Department Of Labor Comes Begging: Hilda Solis Asks For Extension Of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program

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Not even two full days have passed since the announcement of what will become the single biggest monetary stimulus/experiment in the history of the world (since anything that never ends is by definition "biggest"), and here come the fiscal aid panhandlers. In an email just sent out by the Derpatment of Labor, Hilda Solia has officially requested an extension of the EUC program which is expiring in November and which will leave 2 million unemployed Americans without insurance benefits after November (and 6 million by the end of next year). Obviously this plea for fiscal heroin will be granted: how else can the country that has now become a utopian experiment in socialist-fascist fusion, supposed to delude the world that 42 million Americans on food stamps are actually not going to benefit from Ben Bernake's actions? And after all, if the DOL is denied, how else will the bankers defend themselves when 60 million cold and hungry Americans come knocking on their door, asking for a little of that $3+ trillion of Fed luvin'?

WASHINGTON — Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis issued the following statement on the October 2010 Employment Situation report released today:

"This past October, nonfarm payroll employment increased by 151,000 jobs, with 159,000 jobs added in the private sector. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.6 percent.

"One year ago, I reported an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent — the highest rate we had seen since 1983. Since then, the actions taken by the Obama administration have lowered unemployment by half a point, reflecting in more than 1.1 million jobs created in the private sector this year.

"While the economy continues to grow, there is more work that needs to be done to get Americans back to work. Everyone agrees on the problem. Both parties must now come together to solve it.

"With millions of Americans still looking for work, now is not the time to cut key safety net programs like Unemployment Insurance. The Emergency Unemployment Compensation program is set to expire at the end of November. If that happens, 2 million people will lose benefits in December and 6 million by the end of next year.

"While we are on the path of job creation, we cannot forget the millions of Americans who, through no fault of their own, are still unemployed and looking for work. Safety net programs like the Unemployment Insurance program have long been known to be a cost-effective way of keeping families afloat during difficult economic periods, while also serving to boost the overall economy.

"With nearly five job seekers for every job opening, many people will necessarily have to rely on the Unemployment Insurance system until the economy returns to pre-recession levels. We should not allow Americans to suffer when they have done nothing wrong.

"Making progress on the very serious problems facing this country will require everyone to put politics aside and work together to continue to create jobs, grow the economy and provide temporary help to those who are looking for work. I look forward to playing a constructive role in that process."


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I'd rather Ben gave 600 b to her than the punk banksters

VK's picture

Bailouts are never for the little guy.

MarketTruth's picture

Exactly! Look at who OWNS the private bank called the Federal Reserve (just as 'Federal' as Federal Express per se). Notice those that seem to benefit the most are the members who privately own the Federal Reserve. This is, of course, not a coincidence.

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As of this post, the word "fuck," or some variant thereon, appears below a total of 34 times. Raises the heat, but not the meat, of the discourse.

Just saying.







AssFire's picture

I'd prefer no one "giving" any $$ to anyone.

Ben didn't "give" shit to anyone- he simply stole that money from anyone stupid enough to own Dollars instead PHYSICAL of Gold, Sliver or Platinum..

But I'm sure the leaches will find a way to tax anything but physical gold.

They had better not try to demand it back...that won't happen again.

Aristarchan's picture

So you are saying if you are too poor to own gold you are stupid?  I don't own gold because the shit is going to crash one of these days, and any idiot holding on to it is gonna get killed. Well....that is the reason I put out on the blogs...the real reason is I am too poor and stupid to buy gold bricks at $250,000.00 a, I think I will buy gold coins, they are pretty, and are sold by crooks for a multiple of their melt value. Get fucking real.

Double.Eagle.Gold's picture

We'll provide you with silver at or near melt, and gold at a very modest premium that is certainly NOT many multiples of melt.

Check our store for contact information, here.

