Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine

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Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine

Deadly flu continues to spread across Ukraine, criminal World Health Organization lies to the public, MSM maintains radio silence.

There are many aspects to this story. It is impossible to know where to begin -- let alone cover all the pertinent facts in just one article. Those who have followed my Zerohedge columns in the past may be aware the subject of pandemic influenza has been a regular feature, precisely because there have been multiple signs indicating a global pandemic would be exploited (and perhaps even initiated) by governments and international banks for political purposes.


The signs have been building, including as I previously reported, forced quarantine orders inadvertently published by the CDC. What do these people know which the public does not?



Over the past two weeks, what appears to be a particularly virulent form of the flu has been spreading in Ukraine and adjacent Eastern European countries. This new flu is, in my opinion, a lethal new strain which has mutated (or was released). I speak with a background in virology. This new mutated flu virus appears to have a remarkable affinity for the lungs and is causing deaths to a much higher extent than the previous swine flu. Something in the virus has changed. I have covered this incredibly important story for two weeks now in my weekly column This Week In Mayhem, which is generally published on Monday mornings.


Regardless, there has been almost zero (NOTHING. NADA. SILENCE.) mention of the Ukraine epidemic in the mainstream media, a fact which I find both astonishing and profoundly disturbing. There is apparently collusion at the highest levels of government and media to suppress this information. There are now 1.3 million infected in Ukraine, and over 75,000 hospitalized -- IN FOURTEEN DAYS. This is very serious! Based on previous clinical data we can expect over 8,000 to be dead or soon to be dead. Forward projection of the epidemic is difficult because the clinical attack rate is unknown  -- but myself and my associates remain concerned it may be quite high. Deaths globally may be in the millions. Let's hope this is not the case.

An example of viral pneumonia.   Yeah, fail.

The new flu strain, which I contend is spreading in Ukraine and Belarus, is characterized by a lightning form of viral pneumonia -- very similar to what happened in 1918. The new flu virus appears to have profound tissue affinity for sialic acid receptors deep in the lungs, replicating in the alveoli. To put it mildly, the lungs fill with blood.  Quotes from Ukrainian officials included quotes such as "total destruction of the lungs." Ukrainian Doctor Viktor Bachinsky has stated, "The virus causing the deaths is extremely aggressive -- it doesn't first infect the throat (as is common in flu), but strikes the lungs directly."   In Ukraine's western Chernovetsky region, an epicenter of the outbreak, doctors have said lab tests showed at least some of the fatalties appeared to be caused by a flu dissimilar to both common flu and swine flu.  In other words, a mutant flu.  This claim of a 'mutant flu' has been echoed by Ukrainian public health officials such as Dr. Vasyl Lazoryshynetz.  Unfortunately, as noted in the above Russia Today video, pharmacies across the country are sold out of antivirals. To the hard of thinking -- yes, this is currently happening in Ukraine.


I have multiple sources confirming spot outbreaks of viral pneumonia in Eastern Europe, including official and non-official entities.  In terms of the current situation, there appear to be a high number of pneumonia patients in Ukrainian and Belerusian hospitals.  This epidemic has not shut down Ukrainian society yet, but it has caused many people to become concerned, and to buy up essential medicines.  Reports from doctors in Belarus indicate they do not expect this deadly new flu epidemic to peak until Christmas or later.  This is why it is important to analyze the situation and viral genetics now, and if necessary, contain the spread of the virus while it is still possible -- something the criminals at WHO do not appear interested in doing. These idiots at WHO have yet to release the viral gene sequences (even though they have had them for two weeks), and are now outright lying in their press releases, which I detail later. In terms of how dangerous this new flu strain could potentially be, I conducted a rough analysis of the Ukrainian government statistics, yielding a projected case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.61% -- over six times as lethal as seasonal flu.  

Lastly, there are signs the virus is genetic engineered.







The Ukrainian government has been releasing daily data updates on the numbers of "acute respiratory infections" , the number of related hospitalizations , and the number of deaths since Oct 28, 2009.  These reported numbers have increased substantially over the past two weeks, from near zero before Halloween to over a million as of today. It is important to remember that these statistics are not laboratory confirmed H1N1 cases (due to the state of the Ukrainian medical system), but we can cautiously assume at this point the vast majority of ARI (acute respiratory infection) in Ukraine with rapid progression to viral pneumonia are caused by influenza A virus. This is because a large subset of these samples are coming up positive of Influenza A, and a smaller subset tested by rt-rtPCR are coming up positive for influenza A/H1N1, or what is more commonly known as 'swine flu'. This suggests we are dealing with a viral epidemic of influenza.



This is not 'swine flu' as previously known. Statistically, the only way for this to be 'swine flu' is if it has mutated (or if the data is wrong). . . We will get to that in a minute.

As I mentioned , this data comes directly from the Ukrainian government. In the past two weeks, ARI have gone from near zero before Halloween to affecting 1.3 million Ukrainians. Over a million people are currently sick with probable H1N1. More importantly, there are over 75,000 total hospitalized at the time of the writing of this article, Monday 11/16. Based on these two figures (75,000 / 1.3 million), approximately 5.6% of those infected with this new ARI end up at the hospital. This is the critical statistic which allows us to estimate how f*cked we actually might be.



Officially, there are 299 deaths, but a realistic estimate shows this is easily one order of magnitude too low. Realistically deaths are between 2,000 - 8,000 people from this probable new strain of the flu -- so far. The number of dead is sure to rise dramatically, as we are only two weeks into this new epidemic. Which brings us to our estimation of the case fatality rate (CFR).   Again, I would love to be wrong about this.  Let's hope I am.



The current American strain 'swine flu' has a case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.1% or less. Seasonal flu has a CFR of 0.1%. The 1957 pandemic had a case fatality rate of 0.5%. The deadly 1918 pandemic had a CFR of 2 - 5%. Based on the Ukrainian government statistics, the new mutated Ukrainian flu has a CFR of 0.61% or higher -- that is, 6.1x as lethal as seasonal flu , perhaps more.  Perhaps less if our assumptions are wrong.

We arrive at the 0.61% CFR statistic based on the number of hospitalizations in Ukraine vs. the number of infections. This estimate is only as good as the underlying data, but I have confidence it is in the ball-park (order of magnitude). I consider the official reported number of deaths (299) to be unreliable for political reasons. No one wants to be the country with the lethal flu. Doctors, especially those in Belarus (which is a dictatorship) feel strong administrative pressure to label influenza viral pneumonia deaths as something else, for example cardiac failure. Thus , ARI hospitalizations are the more reliable indicator for what is happening on the ground.  Deaths can be implied from hospitalization statistics, assuming we are dealing with a form of H1N1 influenza.

Last week, the medical journal the Lancet published a meta-analysis of the (old) swine flu confirming a JAMA report that approximately 11% of hospitalized patients who had contracted the (old) swine flu died.  We will use this 11% figure as our "middle case".  The official government reported deaths (299) are considered “best case”. For a "worst case" estimate, we can assume that 25% of hospitalized flu patients will eventually die. We can use these 11% and 25% statistics to estimate the case fatality rate of the Ukrainian flu. The method is as follows:

To calculate the "middle case" and infer fatalities, we take 0.11 (11%, the figure from the JAMA) and multiply it by the number of Ukrainian hospitalizations on a particular date, to yield the expected number of ultimate fatalities. This method assumes the vast majority of reported ARI are from H1N1 swine flu. Using the November 15th data, this gives us 8345 expected fatalities. We take the number of expected fatalities and divide this into the total number who are estimated to be infected on the same particular data point (Nov 15). So 8345 deaths / 1.36 million infections , which yields the case fatality rate, which in this case is 0.61%. Obviously this is a rough estimate, but it is probably within an order of magnitude of the real CFR.

