David Rosenberg Pulls A NYT, Will Start Charging For Content, Still Believes No QE3 Imminent

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he's become the MadHedgeFundTrader

next thing you know you'll be getting a lunch invite (if you pick up the check)


Come Meet the Mad Hedge Fund Trader for Lunch in New York on Thursday, March 31!

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Reggie, although right, is a pretty awful 'buy my premium content' whore also.

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Yep. Dribble all over a bunch of charts. I must say, Rosie answers almost all questions if you shoot him a bberg.

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Yeah sure, and people are going to pay a premium for organ meats at the grocery store.  Sweetbreads and liver going ballistic - I can see it now...


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no more copy paste from one of the smarter macroeconomists out there.


interesting choice of words 'smarter', I would think the best compliment a macroecon could be given would be accurate - very diplomatic TD as Rosie takes his final bow and fades into the netherworld of subscription/client exclusive newsletters.

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" Sad - no more copy paste from one of the smarter macroeconomists out there."

Really? This guy has been shouting "deflation! deflation!" since 2007 with no interruption, and didn't adjust his speech at all after the pharaonic support from central banks worldwide. It was OK to be a deflationist in October 2008 (I was one), but it then became obvious the CB/govs were not going to allow it. Rosenberg has been calling for a crash in equities every week since March 2009, ignoring POMOs.

When oil will be at $1,000,000 the barrel, he will still be calling for deflation. 

I admit he is smarter than the average Wall Street analyst, but I still woudn't place my savings under his management.

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Ditto.  It will now cost you $1,000CAD/yr to receive well-reasoned talking points you can use to defend your losing short positions.

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To be a good trader you have to listen to the "anti" argument and give it some respect. Find where its weak and exploit it. But to just scream "he was wrong! wrong! wrong!" is stupid.

Personally I enjoyed Dave's musings on Canada more than the In/Deflation discussions because his Canadian calls were good and money making.

Must say though, I'm surprised by this move. I'd never heard of Gluskin/Sheff until Dave started writing for them, he was very good marketing; I imagine the "pay wall" will now see them disappear back into the throngs of "who?".



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Who, WTF do you mean? It's Rosie!

Just another lizard trying to earn enough to buy some sky boxes at the AIPAC convention.


So he can pay extreme respect to our lizard overlords.

Makes perrrrfect sense. no?

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david who? punditry. who cares...? must need the cash.

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Dave, you can keep your crappola for yourself. Pay? No way!

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Another sound business disaster in the makings.

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Before Dave's arrival, I had never heard the name Gluskin Sheff

now at his departure, I suspect that name will fade from my memory

wonder if  "paid subscriptions" will out perform the loss of name recognition?

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Bottom line is value-add.

Tyler always added a lot of fanfare to the Rosie posts but at the end of the day Rosie's work is not a premium that can require a premium.

Good riddance. There is too much equally yoked work that is just floating out there, undiscovered.

Discover and promote. Create your brand, but make sure you own it. WWE/Vince McMahon style.

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"There will be no QE3"

You'd love to prove that. Get your name in National Geographic

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Charging for free content? That's not very deflationary is it.  Hope there's no margin compression Rosie.

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Not so true - if you apply the US government statistical methods you find that although there is an infinite increase in the price, once you make the hedonic adjustment that something you pay for is infinitely better than something that's free, you find there is no change.

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I'll be sure not to buy it.

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Seriously. Perhaps, perhaps you could make an argument for deep due diligence company specific or industry analysis. Macro advice? Free, free, free. A dime a dozen out there. An odd business decision...

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Exactly. Macro advice has no value in this market.

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He has to start charging because of.... inflation.

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Yawn. Wake me up when this 'Tyler' guy goes pay-per-view. That would bother me!

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Who honestly cares what somebody thinks.  The best minds keep their mouths shut and are quietly making a fortune in the markets.  

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I know from experience that dudes who make real money never talk. 

If someone charges for his advice, maybe his advice is not so good after all... the same goes for employed financial analysts who are still that at 50 years old: if they were good, they wouldn't need a salary. 

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Posers talk about how much money they have, either expressly or more often, by what they buy/drive/eat/drink (debt slaves).

The truly wealthy want to steal everything, actually hope people think they're broke dick busted, and would rather fight to the death in a steel cage match than take on debt (they are cash buyers).

Posers buy wealth sucking things, whether properties, cars, wives, etc., while the really wealthy buy wealth creation machines.

Just my experience in life, based on observations and social/business relationships.

I'm sure there are some exceptions that support my conclusion.

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Amen. The loudest screamer in the casino is the guy who just won a $20 bet.

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they wouldn't need a salary.

It depends, many don't mind the salary but keep it anyway; they make a lot more on the side deals and have all the personal connections and infrastructure available. Unless one hates the rampant pretentious bullshit in the workplace there's no need to quit. I'm just offering another perspective...

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Of course, there are nuances. Many people like the security of a salary, or like to have some cash on the sidelines (successful investors who charge for their analysis). 

But if someone is really good (i.e. if most of his predictions are true), he probably wouldn't waste his time at a desk 12 hours a day surrounded by secretaries and douchebags (when he could use this time to travel and make investments in other countries, manage all the paperwork arround his wealth, etc.)

The most successful persons (Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Bill Bonner, etc.) give their advice for free. Why? Because they don't care anymore about the little money it could bring them. And it does not engage them into anything (no customer service, no lawsuits, etc.)

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Ask him if a $1000 subscription fee is deflationary.

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You can't afford the truth!

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his audience just got much much much smaller.

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 His readership is deflating.

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too many smart people willing to type for free, stupid move

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"from one of the smarter macroeconomists out there"??? are you kidding me? have you lost your mind? or have you simply been blind to the events of the last 3 yrs? Even a broken clock is right twice  a day mate - and I assure you unequivocally that even the Great Rosie will invariably one day catch the top in this market. But until that day  , he is just another perma-bear like Roubini or Taleb. To be honest with you , if I had my money with someone who had me convinced the stock market is going to collapse in the face of a low to high rally of 100%, I would take off my shoe lace and hang myself with it for being dumb enough to listen to  a narrow-minded, one dimensional economist.

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Rosenberg is no permabear.  You obviously haven't followed him over the years.

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 Well, actually he was just one of many, many people I didn't "follow" over the years; in fact one of many people I've never heard of; and in all cases this has been very very beneficial and profitable to me. I have an aversion to the whole newsletterish style; it turns me off, fortunately I'm sure.

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Thank god we won't have to read most of his drivel anymore. I'd almost pay not to read his crap.

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In three years people will be asking "WTF is the New York Times?".

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Yes, the world is awash with free propaganda, misinformation and speculation. Why pay for it...??

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It will be a total collapse for them. 

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Pay-per-view for the guy that told you to get short at S&P 760?

He has missed the biggest trade of the past 10 years and now wants to charge?

Nice guy and a great mind, though.

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Ben Bernanke... You are No. 1, hun!

Market on an absolute tare this morning!

You cannot make this stuff up

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huh? You referring to the dinosaur on "Barney & Friends"?