Does What Happen In 'The Facebook' Stay In 'The Facebook'

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Some observations after the jump...

Also, we hope Goldman's high net worth SPV clients read the fine print on the PPM. You never know: that stake may suddenly be diluted to 0.000000001%...

h/t Jules


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Delusional license agreement.

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I noticed this in the prior thread but didn't want to comment, because who am I to get in the way of information damaging to Facebook, even if it's erroneous?

Has anyone taken the time to read the current ToS?  That video was posted over 2 years ago.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Goog and Facebook are fronts of the NSA.

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right.  not only google and facebook, and not only NSA.

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I "like" watching you. 

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Tyler is there anything that you don't catch?

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and you "thought" we were winning ! ?

You cant make shit up like this I swear !

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is fucking outrageous!

almost_have_a_name's picture

Give control to the Commerce Department. Is this not right out of the bible ? "The move also is likely to please privacy and civil liberties groups that have raised concerns in the past over the dual roles of police and intelligence agencies"

WTF: What civil liberty group, exactly, would consider this pleasing ?

BTW: We can't make this stuff up, but the official anus can!

blobbus's picture

This is the first step towards taxing citizens for any and all internet activity.

trav7777's picture

I neither NEED nor WANT the government's help in "keeping me safe" in cyberfuckingspace.

They can GFT

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lol..  wb, can i post this on my FB wall?

williambanzai7's picture

Sure, post this one as well... JIMI FACEBOOK

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I don't know why a "license agreement" is required other than because people will use the court system to sue.  To me, if you post some shit on the internet and then complain later because it was used by someone else, well... You're a fuckin' douchebag.


TheMerryPrankster's picture

Because the entire internet is public domain? What if you don't post it but it is attributed to you? What if it was a private conversation that was taped without your  knowledge, what it if a hacker posts your credit cards and pin numbers?


Are you generally lacking in intelllectual rigor or do you just enjoy sweeping blanket statements and trolling?



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wow Facebook connections to neo conservatism,DARPA,CIA,NSA. I guess there is more for Twitter,Myspace,and google. God damn it Lincoln,for expanding the power of the Federal government!

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re: Sovereign Man recommends planting multiple flags. Any questions about that?



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Friend Face - Facebook - IT Crowd


( Some quotes from the clip

“Each Friendface page is like a petridish filled with Friendface germs.”

“It’s basically a diseased face of friendship.”

“Just sign up to Friendface by giving us all of your personal information.”

“We own everything you put on friendface – it says so in the terms and agreements. But don’t worry about that, we won’t use it to do anything bad – we promise!”)

Logans_Run's picture

If they are so interesting in knowing everything about me and then having a license to exploit said information, once derived, why the fuck don't they just live my fucking life for me?

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Facebook is all powerful say FBI and CIA experts who use its content to find information about “the bad guys;” while, at the same time, spawning unique ways for users to commit suicide as this social networking site grows bigger, darker and more powerful and becomes “the world leader in controlling vast amounts of personal information."

One of the revelations from Time Magazine’s recent “2010 Person of the Year” cover story about Facebook founder and CEO is Mark Zuckerberg is how powerful the social media site has become with more than 550 million members, and how it supplies personal information to the FBI, Homeland Security and the CIA.

At the same time, those who know this 5 ft. 8 in. 26-year-old “power broker” with frat boy looks of curly hair who usually dresses in tech-logo T-shirts and jeans, say he’s very down to earth and not at all impressed that his Facebook empire rivals many countries with its vast intelligence network.

When asked about serving the FBI and other government agencies that search the Internet for dirt on questionable people, Zuckerberg says they’re “looking for the bad guys,” as if being the controller for one of the world’s largest banks of personal information is no big deal.

- apparently if the government says you are a bad guy - you are a bad guy -so much for innocent until proven etc.  Modern times demand modern methods - sure mistakes might be made but thats just the cost of doing business and government is business - very very big business - ask Dwight Esinhower.

Facebook - it should have been named Toolbook - but the name was already taken and nobody thought CIAbook would have the same participation levels.

Dan The Man's picture


Amerika just frightens me now

GoinFawr's picture

David Bowie is waaay ahead of you on this one; though admittedly he has to take a bit of responsibility for wearing a yellow turtleneck in NY.


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it seems to me that tyler's business model for ZH and it's members, is the absolute opposite of facebook. this is my house, by the way†

blunderdog's picture

Sure, it's very popular to get incensed about this sort of thing, but realistically, how would you stop them from doing whatever they want with your data even if you DIDN'T agree to TOS?

This is just the flip-side of the MP3 war the record companies have been winning legally and losing practically for decades.

If you put it on the Internet, good luck controlling what happens to it.  If it can be digitally duplicated, good luck controlling what happens to it. 

No matter what any law says.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Open your eyes to the opportunity. Facebook is the unrealized achilles heel in those who think its a golden tool.


Erroneous info in, bad info out.

Love it! 

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Did I forget to say that "I" have a faceLie page? I change my birthday quite often and get lots of happy birthdays from people I don't know. I also have a very large satchel exposed on my completely insipid 80 year old body.

Rainman's picture

God bless me sainted mother, who attributed her long life to the fact she was never interested in knowing everything about anybody but herself .

bob_dabolina's picture

Guffaws of laughter at my prescient ability to have seen this a mile away.

-Jacks Prolapsed Anus

I wonder what Friendman knew...

Tense INDIAN's picture

i Saw this sometimeback....using facebook as a surveillance tool...ot may be recruit agents for the National clandestine Service....


and even more stunning was ORACLE CORP  history.....SHOCKED SHOCKED:::


they have us by the hair of our head,.....



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I always thought it was by the short and curlies.

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Seriously considering deleting my facebook account, especially now that they are in bed with The Goldman Sack....It is convenient to keep in touch with my family and friends however but the potential costs are far exceeding any benefit, especially when there are other options....

trav7777's picture

Spybook amazes people carry on private conversations with everybody watching, they post pictures of their entire lives, locations, families, etc. all over the thing.

Do these people piss in public?  It kinda reminds me of how people start to act in cube farms; they have private telephone conversations audible to a dozen people.  People really start to behave like sheep in a pen

RockyRacoon's picture

Ever see the guy at the stop light next to you picking his nose?  Same sort of false privacy that one has in his own car -- with wrap-around glass.

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, that's me sometimes.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I didn't post anything personal on there, but even so that's the last straw for me.  Make sure you *delete* your account rather than deactivate.  And do a download first so that you have an archive.

The next social network to rise will hopefully be encrypted and distributed.

JohnG's picture

Nice business idea that!  Thanks!!

Irelevant's picture

ZH may be a front for army intelligence, or the folks at Langley, who knows. :)

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Can we get a recommend this to fb button on these posts?

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Has anyone, anywhere, ever read the terms of an "I accept" license for adding software or content to you PC?  If you did, you would never click "I accept" and remain a technology luddite. (except for ZH which was reasonable)

Just for kicks, open one the next time you have a chance.  You'll say WTF!