District Attorney Says DSK Accuser Admitted She Lied To Grand Jury About What Happened Following Purported Attack

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Just out from Reuters:


More as we get the full letter sent out by D.A. Cyrus Vance.

In the meantime, this from Reuters:

New York prosecutors will continue their investigation and re-examine evidence in the case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, charged with attempting to rape a hotel maid, the judge in the case said on Friday.

"There will be no rush to judgment," New York Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said at a hearing where the former IMF chief was released from house arrest and his bail revoked.

"The people will continue to investigate and re-examine the matter as appropriate."

Sources close to the case say questions about the credibility of Strauss-Kahn's accuser have been raised.

Strauss-Kahn was charged with sexual assault at the Sofitel Hotel in New York on May 14 and has been held under house arrest. His next court appearance is set for July 18.

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How much did she get to say this?

Franken_Stein's picture


They promised to not kill her kids.

An offer she couldn't reject.

Plus a fully funded anti-viral HIV drug therapy.

Carrots and sticks.


Fish Gone Bad's picture

So DSK is or is-not an anal maid rapist? 

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Correct. Sadly, French Chauvinism is no more what it was in the good old days.

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Well the victim's attorney, a former prosecutor, said the Manhattan DA is a liar. He held a press conference that wasn't widely publicised and he said she stands by her story and the physical evidence supports her claim.




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That is justice in this US driven world.


That DSK story was seminal in some sort, exposing the freedom of speek US kind.


That man comes from a world where women are free to talk against their rapists.

The negro woman comes from a world where women are prevented from talking about their rape.

And it is very interesting. Because as it was postulated by this site, this DSK man had other events before being compromized by that negro woman. Events performed on women who are free to talk against their rapists.


At this point, the nature of freedom brought by the US appears, and freedom for whom.


In both worlds, rape happen. But in that negro woman world, the rapists have to coerce the victims into silence, they have to pressure women. And a victim crossing the line of the prohibition can receive support from her communauty as it is happening right now.

In the US free world, wom en censor themselves. They chose not to talk while they could. Because they felt lonely, because they knew they would go through character assassination, because they knew it would be useless.


Wonderful world for a rapist. Because it brings peace of mind. In that negro world, a rapist is prevented from denying his rape. If he does, he will forget about pressuring a woman into silence.

In the US world order, the rapist is reinforced in his way by the acts of the women. A rapist rapes a woman. The woman is free to talk. As she does not talk, then it is an evidence he did not rape that women. Else she would have talked.

This is the kind of freedom the US has brought to the world: freedom from the criminals. Criminal minds in the US world order have managed to render their victims so helpless that criminals no longer face the burden of trying to avoid social condemnation.

Until they cross path with a backward society member, where freedom of speech has still some power.

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And by the way, it was disclosed that the number three person in the DA office is married to one of the DSK lawyers, and she has not been removed from the case.


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The IMF sure can peg the surreal meter can't they. They make comcast hiring fcc people who pass deals for them seem amateur in the intrigue and screw over and achieving compiance departments.

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You need to chill with the "negro," or perhaps try chillin' with a few, kracker...

Votewithabullet's picture

Dont grip brother, the word negro comes from the "latin" word meaning black, useless, lazy section 8 looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

Xaqaria's picture

+1 for use of the word "seminal"

sun tzu's picture

The alleged victim's attorney is defending his client version of the story? That breaking news!!!


By the way, how many rape victims hire an attorney?

Citxmech's picture

How do you know he is not offering his services pro bono - or on contingency in anticipation of a civil case?

But to answer your question - anybody raped by somebody with that much international pull would be stupid not to get an attorney by any means possible.  This is the big league where the dirty tricks and backroom deals are performed by pros.


sun tzu's picture

How do you know he is pro bono? Since the majority of lawyers work for money, I'll assume he's working for money unless he or his client make a statement that he is pro bono.


Did the massuese groped by Al Gore hire an attorney?



ThisIsBob's picture

Every rape victim where the perp is a millionaire probably has a lawyer.

theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

Lets see a picture of her - my money money says she'd hardly be worth raping, other than for the power buzz of course

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Thought this was a setup to get DSK.  But if the facts are as her attorney states in this video, I look forward to DSK quick release so he will again be out in public.  That will enable an avenging angel to administer justice he so richly deserves --- right between his eyes. 

 Attorney Reveals Graphic Details

Fri 01 Jul 11 | 11:46 AM ET
Kenneth Thompson, the victim's attorney in the DSK case says the forensic evidence supports her account, and he reveals graphic details of the attack.


Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Well, perhaps this has served its purpose now that LaGarde has been named the new IMF chief. Perhaps this is what happens when you don't take up someone's offer to submit your resignation...

Careless Whisper's picture

@ Pegasus

I think he made a compelling argument. Something smells in the DA office.

falak pema's picture

The DA and the alleged victim's attorney have two different agendas. This is now clear as per their respective public declarations. Why C VAnce is now delegitimising the victim is not clear unless he wants to let DSK quickly off the hook having achieved the "primary" aim, and now having no interest in the "secondary" aim aka the girls claims. If this be the case then it becomes possible that the DAs office is part of the "official" banker's conspiracy, which has achieved its primary aim and wants DSK, defrocked Oligarch, now to go home and piss off Sarkozy, in his secondary home country, of no interest to the uber-US banker's cabal, masters of the world,  who triggered the original attack in Gotham, home of the Oligarchs, and "conspired" its expeditious execution via "the fall girl" from low down Guinea.