Assumptions for this model:
1) The vast majority of reported Ukrainian ARI are some form of H1N1 flu.
2) The data from the Ukrainian government for infections and hospitalizations is reliable and is not 'massaged' for political purposes.

Implications of this model:
1) If A1 and A2 are true, then statistically speaking we must be dealing with mutated H1N1 influenza (mutated 'swine flu').

In any case, this estimated CFR for Ukrainian flu is over six times higher than seasonal flu. Not good.  Let's hope this is wrong. Our "worst case" 25% estimate gives a CFR of 1.39%, enough to eventually shut down commerce and society across the planet -- but fortunately it is likely this "worst case" estimate is far off the mark. For our estimates here, including the CFR estimate of 0.61% using the data from the JAMA -- supposing this estimate was purely based on Ukrainian government statistics, we could consider such an arbitrarily high Case Fatality Rate unreliable , and the product of bad data.  However, in the context of multiple reports from individuals as well as state health authorities of MANY cases of viral pneumonia and thousands of patients in intensive care in Belarus and Ukraine, we consider this CFR estimate to make much more sense. That is, it fits the data on the ground of a worsening flu pandemic with a tendency towards viral pneumonia.

The old swine flu did not cause viral pneumonia, generally speaking. The new apparently mutated swine flu does, to an extent orders of magnitude higher. Thus , there must have been changes to the receptor binding domain , among other genes (perhaps PA, PB2, and NS1).






I am not fond of the World Health Organization. In my opinion, it is a tool of corrupt billionaire international financiers with which to achieve their dark global geopolitical objectives in the area of public health. These objectives are rarely in the public interest. We could spend paragraphs discussing deep corruption at WHO. One important point to remember is their obvious complicity and criminal cover-up regarding MMR vaccine contamination with Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV) , which may induce cancer.

The point here regarding WHO and the potential outbreak Ukraine is several:

-WHO has yet to release the gene sequences of the Ukrainian flu, despite possessing them for almost two weeks. They have also had a “team” on the ground in Lviv for a similar period of time. Where are the flipping gene sequences? The WHO has claimed there are no “big” mutations in the flu strain (apparently ruling out a viral reassortant), but has so far refused to release the Ukrainian flu gene sequences to the Internet community for analysis. This is reprehensible. What are these people doing? The world could know very quickly what we were dealing with if this genetic data was published, but instead it's being kept secret for whatever ulterior motives the WHO is operating under.

-WHO issued a press release on Friday which contained the following astonishing quote, bordering on deception.

“Because of a sharp rise in pandemic influenza cases one week ago in Ukraine, the Ministry of Health requested assistance from WHO European Regional Office to evaluate and respond. The initial analysis of information indicates that the numbers of severe cases do not appear to be excessive when compared to the experience of other countries and do not represent any change in the transmission or virulence of the virus.”

Okay, let's see: Ukraine asked WHO to respond. WHO sent a team to Lviv. So far so good, despite the missing gene sequences. Now wait, what? The WHO publishes their all-star analysis... “The number of severe cases do not appear to be excessive”? Are you kidding me? Please explain how 75,000 hospitalizations in two weeks is not 'excessive'? And how all the pharmacies sold out of antivirals? And how Ukraine is under de-facto martial law? And that Yushenko gave a prime-time speech more or less threatening political dissidents if they don't follow government orders? Or that school in Ukraine is canceled for three weeks? Half the country under quarantine? Hospitals seeing a surge of viral pneumonia patients? What gives? Are these people at WHO retarded or are they criminals?

Oh and of course the gem of this press release by WHO: That “[ the numbers of severe cases ] do not represent any change in the transmission or virulence of the virus.” Hahahaa! You are going to tell me that Ukraine went from two cases to 1.3 million cases in 14 days , and that doesn't represent any change in transmission? Is this supposed to be a joke? These pharmaceutical crooks damn well better explain themselves if you are going to make claims so obviously contrary to reality. Does the WHO contend the Ukrainian government just pulling these figures out of the air? What of the case reports of rapidly deteriorating viral pneumonia in Belarus, Ukraine, and Romania? What is causing this? What about the statements from Ukrainian health officials that we have a new flu strain? On what data are WHO basing these preposterous claims, which fly in the face of reality and common sense? Why not release the Ukrainian gene sequences? There is an obvious spike in mortality and pneumonia – why? Does WHO contend this is another pathogen besides influenza? If so, what? Honestly, this statement issued Friday November 13th from WHO is so obviously full of lies I really don't even have to comment; anyone with a brain can see they are not telling us the truth.

-WHO dodges questions from Bloomberg and Sun Media regarding a mutation in Ukrainian flu during last weeks press conference.

Phil Serafino, Bloomberg: Dr Shindo........I have a second question also which may not be your area of expertise but have you heard anything about the mutation of the virus or has it changed at all - are we looking at anything different than a few months ago?

Dr Shindo /WHO: Well, I can answer that question first. The virus is quite stable. It hasn't changed........

Joseph: This is Joseph from Kuala Lumpur - I am from the Sun Media......I just want to ask whether or not any slight mutation even a drift variant has been noticed so far?

Dr Shindo / WHO: Amazingly this virus is very stable and part of the reason, virologists (are saying) is because of the lack of pre-existing immunity in population so that virus doesn't have to mutate to escape from people's immunity. So it's quite stable.

What a joke! You'd think these fools at WHO were politicians , rather than doctors! Twice, the WHO official dodges questions from reporters (Bloomberg nonetheless!) on whether we are dealing with a critical new mutation in Ukraine sequences responsible for higher lethality and infectivity. Unbelievable. Again, I suggest these actions by WHO, taken in concert, are more akin to the actions of a criminal syndicate than to a global public health service. Lies and evasion. Stonewalling. Is this how we expect public servants to behave, especially on time-crucial issues upon which millions of lives depend? Unfortunately this is par for the course. Perhaps we should re-evaluate our conception of the world in which we live. hint: it is so incredibly corrupt, it defies man's imagination.

-Someone personally contacted WHO asking point-blanc , “Is there a critical mutation in this flu in Eastern Europe” and was met with silence.

The above speaks for itself. I was made aware of this contact through a phone conversation with a journalist from





I have mentioned the silence in the MSM on this issue. The only significant story I have noted was a story in Bloomberg. The NYT jumped on the bandwagon last Friday with a garbage fluff piece not addressing the critical questions. Furthermore, prior to these two articles, all MSM stories regarding Ukraine and flu were focusing on the internal political rivalry , rather than the rapid increase in infections and hospitalizations. My opinion here is that the MSM has been deliberately ignoring this story, as well as spinning it as “insignificant” by framing it as foreign politics rather than public health.

Instead, we see the usual MSM flu garbage about getting vaccinated (but of course no mention of vaccine contamination), about children getting sick, about pet cats catching the flu, and so on. The hype machine is still running 24/7. So where were the stories on Ukraine? What gives? Judging by all the ridiculous swine flu scare stories we've been hearing since past Spring , you'd think the mass media would jump all over the opportunity to scare the hell out of the public with the potential emergence of a new strain?  But instead, silence. 



I mentioned this before, I will embed the genetics image once again.


The swine flu virus is a triple-triple-reassortant , with the earlier triple-reassortant being approximately one decade old. The new H1N1 ('swine flu') emerged out of nowhere, out of season in Mexico, and went on to infect many people out of season in Spring 2009. The virus was fit and transmissible from the start – there was no detection of sporadic community outbreaks prior to the replication coefficient exceeding 1.0, resulting in sustained transmission. So this virus emerged ready to go – whether from genetic engineering, or from natural selection. However, no farm or wild swine herd has been identified which served as the reservoir for original Mexico City outbreak. The “patient zero” so-hyped by CNN – a 5-year old boy from La Gloria, Mexico – supposedly contracted the infection from a swine factory farm 80km away. This, we are supposed to believe, even though the virus was not identified in any pigs at the factory farm. So no source has yet been identified. The origins remain mysterious.

