The Declaration Of Debt Independence

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From WilliamBanzai7:

Declaration Of Debt Independence

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Such documents (including the original)  are meaningless without bloodshed to back them up.

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Agreed. Thus let every zerohedger in agreement go buy a Samurai sword and practice one strike decapitation for the approaching day of reckoning, when Wall Street will be drenched in bankster blood - a slaughterhouse for the ages, memorialized for all time - among others presumably by Banzai.

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Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. These mules clearly fit in one of Leo Strauss'(*) categories of society: the Vulgar Many

"The vulgar many, are lovers of wealth and pleasure. They are selfish, slothful, and indolent. They can be inspired to rise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe."

The sooner the US economy collapses, the better, so these brutes will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means.

* German Philosopher (1899-1973)

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Hate to say it but I agree with this statement.


It's the ones who are lean, mean and green all around who need watching. I lost 60 pounds this year and last and intend to keep it off. Fitness may become more important than financial power.

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yea but how do you deal with planning the next system? if you don't plan it, then it is destined repeat the precise same mistakes that lead us to the current corrupt system.and there is the risk that the next stage of the u.s. sees us owned by a mafia like conglomorate far more exclusively oligarchic than anything we've been used to for the last fifty years. 


take note, a significant number of russians long for the good old days of communism. putinism, while different, was no great triumph and has led many people into a worse life than before. 


different, does not mean better. how do you make it better?if you have no plan to do that, you are just advocating more change, which inevitably, results in things staying the same.

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How do you make things better?

You keep corporations and banks small(er) and controlled - and political power local.

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notice how local politics do not even mention dems and repubs down at the county hall?  they are too busy having to balance the budget

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So long as structures of power remain, lovers of power will destroy millions.

The state is THE problem.

This is the barbaric world that other sentient species avoid.

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So we need to keep business small and localised? In other words we need a factory in everyones backyard? Ok Mao, I'll get the Red Guards working on it...


Actually what you are saying makes no sense, you cannot put a leash on a persons entrepreneurial spirit and drive and still have political power remain small. Even if you could it would be to the detriment off all as you're giving away the opportunity to benefit from division of labor.


Unlike governments a corporation has never forced someone to use it's services nor has it the power to enslave someone or wage war... most problems they cause are due to government (eg historical Wall Street bailouts and access to money with distorted time preferences and opportunity costs which created a moral hazard causing the GFC). Government is the only thing we need to keep decentralised or non existant.

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Unlike governments a corporation has never forced someone to use it's services nor has it the power to enslave someone or wage war.

. . .Monsanto, Raytheon, GE, Xe & all its obfuscating psuedonyms spring immediately to mind, not to mention the banking corporations. . . also historically the East India Company setting the precedent.

and while I understand your noting that "government causes the problems" - most who do the "governing" are in paid service to those corporations, at this point in time it's really a chicken / egg conundrum.

getting rid of "government" will solve nothing unless you kill the corporations that steer it with fiat & promises of power.

(didn't junk you)

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East India Company was essentially a government arm, it was the archetypal mercantilist organisation, it's monopoly was enforced by military action and 19th century contra smuggling (Opium Wars). It was a creation of the ideas of bullionism and mercantilism some moron bureaucrats and thier paids for economists like Adam Smith dreamed up. Raytheon, GE, Xe etc.. all of them are contracted by a government, it defies all logic for a free market to demand the deadly goods and services these companies offer.


Yes as it stands those governing are in paid service to corporations but this is solely a fault of government. Without government not even a businessman as evil as Dr Evil or Mr Burns could force someone to use their deadly services.



edit: I didn't junk you either. And we don't need to kill corporations like GE, Xe, Monsanto, BAC, JPM, GS etc... if we could get rid of government and the anti competitive aspects it creates that allow for these mega congolmerates (IP, fiat money, crony contracts) they'll soon shrink back to size.

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There ain't gonna be no plan!

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It is human nature, man is doomed to repeat the cycle over and over again. It is a societal cycle. We are approaching the end of ours.

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Step one:  get control of the currency.

Step two:  stop the politicians from being purchased by limiting contributions.

Step three:  See step two.

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That's a rather nasty do-loop ya got there...

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The enlightened Europeons would never allow the bankers to fuck up their countries nor would they ever dream of living beyond their means. ROFLMAO

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1) German banks own Greek debt, so Greek debt = German risk.

2) many Americans (ie. Paris Hilton) have German ancestry, so what happened to industrious German culture?

3) Germany has tons of debt too. 19th in the world in 2010 with 80% debt-to-GDP ratio.

4) Why didn't Germans live within their means in early 20th century and instead invade rest of Europe....twice?



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You write from ignorance. 1914: Serb death squad, armed and trained by Russian and French Secret Services, invades Austrian Empire and kills Archduke....precisely in order to trigger destruction of an already-encircled Germany. 1939: Poles refuse to negotiate status of territory stolen from Germany at Versailles, 1919. Instead begin massacre of ethnic Germans. Hitler invades, Germany then backstabbed by Brits. How dare those beastly Huns fight back!!

