Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 28

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Any idea why futures just jumped 5 pts?  Did some kid in Greece get clubbed live on CNBC?

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I woke a bit late this morning, but I am going to go ahead and guess that futures jumped because of the criminal syndicate Wall Street bank that has been selling the hell out of the US dollar for the last 30 minutes.

You have to just love it when these criminals are absolutely blatant in their offense against the currency, which is an offense against the people.  Of course, the constant whacking of our currency is good for banks and governments drowning in unsustainable debt, while it is bad for all the rest of us.  Just check the ramp job going on oil.

All pretty self-explanatory....but of course, and per Ben Bernanke's lying words, the market for US dollars has nothing to do with his printing press.  Uh huh.

Nothing like being pissed off straight out of the premarket gate.  Getting my coffee now...perhaps my mood will improve shortly.

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Obviously another day when the market is scheduled to go up, or else it will be forced to.

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Obviously...and the Roach Motel's [SPY] RSI hits infinity on vapor volume once again.  Obviously, another up open on nothing.  So when does the collapse party start, and whose place is it at?

It continues to be one of the most fascinating tell-tale facts about this market that every single dip shit trader who rushes in long at the close, without the confirmation of any support [volume] for his dumb ass decision, is rewarded first thing in the morning.  This, by the way, proves that the market is not a market, but a Ponzi scheme.  It fits the definition perfectly.

Look for an ugly reversal, perfectly cued up by BlowHorn coverage of rising violence in Greece.

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Germany to support French banks ....JAJAJA

Lies¡ Germany and French banks may have to pay big losses in PIIGS.


Market completly broken...

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Timmy G could easily shift the August 2nd date.

After all, he's a pretty shifty guy.

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Today should be labelled "all irrelevat" as window dressing into the end of the month, quarter and half year continues.