Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 29

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Truly is insane that the ecb are raising rates when one of their members is about to default. Its hard to believe its happening.  

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I don't see the rationale either - maybe it is a hidden ploy to increase inflation even more (printing + rate hikes, learn from the Chinese it's learning victory)

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Greek opposition lawmaker Papadimitriou as well as the Socialist Party dissenter Robopoulos said they will vote for the fiscal plan


Fireworks to follow. Please bring picnic basket, ouzo, [molotov] cocktails, and face masks due to much celebratory incendiary/pyrotechnic devices being joyously set off.

Opa! Yamas!



*If this is Greece, and this vote, assuming it passes, means nothing in the end anyways, as Greece will still default [pick your reason - no final vote passes, legal challenges, a literally hung - in the streets - Parliament], I can't wait until the shit storm hits Portugal, Spain and Italy, let alone reignites in Ireland or the U.K., bitchez.

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SPRD now up 10%. Question to Muddy: how "broken" company was able to come up with 0.05 Quarterly Div? Interesting to know, if this guy keep holding his shorts, I think he's out for quick 30% gain on that BS report. Like to be insider for his "info" place money before report is out.. Just another Cramer.

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"Fed’s Bullard said the Fed, amid persistent worries about Europe's sovereign debt crisis, last week quietly approved the extension of a crisis-lending program that allows the ECB to tap the U.S. for USD. The Fed's dollar-lending agreements with the ECB as well as the central banks of England, Canada, Japan and Switzerland were scheduled to expire Aug 1st, the Fed and other central banks haven't yet disclosed renewal of the agreements, known as swap lines. (WSJ)"

in two years we will find out that the USA has bailed out the EU....thru the back door again...