While a triple-reassortant flu is not uncommon, in the context of other information , geopolitical , economic , and scientific, the emergence of the original swine flu is extraordinarily suspect. The potential virulent reemergence is Ukraine after aerosol spraying is even more suspect. The H1N1 virus contains genes from multiple flu viruses – three to be precise. These three flu viruses which comprise 'swine flu' are from multiple continents. Furthermore, a total off 4-8% of the RNA (genetic material) is entirely new, with no known match in the public gene databases. The RNA polymerase in this flu is extra-ordinarily error prone according to the University of Edinburgh, multiple times the error rate of seasonal flus. Furthermore, the RNA polymerase is comprised of a bird-human-pig hybrid protein trimer from an earlier H3N2 triple-reassortant. This may be partly responsible for its ability to easily bridge across species. According to Dr. Adrian Gibbs, co-creator of Tamiflu, for this virus to emerge naturally, swine would have had to pass through quarantine twice in order to acquire the necessary genetics. Once from America to Asia , with a wait time in quarantine, and then back again from Asia to America, once again with a wait time through quarantine to America. Of course, this does not even include the pig getting the necessary flu triple coinfection after making ,its journey around the world. Even after this may have hypothetically occurred, the emergent virus was suddenly evolutionarily fit to spread in pigs, yet also genetically fit to spread in humans, yet also acquiring the necessary host-to-host contact between man and pig. If this was so, why was this not detected in any swine in Mexico prior to humans spreading the virus back to their herds? This suggests the virus emerged in humans first, prior to swine, which would indicate potential genetic engineering.

 Lastly , comments from Dr. Adrian Gibbs, co-creator of Tamiflu, suggest a laboratory origin for this virus. Dr. Gibbs was very courageous to state this opinion despite the mass media brainwashing to the contrary. Gibbs suggested the emergence was unintentional, but I do not believe that to be the case. Many powerful players stand to benefit from the emergence of a pandemic , especially one with the 'genetic history' necessary to establish plausible deniability on the occasion the virus 'spontaneously' becomes more virulent. A short list of of such entities and their potential objectives is provided in the second-to-last section of this article. For further research regarding the emergence of swine flu ,its genetic structure, and potential players involved, I suggest reviewing the work of Bill Sardi, who has his papers published on Lew

Where Did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From?

Why Isn’t the H1N1 Pandemic Flu Being Investigated as a Designed Bioweapon?

Bill Sardi Archives

Co-creator of Tamiflu says 'swine flu' was created in a lab



Some may not be aware, but our government has spent immense amounts of money resurrecting the deadly 1918 flu virus which killed millions of people. This terrible plague was lost to history – prior to the work of Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger at the US Army Institute of Molecular Pathology. Approximately one decade ago, teams affiliated with the US government began digging up deceased individuals who were preserved in the Alaskan permafrost – individuals who died from the previously-extinct lethal flu from 1918. The fragments of viral RNA were combined from various dead bodies, in order to get the full spectrum of genetic material necessary to rebuild the deadly 1918 virus. These mad scientists used OUR TAX MONEY to sequence the RNA from a constellation of genes belonging to this extraordinary lethal flu, in order to reconstruct it. Once the entire deadly 1918 virus was sequenced, it was reconstructed from scratch using the process of reverse-genetics, and then active reconstructed 1918 viral particles were inoculated into animals – including primates --in order to study their incredibly 'lethal' effects and destruction of lung tissue. The government has spent a huge amount of money on programs closely related to weaponization of influenza.

Multiple studies were published by the US Army / Ft. Dietrick team, with most articles with abstracts freely accessible in NIH Pubmed, and many co-authored by Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger at the US Army BSL3/BSL4 (Biosafety Level 3/4) laboratories. One of these studies involved comparing the X-ray crystal structure of the 1918 virus hemaglutinin to H5N1 (bird flu) hemaglutinin, which is a curious topic to study, unless you are attempting to create lethal pandemic flu. This is stepping so close to biological weapons research I am astonished this much was published. If you think this Army program was somehow not involved in weaponization of influenza, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. They were obviously involved with weapons research. If and how the current 'pandemic' is related is up for debate.

 Of course, the latest 2009 gems from these various scientific psychopaths include a study published this fall titled “Resurrected Pandemic Influenza Viruses.” In this study, the mad-scientist brain-trust affiliated with Taubenberger uses big research money funneled out from Uncle Sugar's loving tentacles, and constructs recombinant pandemic viruses in order to determine the amino acid changes responsible for virulence (lethality). In other words, these individuals are being paid to study how to make influenza more deadly. Why?

The whole point of this idiocy is that it's somewhat like Jurassic Park. If you do not resurrect the Velociraptor, you do not have to worry about it killing you. So why resurrect the Velociraptor? Is this not foolish? Or perhaps money talks, and Uncle Sugar likes his weapons, regardless of form or function.

For further information, see:

Resurrected pandemic influenza viruses.
Tumpey TM, Belser JA.

Influenza Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia 30333, USA.

as well as the work of Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger, searchable at NIH Pubmed:


If one examines the charts posted at the beginning of this article, it becomes apparent the Ukraine outbreak begins approximately Oct 28 – 30, 2009 if we are to believe the official statistics. Additionally , we know the Ukrainian government's daily statistical updates began on October 28th 2009, when the rate of infections began to increase from a previously established baseline. What is curious is that this time frame coincides with reports of low-altitude aerial spraying in areas where the virus spread the most rapidly, particularly the Lviv region. In fact, reports to the Ukrainian government regarding low-altitude aerial spraying around Halloween reached such a high incidence, the government was forced to issue an official denial that were any aerial 'flu reduction operations' in progress. 

So the question becomes, what exactly was going on here? What were eyewitnesses observing?  Was something being sprayed?   Could the spraying have the objective of modulating flu infectivity?  Clearly something interesting was going on if the government was forced to issue an official denial and with hundreds of eyewitness reports.  

Ukraine Reports of Overhead Aerosol Spraying

On October 31, Kiev newspaper editors got dozens of calls about light planes doing aerosol spraying during the day. In refuting the claims, the district's Emergency Response office said "no permission had been granted for small aviation aircraft to fly within the city limits." Yet eye-witness accounts from Lviv, Ternopil, and other Ukraine cities said the same thing.

Authorities in Kiev, Ukraine, deny spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over city.

The Office for Emergency Situations Desniansko district of Kyiv denies reports that in the metro "Forest" with the help of aviation dissipated funds against influenza. 

Earlier today, the city rumors that over the market near the metro station "Forest" flying the plane, spraying some way from the "swine" influenza. The caller to the editors of newspapers in Kiev "forest residents reported that they or their friends or relatives of people here have seen circling over the aircraft market. It was also reported that retailers were encouraged to stay in tents. 

The administration of the market "Forest" strongly refuted this information. 

In Gosaviadministratsii correspondent "Newspapers in Kiev was told that any permission to fly to the city limits of small aviation aircraft today are not issued. 

For information on spraying means against influenza is also refuted in the Directorate of Health of the city. 

However, such rumors are being discussed in Internet forums Lviv, Ternopil and other cities.

Interesting, huh? So on Oct 31, local Ukrainian government authorities advise people to stay indoors because of anti-flu spraying, which is then followed by eyewitness reports and complaints to Kyiv and Lviv authorities of light aircraft spraying aerosols, which is then followed by repeated strong denials from government higher-ups... Indeed, the plot thickens. The question is rather, are these facts relevant to the situation? Related? Just rumors? I simply do not know. Your guess is as good as mine. Just another piece to the puzzle. Our job is to determine if it fits.




