Deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali Said To Have Fled Country With 1.5 Tons Of Gold

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Not shares of AAPL, not freeze dried MREs, not shotguns shells, not even €45 million European pieces of linen in a suitcase... Gold. And one wonders why all the physical silver and gold is slowly but surely disappearing from the distributors: someone should really check the cargo hold of Lloyd's, Jamie's and Vikram's G-6 planes...and of course the extra cargo holds in the private helicopter squadron of that "other" Ben, elsewhere now known lovingly with the adjective of Blackhawk (f/k/a Helicopter).

From Le Monde (Google translated):

The family of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia would have fled with 1.5 tons of gold. It is an assumption of the French secret services, who try to understand how the day ended on Friday 14 January, which saw the departure of President and his family and the downfall of his regime.

According to information gathered in Tunis, Leila Trabelsi , the president's wife allegedly went to the Bank of Tunisia to look for gold bars. The governor refused. M me Ben Ali had called her husband, who had also initially refused, then surrendered. She then flew to Dubai, according to French news before leaving for Jeddah. "It seems that the wife of Ben Ali is a party with gold" , said a senior French official. "1.5 tonnes gold, that makes 45 million euros" , translated source.

Mr. Ben Ali, he does not believe his fall as fast. For proof, according to Paris, he recorded a new speech, which has not had time to appear. He would not leave the country voluntarily but would have been impeached. The army and the chief of staff who refused to fire on the crowd, have, according to European intelligence services played a leading role in the removal of Mr. Ben Ali.

It seems at least one person was smart enough to take heed in the Fed's just declassified records on what the surging price of gold means for food price inflation... and for popular revolutions derived therefrom.

The mode of departure of Mr. Ben Ali has also uncertainties. He seems to have found in the airspace of Malta, without a flight plan determined, stating that he did not, in his hasty departure from Tunisia, a precise destination. An Italian source said that the aircraft would not receive permission to land on the island. According to another hypothesis, the deposed president had left by helicopter for Tunis Malta, where he recovered his plane.

At least we now know that following the upcoming banking kleptocracy's
exodus from the US, Malta may well be the newest destination location
for every stripper in a 50 miles radius of Manhattan.

And like that Tunisia's official gold holdings (as per the WGC) are down by 23%:

h/t Cate Long

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But he can't eat it.


hamurobby's picture

yea but I bet the baggage handlers were pissed.

I can see it now... "how many bags sir?"

 "just four, do you have a fork lift?"

66Sexy's picture

gold: because its the international currency. plus gold can be used for untraceable bribes... just ask our representatives in washington about that one...

Fish Gone Bad's picture

This is just like the Marcos's departure from the Phillipines, only with gold.

Trimmed Hedge's picture

"This is just like the Marcos's departure from the Phillipines, only with shoes."



Golden monkey's picture

Greedy bullionsless stupid (arabic) monkey.

fleur de lis's picture

Check this out -- these gold-napping stunts have been going on for a long, long time. It's a wonder we still function as a country with DC being nothing but a rats' nest of marauders and pirates.

Gold...Bitches's picture

yea but I bet the baggage handlers were pissed.

Wrong.  Think how much 'baggage' goes missing on US airlines.  This is Tunisia we are talking about.

High Plains Drifter's picture

It was probably on pallets, and under heavy guard. Baggage handlers never saw one thing, nor did they want to see it.

Pladizow's picture

All these countries hold gold to appease the Annanuki upon their return!

Dr. Gonzo's picture

Dam aliens planning on stealing all our gold. I hope the mother ship doesn't have the towing capacity to take the silver too. 

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

The Annunaki also like our women as well. That pic that Robot posted yesterday of that beauty with all that gold on her better start carrying around some alien contraceptives if she doesn't want to have a mutant human/annunaki spawn growing inside of her!

TuesdayBen's picture

Actually, I believe Ben Ali could have avoided baggage-handling fees since just one carry-on bag might get the job done, as I believe 1.5 tons of gold would be a 16"-sided cube...

SayTabserb's picture

Pretty close. Gold weights 1204 lbs. per cubic foot, so 3,000 lbs (1.5 tons) is about 2.5 cubic feet.  A standard gold bar weighs about 30 lbs, so 100 of them will also get the job done. Just buy an extra seat and leave Mrs. Ali in Jeddah.

bunkermeatheadprogeny's picture

The article spells ton as tonnes, as in a metric ton, which is 1,000 kilos, or 2,205 lbs.

f16hoser's picture

That was funny!



goldfish1's picture

3,000 pounds? Ain't easy to haul around.

