Does DSK Have The Syph? Strauss-Kahn Housed In Facility For Inmates With Contagious Diseases

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Just when you thought the humiliation couldn't get any worse for DSK (all 5'8", 200 lbs of him)...

(Search for inmate 09132366L here)

And a quick click through to the description of the West Facility yields this...

West Facility (WF)
16-06 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY  11370

Houses inmates with contagious diseases.

Either DSK has the syph (or something far worse... and let the conspiracy theories run amok here - "consensual sex" -> contagious diseases, do the math) or the uber-humiliation campaign is on like Donkey Kong.

Or is it just to protect his cellmates?


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colloidal silver bitchez

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TM, i usually love your insight, but this time you are wrong.

its not the juice, its the tribe of u$ury.

chosen ones, at your service, you sheep.

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no, definitely jew.  ditto the guy now in charge, john lipsky.  he's also decades in the harness for the tbtf:  charmer i'm sure.  

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Not sure about syph. Apparently he told the warden that he had a package of Greek and Portuguese AIDs that he needed to deliver urgently and they put them there.

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He's a disease whether he has the syph or not. 

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Banksters infected with a disease?

Should we be surprised?  It's comical to read, but NOT far fetched at all.


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So he's a drooler and a dripper now? 



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Syph? Probably Gonorreha since the other inmates heard him yelling in the bathroom trying to take a piss, err, remember why he dropped the soap.

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this is a rumor to keep the bros away from his ass... literally

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He's in "protective custody" which is administrative segregation.  Single occupancy cells, out of cell one hour per day (picture Bradley Manning without the active humiliation and emotional abuse.)

I'm not familiar with the facility he's in, but it may be simply that the segregation unit happens to be in the health building.  Or maybe he's trying to pull special treatment by whining about a health problem . . . setting up an additional factor to be exploited at his bail hearing.

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That's unfortunate. I was hoping he was to be gang-raped by inmates with contagious diseases.

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This is just a ruse not to get butt-fucked . . .

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Look, i hate all these 'elite' filth scumbags as much as the next man... but this looks like a complete setup. I bet Julian is thinking he got off lightly with the way he was set-up.

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True enough, but what did he do to bring down the wrath of his superiors?  He appeared to be a reliable team player...

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Media wins again!

Both dailynews and nyp get paid $1M each for printing these stories!

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!! Say, that gives me an idea... do you think DSK's handlers would pay in silver/gold? For the right price I could toady up an exposi... er, article on how DSK saved my family from terrorists. Or do you think Niall Ferguson is already on it? (After all, when it comes to obsequious fawning over the banker class nobody can compete with that schnorrer.)

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So what exactly is "the right price"?

1000 or 2000 troy ounces?

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Don't forget Defense #1:

"I couldn't have done it. I was eating-out with my daughter at the time"

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Lawyer #1 - He wasn't even there. Mistaken identity. My client is innocent.

Lawyer #2 - Yea he did it, but she begged for it. My client is innocent.


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His daughter works as a maid?   Could be possible as it's likely he has some running around that he wasn't aware of.

Shall we add incest to the list?

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If someone is going to confess to incest, might as well confess to the Divine three: incest, murder, and cannibalism.

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jeez...the wife wired $1M cash within basically hours.

How nice it must be to have $1M laying the fuck around.

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Just like all public servants, worldwide.
And you guys thought the Oligarchs were a rock group from Russia.

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jeez...the wife wired $1M cash within basically hours.

How nice it must be to have $1M laying the fuck around.


Its the new socialism.

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that was a non-recourse, zero interest loan from the IMF with no payments until 2199.

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"He appeared to be a reliable team player..."

Or maybe not ...


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incomplete link, s/b

if he had forgotten the words from the summercamp ritual at Bohemian Grove...

"Say thous mocking spirit. It is not all a dream. We know thou waitest for us. When this our Sylvan holiday has ended, we shall meet thee and fight thee as of old and some of us prevail against thee and some thou shalt destroy."

...I'm sure he is remembering them now because he is a part of one big happy family. And once a person joins, whether formally or not, they can probably never leave.

"But, this to we know. Year after year, within this happy grove, our fellowship bans the (binds thee?) for a space. Thine malevolence which would pursue us here has lost its power under these friendly trees. So shall we burn thee once again this night and with the flames that eat thine effigy we shall read the sign. Mid-summer sets us free!

Dull Care: Ye shall burn me once again?(Laughter) Not with these flames which hither ye have brought from regions where I reign. Ye fools and priests. I spit upon your fire!"

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Also want to just say that I hold no sympathy for any of these globalists and high politicians... but I've never seen anything so manufactured in my life. It kinda reminds me of the Scooter Libby takedown. Spitzer too.

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You seem to be forgetting that those takedowns, while manufactured, are very real. Besides, Scooter took the fall on purpose in order to spare Darth Cheney.

BTW, all application of the law is manufactured, as a DA or LEO has to decide whether or not to pursue any case.

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I'm sure that there is something he deserves this for.  Karma is a bitch.

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Well, at minimum...

Somebody's KARma just ran over his DOGma...

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No one that keeps it in their pants gets trapped in a honey pot.

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that I hold no sympathy for any of these globalists and high politicians

yes, there are three kinds of world elite:

- one third are violent and cynical assholes (like DSK)

- one third are cynical assholes

- one third are 'just' assholes.

one got to be happy that they chose their victim out of the worst kind. One less is very little but better than nothing.

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My wife keeps telling me I'm an asshole.  I'll mention this to her that she'd best treat me better.  

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You got banker envy or empathy.

Seek help ASAP

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Julian was set up by his own people in order to get some eyeballs, and to create a facade of credibility for his story (you'll notice it was all contrived theater, and went nowhere). He is nothing but a Rothschild psyop, as evidenced by his housing, and his lawyers. He may believe he is legit, but he is very much a tool of the elite.

As for a DSK setup... well, while I have to retain my skepticism given the external ramifications of his incarceration, this is exactly the kind of behavior that gives one admittance to "The Club." Why? Because they blackmail each other (though they refer to it as loyalty) with everyone being in a network that has dirt on each of them. This is why secret societies (and non secret) have initiations.

DSK's behavior is no different than Al Gore, Ahnold, or any other puppet sitting in a seat of power. Sexual deviancies are a good tool of control, as it involves both risk and reward, all wrapped up in one orgasm. As for syph, well, I'm assuming they all have it, given their hedonic lifestyle (wife-swapping, anyone?). The only ones who don't would be the pedos who go for the unspoiled goods.

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Butt Bangin' at the Bohemian Grove!

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No honour amongst thieves , like they would do it to us in a hart beat.

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Sure, but Karma is still a bitch.

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he has bailouttia keynesianitis..

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This is what happens to 'Gubbmint Cheese' eating surrender monkeys...

no offense to YOU GC :-)