Last year, Chicago-based Baxter Pharmaceutical sent deadly contaminated flu vaccine to multiple sub-contractor laboratories in multiple countries – to include , at minimum Czech Republic, Slovania, Austria, and Germany. Baxter's vaccine product was represented as H3N2 “seasonal flu” vaccine material – but this product that was somehow “accidentally” contaminated with the 30-80% deadly H5N1 'bird flu'. Theoretically, this could have caused a terrible global plague had this egregious mistake not been caught by a sub-sub-contractor called Biotest in the Czech Republic , who by a miracle decided to inject their animals, and noticed all their laboratory ferrets contracted lethal illness after testing Baxter's deadly vaccine material.


Here is the relevant Bloomberg article from Feb 24, 2009:

Baxter Sent Bird Flu Virus to European Labs by Error

Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Baxter International Inc. in Austria unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus that were used in laboratories in three neighboring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease.

Again: Last year, Baxter sent out seasonal flu vaccine material to labs around the world , vaccine material which was somehow 'accidentally' mixed with deadly H5N1 bird flu! If humans had been inadvertently exposed to this vaccine material, they could have easily contracted fatal bird flu and potentially spread it to others, resulting in a lethal global pandemic. This should never have happened, but Baxter has offered no explanation for their actions, nor the sequence of events which resulted in this deadly incident – where restricted H5N1 bird flu virus somehow left their secure facilities ,and ended up in seasonal flu vaccine material. Insanity!

Here is a diagram of what actually happened:


Now again, this should NEVER happen, because these pathogens are normally handled under BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) procedures. Thirty-seven people at Biotest in the Czech Republic spent the month in quarantine because of Baxter's criminal idiocy. At the very least, Baxter's vaccine bird flu contamination was criminally negligent. No individuals at Baxter have been brought to justice for this potentially deadly incident.  

And this is not the last time you will find Baxter connected with deadly flu...






Given that I run in the Internet underworld, I do have the scoop on this interesting story. In August 2009, a patriot radio host (Dr. A True Ott) on Republic Broadcast Network (RBN) received a phone call from an unidentified man with a thick Middle-Eastern accent. The man claimed to have knowledge of a large Baxter production facility in Ukraine, which he claimed was involved in producing biological weapons – particularly in the form vaccines contaminated with biologically active RNA from the H5N1 virus (sound familiar?). See above. The man claimed Baxter would eventually provoke a lethal global flu pandemic.

Now, as a radio host, Dr. Ott gets a fair amount of random phone calls, so he took what was mentioned by this mysterious caller with a grain of salt. Now the man , who turned out to be Israeli virus scientist Dr. Joseph Moshe, asked Dr. Ott where he could turn in evidence – including documents – regarding Baxter's involvement in influenza weaponization programs, particularly through their Ukrainian production facility. Dr. Ott asked the man his location – to which the caller replied 'Southern California' – so Ott told the mysterious caller (Joseph Moshe) that he would be best off taking the documents to a US Attorney's office in downtown Los Angeles.

The VERY NEXT DAY the following televised standoff occurs in the parking lot outside the LA Federal Building. Microwave weapons. Tear gas robots. Swat Teams. The works. You have to watch the video to believe it. The media and Feds claimed Joseph Moshe made threats against the White House. Are you kidding me? I don't buy it. This guy was a threat to someone's agenda. Watch this video of the incredible level of force used against this unassuming Israeli plant scientist, and judge for yourself what you believe.

Incidentally, here is Joseph Moshe's biography.  

Moshe Bar Joseph, Prof. (Retiree)
Plant Protection, Plant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description
Telephone Tel: +97289350823
Cellphone Cell: +972509350823
Fax Fax: + 97289352826 
Office location: Bet Dagan
Dept of Plant Pathology and Weed Research
ARO, The Volcani Center
Bet Dagan 50250

Research Interests / Job description:

-Management and control of virus and virus like disease agents of subtropical fruit trees, with special emphasis on citrus.

-Certification programs, nursery propagation methods and modern cultivation practices of citrus & subtropical fruit trees.

-Eradication policies and practices of potentially epidemic disease agents of fruit trees.

-Phytoplasma, Spiroplasma and insect vectored disease agents of citrus and subtropical fruit trees

-Molecular characterization and evolution of Closteroviridae and of viroid disease agents.

-Methods of pathogen detection and elimination.

-Transgenic plants (citrus) and rapid propagation technologies.

1972 Ph.D. Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1984 Researcher, Grade A+ (equivalent to Professor, Dept of Virology, ARO, The Volcani Research Center, Bet Dagan
1983-1984 Head of Department of Plant Pathology, Volcani Cente
1995-1986 Head of Department of Plant Virology, Volcani Center

1994 -2004 Professor (Adjunct) Department of Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva.
1996-1997 Scientific Director, The Gilat Experiment Station, Northern Negev.

1986-2004 Founder and Head of the S. Tolkowsky Laboratory for Citrus Disease Research. ARO, Volcani Research Center, Bet Dagan
2004, 1st of September, Retired Officially after 39.5 years of service.

Supervision of Graduate Students
Since 1982, I served as an independent supervisor of PhD students from the Faculty of Agriculture Rehovot, The Hebrew University , Jerusalem. In total 11 M.Sc. and 9 PhD.D. Students, have completed their degrees under my supervision.

1980 The Lee Hutchins award, The American Physiopathology Society
1996 Elected, Scientist of the Year, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel

Moshe hasn't been heard from him since this incident – we assume he is dead. The connections between Moshe, Baxter, Ukraine, biological weapons research, and influenza, and the overwhelming use of force (microwave weapons, etc) certainly gives me pause as to what is going on here. Moshe fingered Ukraine as the source of a potential outbreak in August 2009 – months before we see what appears to be the spread of a stronger more deadly flu strain in the country he named.  I suppose we are lucky that this time it does not involve Baxter's H5N1.





Anyone who carefully studies the world we live in , with an appetite for the truth and a discerning eye, will quickly realize we have been sold a false bill of goods. A pack of lies, if you will. The truth is, Governments are incredibly corrupt, and they are getting worse. Large Banks are criminal enterprises. Politicians are for show, and are generally bribed or blackmailed. There are only a handful of individuals who are not morally compromised.

When sufficient excavation of the facade of modern civilization is conducted, it becomes clear we are dealing with international money power – a global criminal syndicate consisting of corrupt multi-billionaires and their associates acting in their own criminal interests. Their objective is nothing less than to impose a form of neo-feudalism of the countries upon the world.

Sound hard to believe? Take a look at the actions of Bernanke, Paulson, or the SEC. These are the actions of individuals and institutions representing a corrupt purpose and objective, not simply academics who are incompetent. This same pattern of corruption we see in global finance is repeated across the board, from defense contractors to pharmaceutical companies.

Take a look at the resemblance of the current trend towards privatized profits and socialized losses. This is a business model that would fit quite well in Italy in 1933. We move closer and closer towards the model of global corporatism as international financiers consolidate their power and ownership through public-private monopolies. All that is missing is a new war. The plague is obviously on its way , whether sooner or later.

Ultimately , as we mentioned, the objective is global neo-feudalism and the destruction nation-states through various methods (war, poverty, famine, plague, etc). This is all crystal clear in Henry Kissinger's National Security Study Memo 200, which advocates forced depopulation of the third world in order to maintain the narrow political objectives of a corrupt elite. 

While their objectives are complex, their methods are much simpler.

Part of this policy is depopulation. Which is why we can expect war, disease, and famine in the coming years. This will not be blind chance. This will be political policy.



In this article, I attempted to review all aspects of a potential flu epidemic in Ukraine. There are various puzzle pieces which have accumulated, and I have attempted to paint a picture of a rather dark reality which many will not be familiar with. My objective is not to frighten anyone, but simply to force the hand of the global authorities towards a more sensible outcome through deliberate media exposure.

