David Freedom's Vision of 2011 and Beyond

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Bernank never stated that QE2 would end in June 2011. Couldn't find the exact wording again but it was something like $75 billion per month through June 2011.

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All your advice is good.  But, "I advise reading the bible (KJV), starting with the New Testament," is the best advice I will ever get on ZH, and there is a lot.  Thanks for being honest enough to say it.


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By all means read the KJV of the bible. Within it's covers are the coded lessons on proven methods for organization and control of weak minds.

The followers will feed you, protect you and service your reproductive needs. In return, you will lift their spiritual defences against this cruel and confusing world.

Devour the apple!

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Is anyone living outside of Manhattan or Washington, D.C. NOT seeing rapidly deteriorating consumer/small-mid business conditions?

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Even amogst the money handlers in Manhattan there is a lot of empty retail space; even on the UES section of Madison Avenue.  This grand theft is not trickling down very far as the top of the pyramid knows this is the last easy bite of the apple...

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Yes there's lots of shops shutting down, big and small. It's both economic contraction and another market force, internet retailing.

So lots of shops closing of all sizes but internet retailing and home delivery with its cost and productivity gains should be a real boon for a contracting economy.

There will be no shortages of any consumer products, businesses will be super-keen to supply you with everything and anything you want. No need for any panic, relax, just focus on getting your finances sorted 

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...what happens when Internet is shut down by Guvmint? And when utilities (electricity, water, natural gas) fail and shut down?

But you've obviously been through this exact scenario before. You probably know what's best to do.

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Mr Victory,

You write, "You should have water and food ..supplies, such as water filters, alternative heat sources, community networks and other essentials for surviving disasters."

You appear to be preparing for a Meteoroid Attack, not a financial meltdown! A Great Depression i fear we face 'just' means a BIG contraction in the economy. But farms will still be farming, food and water supplies still going, all business sectors will still be there and you'll be able to get anything you want, when you want it, that's the beauty of the free market.

So no need to panic like there's been a 300% rise in long-life foods. Totally un-neccessary. But the Gold and Silver coins (and even cash) stored is a more practical and sane solution. See you in the shops, not the bomb shelter ok

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There are plenty of black swans but they wont be unleashed until Obama is sworn in a 2nd time; Geithner is keeping them in that empty space called Ft Knox.

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"The world’s banking ...problems ....have been shifted to the public."

SHIFTY lot bankers...... and it still takes everyone in Washington to help them with the shovelling... so how about shifting it back, some reverse engineering, call it the 'Shit Right Back At You Banking Reform Bill

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Good advice: have water and food and basic preparedness supplies. Better advice: have enough of these things that you can share them with people who have not prepared  (i.e. the majority).  Best advice: improve yourself to better serve your community.

While the Mad Max scenario seems unlikely, resource shortages, fewer gov't services, more gov't intrusion, and greater social tensions are certain. Under these conditions, a closet full of automatic weapons and massive quantities of ammunition won't help. What will help is close ties to your community. As a practical matter, this is what will make you feel---and be---safe. As a philosophical matter, a sense of community is what everyone longs for, though few recognize it.

There is still time to prepare, but no more time to waste.

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Very nicely written and excellent advice.  That should be my next step, getting good with our community.

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This dude must be talking about Egypt or Yemen, but you wouldn't want to get caught reading the New Testament in public. Here in Malibu, things are just peachy.

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As long as you can eat at Gladstone's 4 Fish - why worry.


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@"...Find the meaning of your existence and strive to fulfill your purpose." ...


 if you can appreciate what he is writing here you will need to address your

local representatives, family and friends with the insight you have gained.

here is where you must be clear and ready for resistance and turmoil. 

this will be a community process and go on and on... the truth always

bears out.  it is just the way it is, so be strong.   the mistake or flaw

in the american character is to shrink away from honest debate and

the human need / requirement for eternal investigation and communication.

( love ) 

operative concepts:  surface plasmon.  plasmonics.  consciousness.

see Egyptian people.  they know no fear now,  they know what americans

have traded for comfort and a sort of walking slumber.  they are in a position

to manifest their meaning," fulfill their purpose" ,  in balanced dedication to

simple truth and peace.  resonance.