BTW, it appears that the woman at the head of the famous "anti-vice" squad based in Harlem has resigned last week, unexpectedly. She was the leading light in the NYPD thrust against the "vicious, woman molester", DSK, the man above the law that the law nailed. She is now toast in the internal struggle within the DA's nebulous administration...figure that out!

sgt_doom's picture

"Thought this was a setup to get DSK."

You thought right; you just didn't think it all the way through, Pegasus Muse.

The NYC District Attorney was well aware that his witness wasn't all that pristine, and that eventually the case would unravel, he was simply following the direction of Bloomberg, Wall Streeters and the Oval Office, and orchestrating the judicial process until Strauss-Kahn had been legally replaced as the head of the IMF.

Please note that the case against Strauss-Kahn began to almost immediately unravel as soon as what's-her-name was sworn in as the new IMF chief.

Now the IMF will go along with everyone else, which might not have been the case had Strauss-Kahn still been there --- but there remains an extremely high probability that he did indeed assault that maid.

That's the way the banksters roll.....

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I don't understand how the initial accounts of the incident stated that security cameras showed her hurriedly coming from his room, being very upset and going straight to a room with a supervisor or other employees and giving a frantic account of being raped.

Now they're saying she went from his room to clean another room, and then casually going back to clean his room after he left? Something is obviously way out of whack here. Both accounts cannot be true. How could they state there was video surveillance camera evidence right after the fact, and now weeks later say that evidence shows something obviously quite different.

This certainly does not sound like someone could have just made a slight misinterpretation, or new facts came to light.

Unfortunately it sounds like someone in authority here is lying... either now, or shortly after the incident... or both.


sun tzu's picture

The ends justify the means in the world of the wicked and powerful

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

NYC attorneys and judges losing face BIG TIME.

In this country false accusations can lead to the electric chair!


gramps's picture

NYC attorneys and judges losing face BIG TIME.



You're just figuring this out?



TheJudge2012's picture

I've read accounts of DSK's history of getting forceful with women. It would be surprising if she wasn't payed off.

DaveyJones's picture

yup and as others pointed out, strange coincidence with the new naming 

sgt_doom's picture

You're misreading the case -- please see my earlier comment.

I'm sure she received help with legal expenses, and that's probably what that $100,000 that went through her account will end up being.

sgt_doom's picture

You're misreading the case -- please see my earlier comment.

I'm sure she received help with legal expenses, and that's probably what that $100,000 that went through her account will end up being.

sgt_doom's picture

You're misreading the case -- please see my earlier comment.

I'm sure she received help with legal expenses, and that's probably what that $100,000 that went through her account will end up being.

sun tzu's picture

She received $100,000 weeks before the alleged rape. If you think it was from DSK, then he knew she would be his maid and paid her off weeks in advance of raping her.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

"There will be no rush to judgment," New York Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said at a hearing where the former IMF chief was released from house arrest and his bail revoked.

LOL.  Little late for that, eh?

sun tzu's picture

How much was she paid to accuse him of rape? You'll have to ask the bankers who paid her

hamurobby's picture

I would really like to see if they find out she was coerced  or paid to concoct this story (the accusation or retraction), if this is true.

12ToothAssassin's picture

Wonder if Sarcozy put her up to it?

mlbs's picture

The rabbit hole deepens......

ibjamming's picture

Not many do...especially nasty AIDs ridden ones.

trav7777's picture

wtf are you talkin about?  Jews are infatuated with them

knukles's picture

One of the news outlets today said that she's several checking accounts with balances of some $100k each.
Nice tips. 

Goldilocks's picture

Strauss-Kahn Prosecution Said to Be Near Collapse


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

& His replacement ...

Synchronised swimming, flirting for France and a VERY risqué dominatrix drawing: The secret life of new IMF boss Christine Lagarde

"She is a former synchronised swimming champion, has men fawning over her and is said to enjoy being depicted as a dominatrix who whips bankers."


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The farce is now unwinding. Or should I say now that DSK has been replaced and the Greek bailout pushed through it's OK to unwind the farce. Interesting how suddenly, after the IMF has replaced DSK, that all this "news" is breaking.

Too obvious that there was, and still is, an agenda. 

Rich_Lather's picture

LOL! The timing is impeccable!


I thought there was supposedly DSK juice on the carpet or on her. Where did that story go?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Someone used Monica Lewinsky's dress to clean it up and now they risk jailing Bill Clinton if they submit it as evidence.

Too many moving parts. Best to shut down the machine or risk implosion. Besides, why keep it going now that the Greek bailout, and the model for all future bailouts, has been implemented.

Mission accomplished.


1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Give me a break, the vampires are now out even in broad daylight..

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Forgot the /sarc tag. So sad that my sarcasm still isn't recognized on ZH even after two years.


Confused's picture

Yes! What happened to that story? The whole thing has been suspect since the start. Certainly couldn't have timed it better.