Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 24

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Robopoulos is ...RoboTrader´s Father?:)

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How does it come that you are almost at each post "first"?

Twin of Tyler?

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Jesus Christ Tyler. Prolificatus Maximus. Give us a fucking chance to answer the previous thread.

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title should say market Re-Crap

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So, in summary "Italy is the New Greece"

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ItaloGreek History...

Italy has lied in National Accounts. (the same as Portugal,Hungary,Greece...) Will be downgraded today

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This weeks news is concerning Japan Nuclear Crisis, and Climate Change on your weekly news cartoon.


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Headline material:

"Greece's PASOK lawmaker, Robopoulos, said that he may vote against the mid-term fiscal plan."

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Robopoulos is a particularly amusing name....

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Failed stress test?  Its like a limbo contest with a bar so high you can walk under it.....are they all "paper tigers"?

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sputtering...now that's a laugh, generally when an engine starts to sputter it's getting ready to die, aka stall. Like anyone's going to listen to them anyway.