RockyRacoon's picture

It is apparent that you are upset over something, but it's not gold.  Don't be too hard on yourself -- or others.   One does not have to be rich to own something of value, including a little gold or silver.   A skipped meal at the local restaurant would have bought you a nice American Silver Eagle coin.   Go to a local coin/stamp shop (if one is close enough) and take a peek at the small, reasonably priced offerings instead of going to the mall, filling up at the food court, and buying something that is going to show up in your next garage sale.   I'm not saying you do these things; apply the theory to your own life style.  The exaggeration ($250K) is a normal over-reaction.  Attributing poor investment characteristics to an inert metal is not an argument.  But something is wrong when a normal statement (AssFire's comment) garners an abnormal response.  There is more at work than the obvious.  You can say you are too broke today, but were you always that broke? Perhaps a bit of shame for not doing what you know you should have in the past?  I don't know.  But it's not about gold.

FYI:  I see no reason to junk your comment since you were just reacting with emotion rather than offering a valid logical argument.

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You are right: it is old socialist/Jewish mentality to steal from somebody else and share some of your loots with stupid & greedy masses.

This is exactly what comrade Lenin urged Russian people to do before taking over the power. This lasted just 12-18 months and followed by a civil war and by a brutal slaughter of 15 millions people in the next 2-3 years. Unfortunately, this criminal, barbaric regime lasted too long thanks to the US help and assistance.

At least socialist-fascist Hitler offered to German people a stable and growing economy without civil war and massive extermination of its own people.

In any case, it is a big mistake to call the present US regime as having fascist tendencies. No, we are moving more in a Jewish/Bolshevik bloody utopia to follow very soon.  Unfortunately, there are no any other way out.


Pemaquid's picture

Does anyone know what percentage of the gold (that was in circulation) was actually turned in?  I have heard there was only 30% compliance.

Yits and the Yimrum's picture

"60 million cold and hungry Americans come knocking on their door, asking for a little of that $3+ trillion of Fed luvin'? "


Mc-luvin it Tyler, Mc-luvin it bitchez!

200 dollars buys a lot of ramon noodles, or as I like to call the packaged "foods", scrappie snacks!


DarkMath's picture

Ben buying 600 Billion in US Treasury debt will give the bankers "the vig" of about %3. That leaves about %97 that goes to us, you, me and every American in one form or another.

Bankers are bafoons but "We the People" should deserve %97 of the blame. But just like it's impossible for the government to blame itself for our current troubles, "We the People" can't take any responsibility either. We've got no one to blame but ourselves.

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11-06-10:  16:35 PST:  After reading all the posts I conclude the bootstrapers outnumber people of other viewpoints so I assume that the unemployment benefits will not be extended unless it's in the lame duck congress.  If the democrats do extend the benefits in said congress I suggest that they only extend them until February 2011 and then let the republicans get tagged for the predictable consequences they can't see coming when they end them.  This is going to be soooo ugly.

Bill D. Cat's picture

Straw , camel's back , some assembly required .

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

This is what one might call a conumdrum.....

Bill D. Cat's picture

While we're on the subject , this couldn't possibly have any negative impacts on the foreclosure mess ....... could it ?

braveneweconomy's picture

They always extend this. Didn't this happen last summer? If you're printing money, why not keep it going until people can find jobs. We are seeing some growth in jobs now and it should continue with the new stimulus. Let's keep people from going under while job growth accelerates.

goldsaver's picture

Are you new?

Extending unemployment benefits extends the amount of time people stay unemployed. Please go back and read Economics in one lesson by Hazlett. Specifically the chapter on unemployment insurance.

dark pools of soros's picture

6 months should be the limit..  anything more and they become less and less hirable anyhow..

midtowng's picture

True, but irrelevant. You are looking at it backwards.

Almost half of all the unemployed are going to be out of work at least 6 months. Are you going to simply write them off? Can any society accept millions of people never working again, and receiving no benefits?