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And by ALL means, go visit for a protracted time before you move lock, stock and barrel. You don't know till you go.

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True, but you need to start early. Planning on bugging out to New Zealand soon myself. But the visa process is long and arduous. Plan on a bare minimum of 9 months. In my case, due to only minor complications, it has taken 18 months. From what I understand that is true of other countries (except the US, where you can just walk in).

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Our most probable country to flee to would be Peru.  I have spent LOTS of time there, and we would live very well, thank you, with the capital we would take.  But, for now we're staying.

Foreign countries are FOREIGN!  CH1 is absolutely correct that you really better know your destination well (speak the language, arrive with money, etc.), or you will likely have made a BAD MOVE.


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Good stuff.

Without question ENVISION living outside of the USA.  IMHO you must try to see it first.  It is exhausting but what happens after it is too late to make your moves will be even more exhausting.

Pay now or pay later.  And pray for a Euro crash.


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the country has been looted .   there is no such thing as  'sovereign debt' , it's just made-up shit by the banks.   the I.M.F. is a bunch of criminals who loot countries.    get rid of these people, restore sound money issued by the Treasury / NO MORE DEBT-BASED MONEY ! / NO MORE INTEREST PAID TO DAMN   "_ _ _ "   BANKERS  (you fill in the blank, if I do it, I'll get junked, even tho it's the truth.) 

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Those junkers are wrong, you're right.

More, more.

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lynnybee, you are a wonderful indicator that shows that people are JUST starting to wake up!  I have been following your commentaries about trying to wake up the ones you love.

Nobody in my family listens to me either!

LOVED your comment re sovereign debt: "it's just made-up shit by the banks."  Priceless.

+ $1330 to you!

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"Don’t follow any institution and think for yourself." is all good, but you lost me with "I advise reading the bible, starting with the New Testament."  Religion in general  is not known for promoting indpendent thinking and free will.

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Organizations are untrustworthy, yes.

The Bible is a book; it promotes using one's brain, which is the message, I believe.

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But he did not say "religion." There is a big difference between the bible and religion. Really.

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good article, but avoid the KJB at all costs (personally, I do believe in an omnipresent and infinite God with an intelligence and energy beyond our comprehension - but religion is pure bullshit)... watch the first third of this film if you are a "Christian"


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Yes, watch the film and you will discover the agenda - To take the focus off the Jewish world bankers and place it on their gentile accomplices and underlings, and on Christianity rather than Jewish Zionism.

The entire purpose of Zietgeist was to create a subtle, psychological diversion of attention off Jews by leaving them out of the story.

Very skillful.

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Religion aside, the KJV is one of the hallmarks of Western literature. And though I don't consider myself a Christian by any stretch, there is a lot of sublime truth contained therein. If you're OPEN-MINDED that is.

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As noted in another comment:

The Bible does NOT = Religion.

This is not a question semantics. Read the book of Mark (NT, short) and see if you think Jesus was a "religion guy." Really.

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While i'm a long term gold bull and generally dour character i don't really buy the 'mad max' scenario.

This article caters for a niche market and i respect that view, but i doubt stockpiling guns and ammo is wise use of your money - i know cos i've done it - you look at the boxes of tins and 7.62mm rounds and think 'why did i piss away 100 bucks on that?'

there is little to stop a decline in the standard of living for most and folks will have to suck it up, as per fracking usual.

i think if you want the banksters strung up we'll have to let al-qaeda take over because they are the only ones who'd do it - and mainly cos of their dislike of jews rather than anger at goldman sachs.

See? Dour bastard.

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BigDuke Dour Bastard,

If you have the means, I say diversify!  Guns and ammo too, because who knows what will happen.  I do not...

I have PMs, guns & ammo and am out of debt.  I hope you are right re no 'Mad Max' and NOT right about Al Qaeda hanging the banksters (I would hope we could handle that one).  A Ferfal / Argentina scenario would be bad, but our country could handle it and probably recover...  Chastened, probably vowing "never again", but of course it will happen again.

