepDog-One
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'Ring fence' sounds too much like something having to do with bending over in assless jeans to me.

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 08:46 | 1370513 Cdad
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"The National Bank of Greece bent over the RING FENCE in its assless jeans, exposing its unprotected flank."

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