Disapproval Of Obama's Handling Of The Economy Hits Record

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In case anyone was wondering why Goolsbee was the latest sacrifice at the altar of public discontent with Obama's economic "policies" here it is: "Americans' disapproval of how President Barack Obama is handling the economy and its growing budget deficit has reached new highs amid broad frustration over the slow pace of economic recovery, according to a Washington Post-ABC New poll released on Tuesday. The ratings Obama's approval rating bounced to 56 immediately after bin Laden was killed last month. Fifty-nine percent, a new high, gave Obama negative marks for his handling of the economy, up from 55 percent a month earlier. Obama's approval rating on the deficit issue hit a new low of 33 percent, down 6 points since April. The state of the economy poses a huge challenge for the president, whose re-election in 2012 may depend on his ability to convince voters that his economic policies have been successful." Unfortunately Goolsbee's departure means that the one sacrificial lamb left in the Obama economic circle (now that Mark Zandi seems a shoo in for at least one position on Obama's staff), Tim Geithner, will be kept in Obama's back pocket until QE 3 (which will come - Obama has nothing else left up his sleeve) proves to be an abysmal failure and be fired once the Fed's balance sheet hits about $4 trillion, roughly $1.3 trillion higher than where it is now.

More from Reuters:

The survey reflects a broadly pessimistic public mood as high gasoline prices, sliding home values and high unemployment numbers raised concerns about the pace of the U.S. economic recovery, The Washington Post said.

Eighty-nine percent of Americans say the economy is in bad shape; 57 percent say the recovery has not started and 66 percent said the United States was seriously on the wrong track.

Forty-five percent said they trust congressional Republicans over Obama to handle the economy, up 11 points since March.

The poll shows Obama leading five out of six potential Republican presidential rivals but in a dead heat with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Among all Americans, Obama and Romney are tied at 47 percent each. Among registered voters, Romney is ahead 49 percent to 46 percent.

Romney, the Republican front-runner, last week launched his second presidential campaign, saying Obama's economic policies were to blame for America's many economic woes.

The poll of 1,002 adults was conducted June 2-5 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.


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You mean when bin Laden's corpse was killed last month.

GetZeeGold's picture


This just in....Bin Laden....is still dead.


jaffi's picture

No shit, he's been dead for 10 years.  I guess you missed it when news media around the world reported it in December of 2001.  

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Osama bin Laden was killed 10 years ago.  We just killed Usama bin Laden.  Different guys.  Right around election time, we'll kill Asama bin Laden.

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I like to eat; eat, eat eat, I like to eat; opples and bononos.  We can turn it into a game to teach kids their vowels.  I like to kill; kill, kill, kill, I like kill Usumu bin Ludun.

Mad Max's picture

In 2016 we will kill Oksayana bin Laden, and the world of Islamic fundamentalist figure skating will never be the same.

Problem Is's picture

Osama Bin Laden maybe dead...

But Obama Bin Lyin' is teleprompting away...

jaffi's picture

Don't forget, we've already killed/captured Abu Omar al Baghdadi numerous times in the past.  In fact, they ran stories that the killed him in April of 2009, and then ran another story exactly a year later in 2010.  I remember sending both stories out in an email to friends and family:  Half of them said that it must have been a mistake, about 25% of them said that I was lying (or, manipulated the stories), and the last 25% finally opened their eyes.  

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Can you kill a dead horse?

"yes we can"

mr_T's picture

The only change ...is NO change... I too was fooled... I pity myself.. Hope my ass ... Where's the beef mothrfkr? How's that for ur next campain slogan.NONE OF THE ABOVE BIACHES..

sgt_doom's picture

Crap...that's nothing.

You heard it here first, the scoop of the century at TD's Zero Hedge:

I killed Satan!

Yup...that's right...I'm the guy who offed, whacked, maxed the big guy himself, Satan.

I dumped his body in the ocean as it was beginning to smell worse than it usually does.

I did take some photos of the kill, but because I'm a sensitive guy at heart, and the photos were really nasty, I won't be passing them around at parties.

But you can take it on good faith, I killed Satan.  (I did have some help, I admit, some other fellows accompanied me on Seventh Seal Team.)

Doom out

benb's picture

“…Obama's Handling Of The Economy…” The only thing Barry Soetoro is handling is the crack pipe at his WH parties… he’s a puppet. Even the public is starting to get hip to this NWO Theater. The economy is being reconfigured, plundered, and hamstrung by the Gobalists. The real decisions are being made at Bilderburg and the Round Table Groups. Polices are drawn up at The Council on Foreign Relations, Ford Foundation et cetera then handed to their political lackeys who stand in front of the Telescreens to act out the treason. When the cameras are off they start laughing!

Translational Lift's picture

How long can you stand the heat
Out of the doorway the bullets rip
To the sound of the beat
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust...........

I am more equal than others's picture

Abandon ship... Abandon ship....