We appear to have a new strain of influenza in Ukraine-- but this is not the only possibility. A new strain of H1N1 influenza is simply the best explanation at this point in time. We may also be dealing with false statistics from the Ukrainian government coupled with rumors. There are other explanations as well. As we go forward, information will slowly become more available – outside the channels of criminal authorities, who know their time is short.

We must remember never to tolerate corruption and evil, lest it consume the beauty mankind has worked so hard to construct.





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Its very helpful for me and my friends. I Will Share This With Another to Provide Them A Very useful information.

<a href="">Norge</a>

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Here are my two newest articles on the flu and how the virus is changing.  I interviewed Dr. Henry Niman at Recombinomics, and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Flu News: D225G Follow-up

Swine Flu News: What is the significance of D225G?


Anonymous's picture

Could you please go test this new mutated virus and report on the results? You are the ideal hostess.


PS. don't forget to snaps some photos, especially as the virus progresses through it's tenancy in your lungs.

mikeyv1970's picture,2933,577285,00.html

PARIS —  French health officials say
two people diagnosed with a slightly mutated swine flu virus that also
has been found in other countries have died.

Institute for Health Oversight said Friday that the two people, who
have not been identified, had been hospitalized in different cities and
died after being diagnosed with the variant swine flu.

week, the World Health Organization said it is investigating samples of
variant swine flu linked to two deaths and one severe case in Norway,
but that so far the significance of the mutation is unclear.

says the same mutation has been found in both fatal and mild cases
elsewhere, including in Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and the
United States.


Jeff Lebowski's picture


Zhong Nanshan, director of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases in China's southern Guangdong province, warned that China has to be on high alert to any mutation and changes in the virulence of A-H1N1.

"This is something we need to monitor, the change, the mutation of the virus. This is why reporting of the death rate must be really transparent,” he told Reuters Television, adding, China, as you know, is different from other countries. Inside China, H5N1 has been existing for some time, so if there is really a reassortment between H1N1 and H5N1, it will be a disaster.”

WHO reported more than half-a-million laboratory confirmed cases of H1N1 worldwide in mid-November and close to 7,000 deaths, but stressed that in reality that figure is likely much, much higher.

Across Europe, the number of deaths related to pandemic H1N1 has doubled nearly every two weeks since mid-October.

ilene's picture

Here's my latest research on the Flu and D225G marker:

I'm hoping to update with more soon. - Ilene

Anonymous's picture

For a peaceful mind, we have a convenient truth. What happened in the Ukraine and other eastern European nations was "political strife and bad health care". WHO and others have also positioned themselves now such that the D222G mutation was first documented in Norway.

Now you know how it spins. What happened in the Ukraine attack is not a happy truth, and so here is one you can sleep with. It's like it never happened.

"H1N1 Spreading Eastward, WHO Says" - Medical News Today
Washington Post Looks At H1N1 In Eastern Europe

The Washington Post examines how countries in Eastern Europe are responding to the uptick in the number of H1N1 cases. "As the pandemic H1N1 influenza surges with the onset of winter, the nations of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union appear particularly vulnerable to the deadly virus. Burdened with weak health-care systems, relatively inexperienced news media outlets and shaky governments that have little public trust, the region also seems ripe for panic and political strife over the flu," the newspaper writes. "The potential for trouble is already on display in Ukraine, where 1.5 million of its 46 million people have had diagnoses of flu and respiratory illnesses since the start of the outbreak and 356 have died, according to the government" - the WHO suspects many of theses cases were caused by the H1N1 virus.

The article examines how politics have weighed into the government's response to the H1N1 outbreak and details "one of the weakest health-care systems in Europe" (Pan, 11/21).

Health Authorities Examine Reports Of Mutated H1N1

Samples of the H1N1 virus obtained by two patients who had died from the disease in Norway contained a mutated form of the virus, the WHO said Friday, Agence France-Presse reports. Health authorities also detected the mutated form of the virus in a third Norwegian patient with severe symptoms of the flu. "However, [the WHO] stressed that the mutation did not appear to cause a more contagious or more dangerous form of A(H1N1) influenza and that some similar cases observed elsewhere had been mild," the news service writes (11/21).

Additionally, "[f]ive patients at a hospital in Wales contracted swine flu that resisted treatment with Roche Holding AG's Tamiflu, and three more infections are being analyzed, the U.K. Health Protection Agency said [Friday]," Bloomberg reports. The article adds details about the patients and comments from health experts on virus mutations (Cortez/Stigset, 11/20).

Also on Friday, U.S. health experts reported they were investigating what appeared to be Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 among four patients at Duke University, USA Today reports. "Doctors say investigations of the … hospital outbreaks are underway, but the preliminary genetic evidence suggests that the virus spread among patients at the hospitals," according to the newspaper. "If Tamiflu-resistant virus spreads widely, swine flu will become tougher to treat and may cost more lives, says Duke's Daniel Sexton, who is leading the hospital's investigation," the newspaper writes (Sternberg, 11/20).

Anonymous's picture

Has it occurred to anyone yet that the real reason why WHO have yet to release the viral gene sequences may be because they are harvesting the obtained samples and tweaking same for further dissemination? I really would not put it past those diabolical criminals at WHO.

Anonymous's picture

Perhaps this may be relevant to the topic:

Anonymous's picture

I did not suspect that the airplanes were spraying Ukrainians with syringes.

pcwick's picture

The Socio-Economics History Blog reported on 11/21/2009 that the "CDC Asks Physicians To Be On The Lookout For Possible Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Cases”. The post links to a .pdf on the North Carolina Medical Society website. 

Link to the document:

Google has this document dated 9/24/2009:

Google Docs:

Here is the content of the document:


Physicians Asked to be on the Lookout for Possible “Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Cases” Among Influenza Patients
The CDC says that there have been some anecdotal reports of possible "hemorrhagic
pneumonia" cases among influenza patients who have died or been hospitalized for
severe illness. The phrase "hemorrhagic pneumonia" is somewhat outdated, and most
clinicians will not use the term to describe this condition, which can be a very rare
complication of viral respiratory infection. Some other terms that can be used to
describe this include diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH), which can be caused by
infections but doesn't have to be, and hemorrhagic pneumonitis. In any event, it's a
serious complication that will sometimes lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome
ARDS). It occurs very rarely as a complication of seasonal influenza, and there is some
concern that it might be more common in H1N1 infections. 

The CDC is asking state health officials to look out for possible cases that may involve
clusters of patients who might have these symptoms, or a large proportion of cases with
these symptoms (e.g., 4 of 5 deaths). They will invariably be among the most severely ill
influenza patients (i.e., deaths, ICU patients). 

This is a hard diagnosis to make, and the most telling symptom may be hemoptysis
bloody sputum, frothy bloody cough), although not all cases will have it.
              • Acute onset of rather more severe respiratory infection (dyspnea?? difficulty
              breathing?? is common) 
              • Hemoptysis is often seen on initial presentation (~70% of cases) 
              • CXR and physical exam will suggest alveolar infiltrates (radiographic opacities) 
              • Diagnosis is usually made by BAL (brochoalveolar lavage) and pathology testing
              (increasingly more hemorrhagic fluid/secretions from sequential BAL 

Email sent by the Regional Liaison Officer, Region IV, H1N1 Response Surveillance and
Epidemiology Team, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Questions concerning possible cases or this email may be directed to Medical Epidemiologist
Zach Moore, MD, at the North Carolina Division of Public health at

pcwick's picture

Clin Infect Dis. 2009 Nov 1;49(9):1405-10.
Salicylates and pandemic influenza mortality, 1918-1919 pharmacology, pathology, and historic evidence.
Starko KM.