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History is always written by the winner. Were there trials in Nuremberg for the servicemen and women involved in Dresden? Nagasaki? Their commanders? No.

Revisionism rules even now. How do you think they are going to spin the impending implosion?

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 wanklord  is a stupid animal, easy to manipulate and subdue. This rodent clearly fits in one of Leo Strauss'(*) categories of society: the Vulgar Single.

"The vulgar single, is a lover of sloth and ignorance. He is syphilis-ridden, uncouth, and narrow-minded. He can be inspired to rise above his filthy existence only by fear of impending discovery."

Doesn't spanking the monkey get a little tedious, you POS ??

* Deutche Apologist (1999-1973)


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Do you mean the same Leo Strauss who was considered the "Father of the Neocons" whose eonomic teachings were the pillars of Cheney, Bush, Feith, Perle, Libby, et al?

That Leo Strauss???

Oh boy, I hope everyone who posted already knew the history...

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you're conflating "the vulgar many" with the vulgar few.  

the "vulgar many" are as yet unawakened to reality and do not deserve your other accolades.

it is the vulgar few who better fit the slothful definition.  

"live beyond their means" is the predator's distraction and cover story.


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Classic! Mega-junks to shoot the messenger.

Hey, wank did not say that dummy junkers. And that was so many decades ago.

What a stinging indictment. Now the truth is that we are all Americans. American culture of which I noticed a particulary grating falsness is in greeters.

Everywhere in India now, stores, petrol pumps, a poor youngin with a plaztic smile, who's been schooled in the etiquette of false "Manners". CLoying, ugly culture, it needs to go.

American Culture and it's mavens are the true Vampire Squids on the world. It makes all this other nonsense possible.

Thank you Tavistick, Bernays, Hollywood, Jewery.... et. al.

Nice joke WB7. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhha!



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The smile you remark on is based on corporate interest, they are paid to wear it.

There is a difference between a freely given and genuine American smile and a mere contrivance.

Here is my real one for you ORI, no strings attached, guarantees or expectations of a return without proper receipt...



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Indeed it is NM, which was my gripe. The Cloying Corporate Smile.

Right back at ya!



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You have legitimate complaints, ORI, but among some Americans (and more in the old days), that type of attitude was authentic.

As for those who try to turn it into a fake sales tool... Well, add my complaints to yours. :(

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Indeed CH1. i just want to live in a real world again.

Enough fakery.


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Hear, hear. However today nearly everything is fake: fake money, fake news, fake smiles, fake promises, fake recovery, fake concern, fake boobs, hell even peoples proxy-lives are fake and many peoples dreams are fake. Sometimes makes you long to just settle down in the country side and grow some honest veggies with an honest woman and have some honest flight-from-reality with honest books.

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I prefer rope and lamposts...

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While I respect the craftsmanship and discipline that the Samurai sword evokes, I'm afraid I must admit that I'd be more comfortable with stabbing them with a Rapier- will that do?

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Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

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We all understand the sentiment.  On the one hand it seems all these money changers deserve death.  But I'm pure pacifist, so I'm torn. 

Who do members more admire and wish to emulate?  Bush or Ghandi? 




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Freedom does not require bloodshed, yet because of human nature it is inevitable.

Everything else is Utopia-yearning.

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Au contraire, it is knowing who to hold accountable ASAP, and then doing it = any sworn leader who commits a felony does life in prison ASAP. Unless we hold our leaders accountablre first; we work for them, not them for us.

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After you teach them how to get out of the cage, all bets are off for central planners.

Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr


An accelerated MBA program is in full operation, no cost to proles.


Zombie Americans have forgotten why 4th of July is a holiday!!! 

Happy 4th of July!!


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Give the bank monopoly the Icelandic finger. We don't need the credit they epic fail to provide; so we'll make our own credit wet with local love.

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+5... Correct Analysis
We don't need violence. We simply need to collectively give the ruling bankster oligarchy and their toady, worthless, corrupt, douche-baggery of a political class the finger...

Do you still want or "need" a corporate or Wall Street job?
Then you still want to be a slave... You're not there yet... Stop buying corporate crap... stop participating in their schemes...

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"I need a jahb. Computers took my jahb. When will the President make more jahbs?"

The producers are ready and willing; no need for comfort, they create because they must; creation is happiness for them. 

A producer is not afraid of labor cuts or "downsizing".

Learn a skill, save the world.

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Only way to do that is to withdraw consent and leave the country, and preferably the anglosphere.


Or ...well, there's something else you could do.  But you won't do it and I won't bother mentioning it.

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barter your skills as much as possible and watch your taxes go down and down with less income in $$ stated

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One of the best articles, by one of the best minds, economist and historian Prof. Michael Hudson, on the situation in Greece ~ and debt slavery in general:

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Have you guys seen this? I hope he goes through with it. Props to him for taking action. Now if the rest of us could just grow a pair.

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Bank shenanigans. Similar to above:  I'll do the same with mine.