As Denmark Reintroduces Border Controls, Is The Heart Of Europe - Its Customs Union - About To Flatline?

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Ha ha, oh wow.

So, what's the over/under on the time to the next European war?

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No need for war. Bankers will learn forgiveness.

Oh wait they totally won't. Ever.

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You mean internal or external? Externally, i cannot imagine them being THAT stupid to start ANOTHER war.... it is already braindead to wage war on one country, while the own "country" is falling apart.... but TWO? I'm not sure they're that stupid.... but whenever i say something like this, it seems humans want to prove me wrong.

As for internal wars (inter-country).... as far as i know, there is no popular support for something like this at all.... at least not for the eurozone. Civil war -> intervention -> one big mess....  may however be a possibility.

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Sure, but how long before all that shit is forgotten, especially given the building resentment by the hardworking folks in Germany for the shiftless layabouts in the rest of the Eurozone?

I give it ten years, myself.  That is, unless all the smaller states develop nuclear programs before then.

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Denmark setting up border checkpoints IS big news.


O/T tmosley, you may have missed my gasoline price (my nearest gas station) comments on another thread earlier today:

Late last week: $4.15

Sunday: $4.09

Tuesday: $4.19

I see no pattern there.

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You are right.  The oil price needs to STAY down to drive down gas.  It came back up too quickly.  If by some miracle current prices are sustained for two or more weeks, you should see gas come down significantly IF old trends hold.  Who knows if that is the case any more?  After all--this is "world falls apart" night on ZH.

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Remember that there is a difference between the EU and the Euro/EMU(European Monetary Union). The main issue with europe, is the euro, and how debt and debt-rating is handled. Phrased another way, the main problem is the currency-peg called euro, and the export/import schizm. Fixing those issues... even by amputation.... does not require dissolving the EU, just the EMU.

As for germany... a lot of things can happen in 10 years. However, you would need a LOT of reprogramming of germans, for them to not feel uneasy about invading another country. I think you can guess why.

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The wars are raging. Try to buy a BMW in Germany and register it in France. By the time you get through the red tape you have white hair and you need to trade in. Borderless economies?

It looks like it's gonna get worse

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Yup. Border controls are in place, even though they are not, if you knwo what I mean.

Try buying anythign abroad and registering it in India. For the cost of overcomng the red-tape, you may as well not bother. Of course, if you are rich/connected, borders do not exist.

Just like everywhere in the world. There are three sets of rules.

For the haves, the have nots and the never haves.

Anyway, Denmark is a very closed nation. Almost Xenophobic. Closed people too. They are the test case for the Eu (remember the Muhammad cartoon fiasco?). The reaction will be interesting, for sure.


ZeroPower's picture

Very true about the Danes; and as for the latter point, from what i hear of my close Indian friends, they say they wouldn't think of going to an office without some sort of bribe to get their way. Of course, they are the haves.

Oh regional Indian's picture

That is how it works here in India Zero. Bribes are built in, which is seriously frustrating. Can't stand it. People justify them as 'it is how it is", but I don't buy it.

And I've been to and lived with danes and had a Danish GF in college. They are totally socially controlled creatures. Coddled with years of state sponsored college, future looked after and tons of subtle "twists" in their world-view, just like Japan, that make them naturally xenophobic.


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The Muhammed cartoon fiasco? I'll inform you right now how that went down: There were a set of cartoons published in a danish newspaper. These mocked the prophet Mohammed, but not outside the traditional light hearted mockery of any religious icons. Some muslim activists then put these cartoons, but also other cartoons that they've collected elsewhere (they said these were sent to them), into a collection (binders) and took to several muslim countries, starting with Egypt. They then presented the whole to the imams, as if these were published in newspapers. This was incorrect. The cartoons that they added (and were NOT published in any newspaper) were very insulting, depicting Mohammed as having sex with a dog, Mohammed as a pig, and it was these that resulted in a concerted protest and subsequent public burning of danish flags. The cartoon that had the dog was even not from any danish source, but was an altered (photoshopped) french cartoon that had been around for at least a decade.