The high case-fatality rate--especially among young adults--during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic is incompletely understood. Although late deaths showed bacterial pneumonia, early deaths exhibited extremely "wet," sometimes hemorrhagic lungs. The hypothesis presented herein is that aspirin contributed to the incidence and severity of viral pathology, bacterial infection, and death, because physicians of the day were unaware that the regimens (8.0-31.2 g per day) produce levels associated with hyperventilation and pulmonary edema in 33% and 3% of recipients, respectively. Recently, pulmonary edema was found at autopsy in 46% of 26 salicylate-intoxicated adults. Experimentally, salicylates increase lung fluid and protein levels and impair mucociliary clearance. In 1918, the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin just before the October death spike. If these recommendations were followed, and if pulmonary edema occurred in 3% of persons, a significant proportion of the deaths may be attributable to aspirin.

Source of abstract:

pcwick's picture

Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage Syndrome

Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage syndrome is persistent or recurrent pulmonary hemorrhage. There are numerous causes, but autoimmune disorders are the most common. Most patients present with dyspnea, cough, hemoptysis, and new alveolar infiltrates. Diagnostic tests are directed at the suspected cause. Treatment is with immunosuppressants for patients with autoimmune causes and respiratory support if needed.


pcwick's picture

On 11/19/2009 KCCI Channel 8 News, Des Moines, Iowa reported 21 H1N1 related deaths in the state and "In the autopsy, what we're seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them," said Dr. Gregory Schmunk.


Anonymous's picture

This blog entry is surrounded by "Find Your Ukrainian Beauty Today" ads.

Do they come with the flu, or does that cost extra?

Anonymous's picture

" It's probably due to a measuring artifact due to specific testing (guessing with no confirmation - not recorded - vs. doing specific testing - now recorded). "


" For example, our reported death rate in kids tripled over a very short period due to specific testing results (i.e., not tested prior to specific testing of the virus - no diagnoses vs. confirmed H1N1 diagnoses - the kids actually had the virus before, but weren't confirmed to have had it via specific testing - make sense?). "

Gee, you make it sound like the Ukraine. How convincing. Now get off your ass and put your answer in your post.

What is this below? Is this that "dead" stuff you were talking about?

" Intranasal H1N1 Vaccine Sheds Live Virus; Other Recent Vaccination News "

According to US FDA, the intranasal vaccine "sheds" live virus; it may actually spread H1N1 ‘swine flu’ virus.

ABC TV-7, Denver, is reporting that Denver-area “Hospitals Shun H1N1 FluMist Vaccine, Wait For Injections.”

According to the FDA package insert, the “Intranasal [vaccine] is an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission to immunocompromised household contacts."

Since the intranasal vaccine contains live virus, doctors and nurses who inhaled the live virus could shed some of it on patients whose immune systems are compromised. In other words, the intranasal vaccine is capable of causing the H1N1 virus to spread.

Questions: During a so-called "pandemic," aren't there immunocompromised individuals all around us? Is it wise to be vaccinating millions of people with a vaccine which may actually be spreading H1N1 virus? Is it wise to vaccinate school kids with nasally-administered vaccine (Flu-Mist), containing live H1N1 virus, which may “shed” and be transmitted to family members or others?

What a way to start an epidemic!?

ABC-7, DENVER: Hospitals Shun H1N1 FluMist Vaccine, Wait For Injections:

Concern That Doctors, Nurses Could Spread 'Live' Virus MedImmune H1N1 Intranasal Vaccine FDA Package Insert here:

section 17.2, page 21, states:
"17.2 Vaccination with a Live Virus Vaccine:

Vaccine recipients or their parents/guardians should be informed by the health care provider that Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine Live, Intranasal is an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission to immunocompromised household contacts."

Additional links here:

The INJECTABLE vaccines also contain ingredients known to be HAZARDOUS... Autism Prevalence Now At 1 in 91 Children, 1 in 58 Boys: SafeMinds Calls For A Ban on Thimerosal from Seasonal and H1N1 Flu Vaccines In Pregnant Women and Young Children:


The Truth about Flu Shots in Pregnancy:

by Dr Sherri Tenpenny: October, 2009
[NOTE: A PDF of this document is available here:

(article/listing continues at length)

" Cold-recombinant influenza A/California/10/78 (H1N1) virus vaccine (CR-37) in seronegative children: infectivity and efficacy against investigational challenge."

" Forty-seven seronegative children were inoculated intranasally with influenza A/California/10/78 (H1N1) cold-recombinant vaccine (CR-37). Doses ranged from 10(3.2) to 10(7.2) TCID50 per child. The dose necessary to infect 50% of children (one HID50 ) was approximately 10(3.5) TCID50. Only two of eight children given 10(3.2) TCID50 became infected, and neither shed virus. The majority of children who were given 10(4.2), 10(5.2), 10(6.2), or 10(7.2) TCID50 of CR-37 became infected. Twenty-four of 39 children given greater than one HID50 of CR-37 shed vaccine virus. Overall, 31 of 39 became infected, as indicated by shedding of virus or antibody response or both. Although virus was shed for up to 12 days postinoculation, shedding of revertant virus was not detected. Six months after primary vaccination 26 children were challenged intranasally with 10(6.2) TCID50 of CR-37. Of 21 children previously infected with CR-37, only eight had further antibody increase, and none shed vaccine virus. In contrast, five of five (P less than .05) children not infected with CR-37 at the time of initial inoculation were infected with the challenge inoculum (as indicated by a fourfold rise in antibody titer) and three of five children shed vaccine virus. Previous infection with CR-37 conferred significant protection from challenge with a high dose of CR-37."

ilene's picture

Mr. Anon:

No need to be rude and call names.  I've given you what you can read yourself if you care to.  I've mentioned two or three times that I know flu mist contains live attenuated virus.  I've chosen Flu Mist over the injectible vaccine before (with dead i.e. not live viruses, I've said this before too.)  You keep trying to tell me something I already know...

Anyway, here's my newest article on the flu:

ilene's picture

Are you missing that the injectible vaccine with "dead stuff" contains mercury whereas the live vaccine/flu mist does not?

ilene's picture

I'd be looking for a best-case explanation for the sudden expansion of infection rates from the end of October to mid-November, and to follow.


It's probably due to a measuring artifact due to specific testing (guessing with no confirmation - not recorded - vs. doing specific testing - now recorded).  For example, our reported death rate in kids tripled over a very short period due to specific testing results (i.e., not tested prior to specific testing of the virus - no diagnoses vs. confirmed H1N1 diagnoses - the kids actually had the virus before, but weren't confirmed to have had it via specific testing - make sense?).  Read the references in my summary of the flu news here:

Anne at the CDC addressed this, so take a look at the CDC references in particular.  I believe there are two and it's in one where Anne was answering questions either on Nov. 12 or Nov. 20th. (If I remember correctly)


- Person-to-Person Transmission of Vaccine Viruses

Because LAIV contains live influenza viruses, a potential exists for transmission of these viruses from vaccinees to other persons. Vaccinated immunocompetent children can shed vaccine viruses for <3 weeks (6). One unpublished study in a child care center setting assessed transmissibility of vaccine viruses from 98 vaccinated to 99 unvaccinated subjects, all aged 8--36 months. Eighty percent of vaccine recipients shed >1 virus strain, with a mean of 7.6 days duration (17). One influenza type B isolate was recovered from a placebo recipient and was confirmed to be vaccine-type virus. The estimated probability of acquiring vaccine virus after close contact with a single LAIV recipient was 0.58%--2.4%...

I understand this, but don't understand your point.  A live attenuated virus may spread whereas dead virus in the injected vaccine doesn't.  The live attenuated virus form mimics the original route of vaccination, with cow pox being discovered to protect against the more deadly small pox.  Why is this a problem in your mind?



