Democrat Senators Ask NRC For Safety Review Of All US Nuclear Plants

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Ironically, hot on the heels of the earlier report by the Union of Concerned Scientists that the NRC had been lax in its oversight of various US nuclear facilities, noting the Indian Point NPP where the UCS alleged there had been a potentially dangerous seal leak since 1993, two democratic senators have asked the NRC to review the safety of all US Nuclear Plants.

From Reuters:

Two Democratic senators said they have asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to review the capacity of the country's nuclear plants to withstand disasters in the wake of the Japan crisis.

Senators Barbara Boxer and Tom Carper asked for the review in a letter to the chairman of the NRC, Gregory Jaczko.

Ironically it was the very same Jaczko who stepped up earlier telling a commission that it could take weeks to resolve Japan's nuclear crisis. This is arguably the understatement of the day.