The newspaper was then ordered by the government to retract all support for the published cartoons, which they refused, on the basis of freedom of speech.

There's a very deep and strong tradition of mocking religion here in europe, since the (devastating) religious wars, europeans have been free to use mockery as a political weapon (Erasmus), as most religious movements do have political clout. Therefore restrictions on the freedom to mock are seen as direct assaults on the freedom of speech, and are treated as such.
Danmark is a closed country in many ways (as for currency, and economy) but very open in many other. To state it's xenophobic is to say you don't understand it at all. It has, like scandinavian countries and my own Netherlands, a strong anti-racism group, and will not tolerate persecution based on race.

So please see the issue for what it is? It was a concerted effort to raise a conflict over freedom of speech versus religious laws (Sharia) that the orthodox muslims like to adhere to, and wish to implement in european countries as well. (Their representatives stated this here publically.)

Thank you.

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Reptil - I appreciate your post.  Just at the very end you sound a little xenophobic.  Let me explain why.  I live in a Non-Christian country.  Christian missionaries bribe poverty stricken converts by for example offering free university attendance in some cases.  They pollute the country-side with large yellow metal signs, written in the local script, selling their cause.  Often, these are nailed high into the few remaining giant trees by the roads.  Christian missionaries are usually trying to convert the whole world.  Often they say this publicly. 

Even on American TV.  In fact, they're raising donations using that theme.

So the West has gone around the world for centuries now, telling people how to believe.  When somebody comes to the West and tries to do the same, westerners get to appreciate the experience for a change.


-Michelle-'s picture

I'll consider your point when the nuns start beheading people who refuse to convert.

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When somebody comes to the West and tries to do the same, westerners get to appreciate the experience for a change.

Not only that. We get to appreciate our own elected governments spending our tax money on supporting, protecting and defending those people so they can live in the style they are used to back home, never bother to learn the language because the state gets an interpreter or even get a job or stop acting/dressing so funny so that anyone would hire them. Because making any demands on our "guests" is, apparently, Racist!

The Danes hate *all* religious interference inro their daily life with a vengeance. The 30 years war is stil remembered in a way - then some politicians want to bring all that crap back. Of course people will resist.

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The wars are raging. Try to buy a BMW in Germany and register it in France. By the time you get through the red tape you have white hair and you need to trade in. Borderless economies?


That's "just" buerocracy. Europe and especially germany loves that.

In the case of germany, it is also the reason why the overall mentality is so "docile": They love "the machine". Every problem gets solved by building a machine, including social machines, with people becoming cogs of the machine. Even when germans are fucking angry, they are merely strongly "asking" "those above" for changes to the machine. This way, the population and politics get strongly abstracted away from each other... germans  cannot imagine doing politics themselves, nor can they imagine directly interacting with politics: Everything and everyone has its role and function - and sticks to it.

This does make them very "civilized" and "proper" people... they are quite possibly the most unproblematic culture to do business with, precisely because they tend to play according to the rules. It also makes them highly incompetent doing anything without a bloated machine.... or god forbid, rootlevel overhauls.

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They may need space to puke, never forget.

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Bolivia is charging Americans $135 for a tourist visa. It's about time the Danes protect themselves from the wave of Americans.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

That's really stupid of Bolivia.

"Lo siento, Evo, voy a otro pais y dejo mis dolares alli"

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

I guess Evo prefers to stay away from radioactive currencies, lol.

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Don't recall any American telling me about their fabulous Bolivian vacation.  Peru, Chile, Brazil, yes.

Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela ... no.

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Chile and Argentina as well. Its more about reciprocity though its still stupid.

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Possibly by 2015.  If it doesn't happen by then, look for it to start maybe 2060 (during the next Kondratiev winter).  I am guessing it will be Fascists vs. Muslims.  No way they can support exponential hordes of dole babies that turn into unemployed, alienated youth.  The PC fantasyland is doomed.  There will be widespread deportations/concentration camps and a general war of Europe vs. the Middle East.  The NWO will try to false-flag America into the war but we should stay out of it. 