Anonymous's picture

"Kids Shed H1N1 Virus 6 Days After Fever"

..." Achuyt Bhattarai, MD, of the CDC, and colleagues looked at shedding patterns of the H1N1 virus during an outbreak at an elementary school in Pennsylvania in May and June.

" The researchers swabbed the noses and throats of 13 elementary school kids, ages 5 to 9, who had a fever of 100 degrees or higher and a cough and/or sore throat. Samples were also obtained from 13 of their flu-stricken family members.

" "Overall, we found the median duration of shedding to be six days, with a minimum of one day and a maximum of 13 days," Bhattarai says. "...

Anonymous's picture

There aren't SIGNS that the flu was genetically engineered. There are genetics engineers posting that fact on their industry-related websites. Flu virus doesn't get the identical mutation thousands of miles apart in nature. Period. These are man-made problems and they are part of the DEPOPULATION AGENDA of the nuts in the Bilderbergers.

Do read the facts. Do not get the shot, it is more lethal than the flu. Do call your congressman and senator and demand the IMMEDIATE CESSATION OF ALL CHEMTRAIL OPERATIONS AND THE APPREHENSION OF THOSE CRIMINAL POLITICIANS TRY TO STAGE A COUP WORLDWIDE TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES. A really brave whistleblower who tried to prevent this pandemic read the accounts on empire etc.

Google VK Durham and read her accounts of the thefts of gold from the Durham trust and other topics

Google Carnicom, chemtrails and read his ongoing coverage for the last 6 years on the chemtrails phenomenon. Go to YouTube and view the chemtrails.

Read and carefully evaluate the whistleblower accounts on

Google and read the information presented by British town councillor Hicks about MAJESTIC.

No matter how crazy you might think that this seems, America and the world's problems began with the development of the Shadow Government under MAJESTIC12. This secret group was put together to give the President deniability about the UFO problem. Don't believe me? Do the research. There has been a completely secret group well above the President operating since the '40s in complete secrecy. That group has enabled all of the supersecret black ops and off-the-books intelligence activities by the CIA and others since the '50s. There is a lot of information on this group at the Disclosure Project.

This needs to stop NOW. All activities of all governments need to be out in the open.

Anonymous's picture

I'd be looking for a best-case explanation for the sudden expansion of infection rates from the end of October to mid-November, and to follow. Provide comparisons - show me where else this has happened. You want good sources - you are pedantic, but do you derive well?

Btw: The good doctor Horowitz has been a hard-working activist (and public servant) for many years, and he has made a good reputation for himself. Read the wiki entry.

Or get what you need so you can do what I do, and think. Below is from the CDC.

- Person-to-Person Transmission of Vaccine Viruses

Because LAIV contains live influenza viruses, a potential exists for transmission of these viruses from vaccinees to other persons. Vaccinated immunocompetent children can shed vaccine viruses for <3 weeks (6). One unpublished study in a child care center setting assessed transmissibility of vaccine viruses from 98 vaccinated to 99 unvaccinated subjects, all aged 8--36 months. Eighty percent of vaccine recipients shed >1 virus strain, with a mean of 7.6 days duration (17). One influenza type B isolate was recovered from a placebo recipient and was confirmed to be vaccine-type virus. The estimated probability of acquiring vaccine virus after close contact with a single LAIV recipient was 0.58%--2.4%. The type B isolate retained the cold-adapted, temperature-sensitive, attenuated phenotype, and it possessed the same genetic sequence as a virus shed from a vaccine recipient in the same children's play group.

6. Clements ML, Stephens I. New and improved vaccines against influenza. In: Levine MM, Woodrow GC, Kasper JB, et al., eds. New generation vaccines. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc 1997:645--70.

17. Vesikari T, et al. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of the safety, transmissibility and phenotypic stability of a live, attenuated, cold-adapted influenza virus vaccine (CAIV-T) in children attending day care [Abstract G-450]. Presented at the 41st Annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), Chicago, IL, 2001.

Bob's picture

Holy Shit.  It makes me glad that the past generation has been raised on a heavy diet of movies, books and video games that address action in just these kinds of scenarios.  It even makes me ambivalently thankful for the NRA (though I hope I don't rue the Left's self-imposed exile from that community if the shit hits the fan. )

Nice work here.  If it isn't happening already, it surely will.   

ilene's picture

In response to previous post by Anon,

From memory (in a previous article I've read but am not going to review all of them), the people in the Ukraine were not vaccinated.  Most of the vaccines available seem to be the inactive (dead) virus injectable vaccines, not the Flumist, which is the one with live viruses.

" Infectious disease expert, Dr. Donald Lau, disagrees, saying:

" "The statistical probability of this being the same H1N1 virus (is) infinitesimally small." He believes a highly virulent new strain is to blame. Public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz sees a deadly connection between governments and the drug cartel over dangerous, toxic vaccines. On You Tube,...

What studies are these guys basing their "beliefs" and statistics on??


"These vaccinations contain highly unstable viruses that easily mutate, because they are 'live active' laboratory mutants that are being administered....People shed these 'live' viruses up to three weeks following vaccination. That means if you haven't been vaccinated, and you get near someone who has and then sneezes, you can get their H1N1 laboratory infection."

Theoretically.  The viruses in the live vaccine are attenuated and if they spread should not make others very sick (exposure to a mild flu, maybe)- the data on the efficacy of the vaccines are lacking, but the safety profile appears good - unless you do believe the WHO is making up all the numbers.  In which case, there is no data whatsoever because the other side of this argument has no data either. 

The death rate in the Ukraine does not appear abnormal.  The hospital numbers in some articles to appear too high - why is that?  If I had to guess, I would guess that the hospitalization numbers are either due to excessive panic or just wrong.  The information is only as good as the source, and how do people decide to trust one source and not another - based on what they want to believe as much as anything else.

There is a 3 week period in which these vaccines easily mutate, because they are "live active laboratory mutants". 

I've never heard anything about a 3 week period - flu viruses mutate easily, that's why new vaccines are made for each yearly flu season. 

The article above... e.g. "He believes a highly virulent new strain is to blame. Public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz sees a deadly connection between governments and the drug cartel over dangerous, toxic vaccines..." refers to Leonard Horowitz as an expert.  He is a dentist and has an agenda - I'm not going to weigh in on whether the government and vaccine industry are trying to kill us all with deadly engineered viruses and, if that fails, apparently killer toxic vaccines - but I'm suggesting that we know our sources of information.



Anonymous's picture

I was glad to be going back over an in-depth article on this topic at OpEdNews and I came across an old paragraph or two that lodged in my head a new and different way.

..." On November 3, WHO reported the outbreak in Ukraine, "confirmed (as) H1N1 (based on) samples taken from patients in two of the most affected regions," and concluded that "most (Ukraine influenza) cases are caused by the H1N1 virus.

" Infectious disease expert, Dr. Donald Lau, disagrees, saying:

" "The statistical probability of this being the same H1N1 virus (is) infinitesimally small." He believes a highly virulent new strain is to blame. Public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz sees a deadly connection between governments and the drug cartel over dangerous, toxic vaccines. On You Tube, he recently warned that:

" "These vaccinations contain highly unstable viruses that easily mutate, because they are 'live active' laboratory mutants that are being administered....People shed these 'live' viruses up to three weeks following vaccination. That means if you haven't been vaccinated, and you get near someone who has and then sneezes, you can get their H1N1 laboratory infection." "...

There is a 3 week period in which these vaccines easily mutate, because they are "live active laboratory mutants". I have suggested that the Ukraine may not have experienced a natural outbreak, but that it may have been vaccinated from airplanes. Could what we saw in the Ukraine be what Dr. Horowitz is describing above? Could it have come from a mass vaccination, three weeks ago?

Anonymous's picture

Britian did the same thing in WW1 to bring about the end of it (which caused the 1918 flu epidemic), they did germ warfare, sprayed mycotoxins to disable immune systems and then sprayed the flu virus from planes. This also explains why it spread so fast (ie not person to person transmission). Please read the book, "Search For Health, an Anthology" by Tom Valentine.