High Plains Drifter's picture

Its probably gold plated tungsten bars......Duh !!!

blunderdog's picture

Bravo.  That's some funny stuff.  Chemgeek humor!

Sudden Debt's picture

no no, the have the FED & US gov. markings on them...


Golden monkey's picture

Bars substitution can and will be done.

Fanatic's picture

Yes, he can. Will take som time, though.

Gold is food additive E175.

malikai's picture

Dietary restrictions : 
None, E175 can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.

Thank god for that! I was afraid gold was unsuitable for vegans.

knukles's picture

A lady at a Rotary luncheon was having trouble deciding between the pasta or chicken and a friend asked he why she'd consider the chicken at all as she's a vegan.  To which vegan lady replied that she was only a part time vegan.  And I pointed out that it was thus OK to have the pork rind sandwich as pigs eat vegetables and are thus vegetarians.

See the shit I have to put up with out here in California? 

Dr. Sandi's picture

I was at a middling nice restaurant tonight. One corner of the menu had "Vegetarian and Light Fare." Included was the Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe. Now that's MY kind of Vegetarian food!

Bacon Cheeseburger, the antidote to the Vegan scourge.

midtowng's picture

He left over 5 tonnes behind.

alagon's picture

*golf clap*

well played you witty son of a bitch.

Onohymagin's picture

Sounds like most of Tunisia has that problem. Eating that is.

Hephasteus's picture

Things HAVE changed. Saddamn Heusiin found in a hole with breifcases full of dollars. Now we find them with gold. Dollars fucked.

MarketTruth's picture

And just a few years ago rappers wanted to be paid in Euro (not dollars) and flashed them in music videos. Now it is gold... bitches!!!

knukles's picture

Ha ha ha hah.  Dumbassfucktards.


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He's got more gold than Fort Knox for sure.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

According to some estimates, half of the people on ZH have more than Fort Knox. 8-P

Al Gorerhythm's picture

If the USA has 73.9% of its reserves held as gold and australia has 8.1% of gold held in its reserves, what has Australia got as "other" reserves that places its currency on par with the US? There are only 25million people in that country and yet their economy and currency is on par. Something seems out of kilter. Either the US has no gold and the market is discounting that, or the Australians have more gold than they are willing to admit. Maybe there are other reasons, but it just seems odd.

Perhaps the fact that everyone knows that the dollar is an options contract, and when time deterioration is taken into account, the dollar's value as a reserve asset (Australia and the world hold trillions) will eventually expire at zero. That should make the Aussie trump the USD (as a commodity backed currency). Deep storage bitches. Thae fact that it is not redeemable either, puts it in the same boat. The race to Zero is on. Does anyone know which currency option expires worthless first?

BigJim's picture

If the USA has 73.9% of its reserves held as gold and australia has 8.1% of gold held in its reserves, what has Australia got as "other" reserves that places its currency on par with the US?


It's not what Australia's got - it's what Australia hasn't got - an overinflated currency being further depreciated by a mad beardman.

trav7777's picture

Oz has coal, diamonds, gold, minerals, NG...

Mentaliusanything's picture

Other Hard currencies - Coal Uranium bauxite Iron ore Gold in natural state Loads of LNG wheat sugar cotton oil and lots of empty land that no one knows WHF's under the surface.

Oh yeah - its such a good place they are trying to swim over the Timor sea to get all the Free Cheese.

Cleanclog's picture

That's a lot of moolah.  Why wouldn't the  Saudis want him!

Cleanclog's picture

Diamonds, emeralds and enriched uranium still the way to go though, on a weight basis.

BigJim's picture

It's hard to get the enriched stuff through customs, in my experience.

Budd Fox's picture

Besides customs..Isn't that lead lined suit you have to constantly wear with enriched uranium a real bugger??

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One thing is for sure. No more adult beverages will be served for the duration of this stay there.

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I'll give him $500 an ounce.


Take it or leave it....

mt paul's picture

i'll give him 5000 RMB an oz ..


take it or leave it....



MarketTruth's picture

i'll give him $100,000,000,000,000 ($100 trillion) Zimbabwe an ounce.

Hulk's picture

I'll nail his hands to a board, using maple leafs as washers, and take his fingers and thumbs down a quarter inch at a time with a meat cleaver until he gives it up...

topcallingtroll's picture steal from a thief. The torture is just an added bonus.