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    05/03/2016 - 11:35
    Crude oil time-spreads have completely dislocated from inventories. Historically, such dislocations have proved to be short lived. We expect that either spot prices will sell-off again or the back...

Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 27

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Mon, 06/27/2011 - 08:10 | 1404982 overmedicatedun...
overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Bis: higher interest rates..to keep the over heated economy of the world in check..??

only a central banker could speak of the death of economies so calmly.

the elites are so sure they are protected.

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 08:27 | 1404993 etrader
etrader's picture

BIS also reported an increase of just over 18% of its  physical gold holdings via its swap lines. ;-)

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 09:06 | 1405073 Gandalf6900
Gandalf6900's picture


but who protects their protectors once the real shit hits the fan

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 08:12 | 1404984 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 Tyler take the day off! You work way too hard. You do not deserve this wreckless abandon!   

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 08:16 | 1404992 jkruffin
jkruffin's picture

Gold and Silver are going to take a bath....stocks will be hit hard as well

Greece or no Greece, everything must deflate

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 08:20 | 1404994 milanitaly
milanitaly's picture

Our 10years bond has broken the wall of 5%.


Mon, 06/27/2011 - 09:01 | 1405069 Gandalf6900
Gandalf6900's picture


e ora so cazzi amari

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