Anonymous's picture

Go here:


Last Name: Moshe
First Name: Joseph

and click "Search".

There is some interesting info someone needs to follow-up.

Bob's picture

Especially since he's now, according to the LA record site, housed in "Patton State Hospital."  Curious. 

Quite curious. 

jackiboa's picture

I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!
Distance Learning
University Degree
Online Degree Programs

ilene's picture

Here's my newest swine flu update.  And yes, I took a lot of information from the WHO and mainstream media.  I've looked for counter-information, e.g. with regards to the Ukraine, and I can't find reliable sources to suggest anything evil is going on besides some sort of political gamesmanship.  I am certainly open to more info, evidence, facts, etc. - Ilene

maxirat's picture

Been in Kiev since end of October. Seen NO one looking remotly sick and neighbours where we living say the same.

Its a total media beat-up by this corrupt political CIRCUS. As someotheres have said (the ones living here) this place is in a finacial meltdown and an election on 17/01/10 and these political leaders only think of one thing - THEMSELVES

economessed's picture

...and now Bloomberg reporting a variant that is Tamiflu resistent (among other properties described and undescribed) appearing in Wales and Norway....

So I guess we can say Europe is covered.  Any guesses how many hours/days it will be before the first news broadcast of a mutant strain of H1N1 here in the US?  What will they call this one?  H1N2?

Anonymous's picture

Mutated and more agressiv Swine flue virus found in Norway

In Norwegian :
Mer aggressivt svineinfluensavirus påvist i Norge

Anonymous's picture

This is a fantastic job, getting the news out about what has happened in the Ukraine. One of the firs things I came across was the idea at to put HCL and liquefied ozone into water, and it makes something that kills flu virusses. I then learned that ozone itself appears to do the same, but, when you get to the lungs, the sensitivity to ozone is very high (and you get tissue destruction from the ozone). According to Lenntech (, for breathing, ozone levels of 0.3 PPM for no more than 15 minutes.

I don't know what that translates into in mg/L, but ozonated water is a popular thing for killing pathogens dead. We spray meats and produce with it, and there is tech now for electrifying pre-packaged foods to generate ozone that kills any pathogens inside the package.

So the idea I'm having here is to use fluorocarbon in the lungs (fluid), which is a cutting-edge tech, and add 0.2 PPM of ozone to that - into the lungs. Can that be done? I've also seen sodium chlorite used as an additive (Jim Humble), where the idea it to destroy pathogens, and leave ordinary salt behind. With ozone, the only residue is oxygen.

re: fluorocarbon fluid in lungs (for therapy)
What is claimed is:

1. A method for treating a patient in need of facilitated oxygen delivery through the lungs, additional lung surfactant, removal of material from the lung, or inflation of collapsed portions of the lung, comprising the steps of:

first introducing into the lung of the patient an effective therapeutic amount of a fluorocarbon liquid, said introduced amount being at least about 0.1% and less than 35% of the functional residual capacity of the lung of the patient upon exhalation taking into account any positive or negative end expiratory pressure applied to said patient's lung; and

then moving a breathing gas into and out of the patient's lung on top of said introduced fluorocarbon liquid separate and apart from said introducing step, so that said breathing gas physically admixes with and oxygenates said introduced amount of fluorocarbon liquid within the lung, whereby the patient is breathing a gas while the introduced amount of fluorocarbon liquid is in the lung.


And the second thought... Are the rates of spreading of this new strain slowing perhaps in part due to being farther away from the planes (oct 29/31)? I don't know what I am talking about; just wondering. If genetically engineered, then would it fail to spread the globe in nature? Would it fail to be a global spread when too far away from the airplanes? If the rates of spreading go down, then maybe BioWar isn't good enough to make something natural enough to spread the globe and also be so hard-hitting.

Will it combine with lighter, more natural seasonal flu, and spread more that way, or is it going to take off, world-wide, as it is? These are things I wonder.

Thanks for all the great work, project mayhem.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, the Ukrainian situation is quite concerning though it is too early to have a clear picture. If this is a bad situation and a new infective and virulent strain of influenza it is worth noting that there is no vaccine prepared or that could be prepared in time to make any difference (assuming little cross-reactivity with currently wild types ie Swine and endemic). If you are not familiarized, it is worth getting familiarized with the recent discoveries concerning vitamin D's immunomodulatory effects and its antiviral and antibacterial properties. There is a good write-up on vitamin D here,
for those who are interested.

Youri Carma's picture

Must Listen!: Niman discussing the lethal mutation that is killing Ukies:

Fibozachi's picture

Simply an awesome piece Project Mayhem ! Thank you for it.

Am wondering whether you have performed any research into the timing and nature of disease/ pandemic outbreak?  For whatever its worth, note the location of the local or most reflective equity markets on the daily/ weekly when such issues/ instances occur. Might surprise ya.

Anonymous's picture

Southern Poland is not reporting any cases of "ukrainian flu"
For more see my blog:


Anonymous's picture

this map is BAD becouse Ukraine is near Slovak republic no Czech . Is it Big mistake . This map is shith If you learn
youre child this but they don't know where they live. plese repair it becouse Im from Slovakia and is it reproachful. Thnx

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PM your article was great!  Well done....also the correlation to your "accident" as you seem to have a vast knowledge....remember when a nuclear weapon was found on an Air Force plane?  They made it appear like someone just 'picked up the wrong cellphone' with the way it was reported....I couldn't believe what I was hearing...


no fucking way...the redundance and vast miles of paperwork surrounding this type of process makes your check and recheck viral process look like a credit card transaction....

Allow me to refresh everyone's memory.....,8599,1812228,00.html






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Very scary indeed

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OUTSTANDING JOB on this article and pics. Better than I could have done myself. Here's my contribution from a few months ago when Baxter got caught.

Bird Flu Baxter to Produce Millions of Vaccines for "Swine Flu" Outbreak, 5.19.09

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Seems like a good time to smoke and, drink heavily to scare off the virus.

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It is SLOVENIA not Slovania.

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Watch out for the liars and disinfo agents on this site trying to convince you that this is not really happening. It's happening folks, and it's coming our way. This has been planned for a long hedge is a reputable site and would not be printing a bunch of bullshit....use your logic....of course they don't want to publicize this because they don't want to stop it, they want it to spread...hello?

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Health Ministry: Second wave of A/H1N1 flu in Ukraine could come in late 2009-early 2010


we'll see in a couple of months I suppose

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Excellent, no bs article - thankyou

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How about covering this potential Black Swan?

IMF, EBRD urge E.Europe banks to recognise losses

VIENNA, Nov 17 (Reuters) - Banks operating in emerging Europe may have been too slow in recognising possible losses due to bad debt and could face a day of reckoning early next year, international financial institutions warned on Tuesday.

The former Communist region's banks, most under western ownership, have used leeway in local accounting rules to build up reserves for bad debt as slowly as possible this year, and as a result only few of them are expected to report losses.

But this may have come at the price of keeping loans to borrowers alive that are not viable in the long term, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Senior Adviser Christoph Rosenberg told a conference in Vienna.

The biggest lenders in emerging Europe are Italy's UniCredit , Austria's Raiffeisen International and Erste Group Bank, Societe Generale, Belgium's KBC and Hungary's OTP.

'The country that illustrates best the lack of recognition is Ukraine where all the banks have been 'evergreening' credit,' Berglof told reporters on the sidelines of the conference.

'That will come back to reckoning at the beginning of next year,' Berglof said.

Ukraine, whose economy is on track to shrink by 15 percent this year, has one of the highest levels of bad debt in Europe with about 30 percent of all loans impaired at the end of the second quarter.