Bringin It's picture

Well if history is any guide, we won't.  Stay out that is.

The NWO will try to false-flag America into the war but we should stay out of it.

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The next war in Europe will be the Europeans taking their sovereignties back and kicking the USA, their shitty multicultural society and the muslims out of the continent.


Léonard's picture

The Rivkin project found in Wi kileaks : how the USA are using the muslims and multiculturalism to take over France

(In French. Google chrome is your friend)

russki standart's picture

Fuck the stinky cheese eating Danes, for pointing out the obvious, that the EU is dysfunctional.

TheGreatPonzi's picture

The Danes don't eat much cheese, except their gouda, which most French people find disgusting. 

knukles's picture

Which is all fair as most Danes find the French disgusting.

TheGreatPonzi's picture

No, seriously, it has a very acrid and obnoxious taste. The best cheeses in the world are Cantal and Tomme, without contest. 

knukles's picture

Likewise, the Danes find the French to be very obnoxious and acerbic.

taisen's picture

Are you two of Danish descent, or are you just ranting on ?

Sophist Economicus's picture

I do like Cantal (french styled cheddar, right?) - but i prefer the goat cheeses from the southern regions...

Bay of Pigs's picture

The hell with cheese. Where's the aquavit?



robertocarlos's picture

Are you from the part of the world that doesn't know the difference between Denmark and Holland? That would almost be the whole world.

Danish cheese is Havarti and a few other stinky kinds that taste very good.

TheGreatPonzi's picture

My (big) mistake. I was quite asleep.

akak's picture

Havarti with dill, served with smoked salmon on some nice rye flatbread --- heaven!

Mad Cow's picture

Oh! Now you're talkin.

Reptil's picture

Ehmm no, danish people eat some cheese (danish blue is a Roquefort clone, perhaps you meant that), Gouda cheese is dutch, not stinky at all, and french people have no qualms about that, but prefer their own (much more stinky) local cheese varieties. Tasted some french cheezes that emit a smell you can lean on. Things that have a look and smell you or I have never encountered. And the fun thing is, each region has their own particular disgusting but delicious culinairy experience. Excellent with a full body bordeaux. Spanish don't like stinky cheezes at all. Detest it. Forget about importing any of these. They'll set of the biohazard alarms. An innocent Cheddar won't even make it into the UK.

Cheers! (or is that Cheese!)

fajensen's picture

Spanish don't like stinky cheezes at all - Yeah? Is it not Spain who has this cheese that is made by letting maggots eat it and shit it back out ;-)

Léonard's picture

Oh ! the Clichés....

You'll find gouda in every supermarkets and on many tables in France.

Jasper M's picture

If memory serves, the Danes (like the Brits) never adopted the Euro, either.

nonclaim's picture

Correct, they stand on solid ground to say this land is mine.

legal eagle's picture

It is about the towel heads, multiculturalism has not worked, anyone welcome if you integrate

pesamystik's picture

No kidding. And multiculturalism is working real well here in the U.S. too. What a joke.

digalert's picture

ding ding ding, Many people don't want to admit it.

Manthong's picture

No problem, we're just screaming for more middle east and african moslems here.


ZeroPower's picture

The real problem is those fucking towel heads come into the EU thinking its their own arabia and are welcome to the exact same customs back home, WHILE taking all sort of unemployment benefits and medical insurance cause theyve squatted in their little piece of sand in the park for long enough to get a residency pass or, even worse, a passport.

FYI - no issues with the work hard folk of the MENA; its the others that ruin it for everyone.

zelter's picture

Why is anyone welcome if they "integrate," i.e., cause ethnic cleansing of the native population already suffering a below-replacement birthrate? As an European living under a gigantic supranational police state set out to do just that, "integrate" us all, I am terrified of it and its political supporters (even if they falsely juxtapose the two ethnic cleansing flavours of "integration" and "multiculturalism"). Is it because your depraved humanist philosophy is so narrow-minded that you consider all humans to be fungible goods with no real ethnic and genetic interests?