Janice's picture

Yes, write them off.  From desperation comes inspiration.  Out of desperation, many of these people will start small businesses and the whole society will be better off for their hardship & endurance.  They will work hard, learn new skills, better themselves and us.  Strength from perseverance.  Been there, done that, now have 2 Bachelor's Degrees and a professional license.  Yes, write them off. 

Aristarchan's picture

Maybe true......and I hope to crow like you if I get the opportunity to write you and your kids.

goldsaver's picture

Ok, lets assume that it is a good thing to give the unemployed money to live with. I dont agree, but lets go there. riddle me this:

1. Where in the Constitution does the Federal Government has the authority to steal food out of my kid's mouth to put it in yours? And don't say is not taking money from me. Devaluing the dollar thru inflation is a tax on savers and producers.

2. How does providing money to someone motivates them to get a job? Or new skills?

3. How is giving my money to the unemployed not a malinvestment?

4. How are those receiving my money for sitting at home, or attending little league games or practicing their hobbies any better than the fat cat banksters picking my pocket? Are they not also thieves?


"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money"

Aristarchan's picture

Answer me this....what makes you so fucking special?

goldsaver's picture

So, since that is how you choose to my fucking money! Not yours to decide what to do with it. What makes me so fucking special? I earned it jackass!

Vernon Wormer's picture

Amen. The wife and I live on half of what we make because those assholes in govenment believe we need 'to spread the wealth'. We are not wealthy and at 50 cents on the dollar, we won't be any time soon.

Absinthe Minded's picture

Personally, I think if you want unemployment you should have to work for the state doing whatever they need done. Picking up trash, cleaning public buildings, mowing lawns, there are plenty of things that aren't being done due to budget shortfalls. Have them do work for the state 3-4 days a week and look for a job the rest of the week, allowing flex hours for interviews. Anybody on the dole for more than 6 months should be drug tested if they still want to collect. That will weed out the losers bleeding the system dry. Yes, I know, that would be demeaning to them. I know if I were unemployed I would feel guilty collecting a check for doing nothing. I hope and pray it never happens. I'm not cold hearted, I know there are a lot of hard working people out there unemployed. These are the cards we're dealt and something should be done to make the best of a bad situation. 

Ancona's picture

+10 A.M.

I run a small business with between sixty five and seventy five employees [depending on work back-log] and have to drug test before and during employment to maintain decent liability insurance and vehicle insurance rates. Do I like invading peoples privacy? No. Do I really care if some of my employees went out on friday and blew a joint? No. But my insurer does. So, I am left with little choice in the matter and drug test them, so that I can remain competetive.

In order to get my money, they have to submit to random drug testing, or get fired. It really is a simple formula.

When the notion of drug testing those who recieve benefits, i.e. welfare comes up in conversation, progressives start screaming about personal privacy rights and discrimination, but you never hear these same idiots scream about random drug tresting and pre-emplouyment testing that goes on every day in every state.

dark pools of soros's picture

-420  :`(

very true and spot on.  Lifers get to blow free money on drugs and then free care when shit goes sour.. of course not all of them which is why they should be tested for the free dough if the employed are subject to it.


weed should be exempt since no one is racking up hospital bills being baked but that takes this on a different track of discussion from the very good one here about unemployment benis


midtowng's picture

So the reason you pay so much in taxes isn't because of: a) trillions spent on useless wars, b) trillions spent bailing out wealthy bankers, c) hundreds of billions spent bailing out the housing market, d) hundreds of billions spent on the useless War on some Drugs, e) uncounted amounts of money spent on services like police, firefighters, and the roads you drive on.

Nope, the reason you get taxed so much is because Doug, down the street, got laid off and has the temerity to ask for unemployment insurance.

God I hate Doug.

RockyRacoon's picture

Answer me this....what makes you so fucking special?