The rats are starting to jump.  Only problem is this asshole is going to go and 'teach' want he used to 'save' the e-conjob-o-me.  Carville is out there saying QE worked marvelously.  Critical thought - the ability to do it - the ability to discern crap over shineola - is a rare commodity.

ElvisDog's picture

You know, Carville and Solis and all the rest can say whatever they want about the 2.4 million private sector jobs, blah, blah, blah. The American People (tm) aren't that stupid, and Obama's approval rating reflects that. What's more, people tend to resent being lied to more than bad news. Carville et al are like Kevin Bacon from Animal House.


jus_lite_reading's picture

From everything I am reading I gather the same: the rats are jumping ship to their underground bunkers and preparing for martial law.

Bob's picture

Bread and circuses . . . Wack-A-Mole, the nation's number one pastime.

Meanwhile, serious thought gets relatively little attention, even at ZH:


MassDecep's picture

Barry's ratings are much lower than what the "State propagandas" tell you. It is amazing the lies that continuously spew out of the media, to shape your mind. http://www.blackboxvoting.org/ Does it really matter at this point who runs for what? John McCain last election....what a joke this Nation has become.

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Disapproval Of Obama's Handling Of The Economy Hits Record

It's transitory...just ask Bernanke.

jaffi's picture

Keynes quote "in the long run, we're all dead"

Hmm, life is just transitory.  

Monedas's picture

A broken clock is right twice a day blah blah blah ! The one cute thing he said doesn't erase all he did to us ! Monedas accuses thee of the high moral crime of Keynesian Troll Pimpism ! How do you plead, sir ! Got any cute quotes from Jimmy Carter, Gordon Brown, Al Gore ? Monedas 2011 Ripping the mask off Scientific Socialism !

slaughterer's picture

My name is slaughterer, and I disapprove of this President, this government, and this Federal Reserve.   

Thisson's picture

President, government, Federal Reserve --> Redundant.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yep just transitory....till it goes even higher. And Obama has no more rabbits to pull out of his hat.

Temporalist's picture

Oh so blame the bunny with no ears on Obummer too!  It's not his fault there is nothing to grab!

White.Star.Line's picture

I give Obama very high marks for his handling of the economy.

Considering his biggest campaign contributors (and that IS who he works for) have profited greatly from his policies, how could anyone see that he is not doing a fabulous job.

2012 in a landslide.....

wombats's picture

I couldn't agree more.  Throw in some additional welfare and food stamp benefit increases and he will be a lock for a 2012 landslide victory.  He'll just threaten the end of everyone's gravy train if he is not reelected.

White.Star.Line's picture

Since his bosses own and operate the polling machines, not sure if catering to the general population matters much anymore.......

Dr. Richard Head's picture

A second term in a SNAP.  Class warfare - coming to a government territory near you. 

Janice's picture

I would love to know how that lady at the Democratic Convention feels now.... when she insisted that god Obama would pay her mortgage, she wouldn't have to worry about gas for her car or putting food on the table.  Some media investigator please find her and see how she feels now! 

All the republican opposition has to do is run that video clip of her at the convention and then ask the question....so how do you feel now?

Terminus C's picture

"The United States is the most benevolent nation on earth."

I stopped there.

SheepDog-One's picture

Never make it till late 2012.

docj's picture

Frankly, I doubt we make it to Labor Day 2011 without another crash; one that will likely have us looking back wistfully at the Summer of 2008.

That said, given that the entire 2013 fiscal budget for the federal government of the US of A will be put directly to the service of the Obama 2012 campaign - "for the good of the country" of course - it's impossible for me to see how any of the declared and yet-to-be-declared moron candidates from the "opposition" party will stand a chance once the Free Stuff Army has "Free Stuff" rained upon them from above.

pepperspray's picture

I suggest we click the BarackObama.com campaign banner ad that gets called up by this article and make him pay.

Sam Clemons's picture

You mean make yourself pay? 

pepperspray's picture

How else can we expect then to procure the Made In USA 'collectors edition' mug if we don't throw him some chips?  This shit hasn't hit ebay yet.




mynhair's picture

Looks like the Libs want Romney.  WaPo-ABC 'poll' - totally 'random'.

mayhem_korner's picture

At least a 10% skew in the numbers from the sampling.

Note the difference in the "all" polled v. "registered voters" polled.  Neither of which matters - only "likely voters" which would likely tip the scale another 3-5% for Mitt-boy.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Between Romneycare and Global Warming, Romney will need to court the moderate left in order to win, the Limbaugh crowd won't stand for him anymore - or will they?

Monedas's picture

Monedas is a Libertarian guerilla ! There aren't many of us....we won't get Ron Paul ! Compared to Idi-O-Bama, Romney is the best we can realistically hope for ! He will clean Idi-O-Bama's clock in the debates ! Monedas 2011 No more Ross Perot divide the vote ploys !

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Fuck that.  I would rather not vote than vote for Romney. The status-quo is not worth my effort to continue just to beat Obama.