Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 21

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do you have knowledge of this document ?



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in the uk, as elsewhere, qe now, austerity later? old people just squirrel the pension money away or spent it on cat food so screw them.

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So tired of seeing this stupid ongoing puppet show every morning. But thanks for showing it Tyler no one else does, I dont know how you can stomach it but good job.

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futures putting my S&P shorts further underwater... FML

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and yet, people continue to believe they can bid against the establishment?  It has shown its hand in relationship to shorts time and time again.........

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Yea, The back hand fore hand technique otherwise known as a bitch slap so gracefully  perfected by James Cagney, Jake Lamotta and Humphrey Bogart

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I do not recall Bogey ever hitting a woman...

But Cagney's grapefruit thing is a classic!


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The woman in that scene, Mae clark was Elizabeth in 1932 Frankenstein.

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Now you know who that wall of worry is really worrying.

Keep the faith, brother! (or at least set your stops plenty wide ;)

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You should never short an uptrend. At some stage,

that uptrend will likely end and allow for a longer,

sustainted short position.  However, short term, you

had best be super nimble with tight stops - you're

playing short term reversals until the trend definitively

changes.  You'd think people would learn that...