Bearings have lots of experience in things turning 'round and 'round.

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Dour bastard: your comments are the first centered comments. I too believe gold/silver are where to be, but the world is far from implosion, & I'm tired of 'the end is nigh'

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I am reasonably prepared... and exhausted from the process.

Of course preppers have a worst nightmare: Luke 11:21-22.

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If anyone hasn't been there, it's an excellent blog on living in a country (Argentina) that collapses from 1st world to 3rd world.  Life stays the same, everyone just gets poorer; crime goes way up, infrastructure become intermittent

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I read it, read it twice ........ loved this article & have sent it to all my friends & family........ maybe they'll believe it.    At the risk of looking stupid & being junked, I'm going to ask; just who's responsible for this holy mess we are in ?!   The Federal Reserve Bank, Wall St. & the U.S. Government combined ?    Who's been most responsible for ruining this country ? !    Is it that we're just all dumb sheeple or was there really a sinister plot to drain the wealth out of it.   When I was growing up most everyone had a nice little paid off home, money in a savings account & a car & a job !!! ........ where did it all go so wrong ! ?    NIXON?  ROBERT RUBIN ?  BILL CLINTON ?  BUSH 2 ?  ........ god, what's to become of our kids & grandkids .  I feel like personally going after someone with my pitchfork,  just not sure who !!

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Taxpayers are slaves.

All politicians seek power. All will sell out/enslave voters to get it. 

Elections solve nothing, but are entertainment for sheeple.

Government = "legalized" organized crime.

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The country's debt pre the islamic was $7 trillion in 2008.  It is over $14 trillion now. 

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bzzzz! Nice try Barry hater. Our total debt as of 9/30 2008 was slightly over $10 trillion.

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The big debts started with the Democrat house and senate in 2006.

All part of Barry's bag that gets put on Bush's back.  In 2006 it was 8.5 trillion.  IN another year it will be double that unless a stop is put to it by the republican house.  The pressure to expand the debt will be enourmous.  The democrats will pull out the same crap that they got Bush to sign on to in 2008, like TARP.

Oh, and Hank Paulson was forced on to Bush in 2006 by the Democrats in the House and Senate, another Democrat Goldman tool.  Probably the only "republican" that they could find from Goldman.  Bush tried with two other treasury secretaries to reign in spending, but the Wall Street Debt mongers dealt with that through their democrat tools.


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Then, by God, he should have gone on TV, used his bully pulpit, and been outspoken about what was happening -- explained it over and over until people understood. Should have been all over the networks, even to the point of taking them over to get his message out. He didn't do enough.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 75%

I wish I could agree 100% but, Bush did fail us, pretty much throughout his term, re spending.  But, clearly the O is worse.


Re lynnybee's lament, all three of her suspects are at fault and caused this.  Check, check, check.  But WE, as a people, an electorate, are at fault for electing critters who promise us a free lunch.  Ain't no such thing, as we are learning yet again.

Don't like what I write?  Read more of Cog Diss's stuff...

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I too enjoyed the article. One of the things which is sorely lacking is the ability to explain what's going on to the average person. Many have tried. I have yet to see something which really gets the message across, though a few come close.

As to who is responsible, well, frankly there are a host of actors in this play. One can name various key people, and various acts. But I'm of the opinion that it was absolutely inevitable, from a macro view of macro-economics. We're in the financialization phase (I.e. trying to make money out of money), and that always comes crashing down. Always has, always will, unless certain steps are taken, which aren't popular among the ruling elite.

The good news is that things will get better after the ashes have cleared. It won't be immediate, and getting there is going to be tough. Nor will all make it. But our children and grandchildren will get to go through this cycle again. Hopefully they'll have learned a little more by the time they hit the financialization phase again.

Anyway, that's the most useful view of things that I've found. I hope that helps.

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30% in growth (paper denominated?)?   He must be talking about Apple, Amazon, Netflix?  Buy the dip? I am confused?

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Century 8  Quatrain 28

The copies of gold and silver inflated,
which after the theft were thrown into the lake,
at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt.
All scrips and bonds will be wiped out.