Aristarchan, is see that  you are quite new to ZH.  Of course, you could have been just a casual reader for some time.  You came here for something.  Perhaps to learn or get some new tools.  In order for your time here to be productive you'll have to give some credence to other opinions, regardless of how much they may clash with yours.   If you are here to let off some steam then you'll find your stay here to be less than productive.   Don't be harsh to people who respond emotionally, as you seem to be inclined to do.   As I outlined to you above, try to maintain some perspective -- and be teachable.  You'll have a great time at ZH if you do.  What's really on your mind?

Cathartes Aura's picture

having read some of your late night "altered state" creative writing jags. . .

you're not all that.

Janice's picture


I sincerely hope that you have that opportunity to write me off.  I promise, that which doesn't break me, makes me stronger.

Aristarchan's picture

My intention of course, would be to break you.

Janice's picture

One time I told my husband that I was going to cut him off.  He replied, you can't because you don't know where I get it from.  I would say the same to you, you don't have the capacity to break me, because you don't know where I get my strength from.  There is a new ZH post, I'm moving on.  : )

Kryten451's picture

LOL, precious dialoge !

Minion's picture

She's right - this principle is part of the Carnegie Secret, of burning bridges behind you and forcing yourself not to surrender......  thoughts of poverty happen automatically, but thoughts of wealth take effort, a BURNING DESIRE and consuming obsession for success.  Money is attracted to itself, and when people get it for free, they don't value it, nor do they need to give anything of value for it....


Oracle of Kypseli's picture

All my unemployed friends and acquaintances also work off the books and make good money.

This puts more strain on unemployment and on tax receipts.

We are doomed. Bernanke should be pumping money to the people, not the banks. 

sschu's picture

I own a small employment services business, the stories are endless about people who will not work because they do not want to risk their "benefits".  Despite explaining to them that working simply extends their bennies, not ends them they are adamant, no thanks to work.

People getting bennies and working for cash, especially construction contractors, is very common.  I read where it is estimated that 50% of this category are double dipping.  I cannot say I blame them given the taxes and risk required to have employees, and the inconsistency of work, but this soooo distorts the market for labor.  We are like Greece in small construction right now. 

At the same time there are those who are in real need, who really are not employable.  A just and empathetic society needs to have an option for these folks.  Starvation and homelessness are not reasonable answers to the problem, but given our dilemma will be the likely result no matter the solution chosen by our leaders.  Government is not the entity to make these judgements. 

Tough issue, but the status quo is unworkable and will bankrupt us.


dark pools of soros's picture

gotta teach people to farm and then not have a million rolls of red tape to block the sale of goods... its not like the food that is approved ain't killing us anyway


if burger king can sell their poison why there would be any hurdles for a farmer I will never know...

Cathartes Aura's picture

in agreement with teaching people to co-create their own food (farm, garden, chickens, goats, rabbits, etc.). . .

with regards fast-fud-poison, your answer is in your sentence. . . in a corporate state, anything non-corporate is terroristic, hmm.

Cursive's picture

All my unemployed friends and acquaintances also work off the books and make good money.

This puts more strain on unemployment and on tax receipts.

We are doomed. Bernanke should be pumping money to the people, not the banks. 

You are so correct.  We have so many market distortions, only a complete breakdown would solve them all.  Maybe that breakdown is now, maybe 50 years hence, but we can't continue with all of these defined benefit plans when the bvery beneficiaries of these plans are heavily engaged in a black market economy.


jm's picture

What you say is true.  And people will finally have to settle for jobs that pay less that what they think they "deserve".  Then they will adjust their lives to live within their means.

God forbid we have something like living within one's means going on.

Now throwing money at idleness...brilliant!

Troy Ounce's picture


Yeah, the famous American animal spirit everybody is waiting for and all desperate men are the same? There are people who will....out of desperation...and unable to feed their kids...resort to extremism, violence and ask for new leaders with guns or blow themselves us in your favourite Mcdonalds. That will be the day you will proudly announce your new government job to become the Obersturmgruppenfuehrer in town with the task to throw desperate people in jail. After all, they have been written of and are a nuisance. Cunt.