DOJ, SEC Are Now Reviewing Senate Findings On Goldman

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Get Out Of Jail Free Card Bitchezzzz!!!!

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and collect $2,000,000 bone-us as you pass GO.

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Goldman in ads with puppies??  I was only kidding when I said that Goldman employees volunteered at the animal shelter, killing newborn puppies with claw hammers.  Perhaps it is cooler to show puppies being "ridden" by starving Ethiopians. 

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Might be good shit, but do you have anybody who speaks ENGLISH as a first language ? That's just nasty prose.

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neat. When some one goes away like Bernie I'll ______

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... haven't we seen all this before... yes we have, nothing will happen.

Why would one arm of the same beast prosecute another arm? All these entities are the same criminal beast.

Same old dog and pony shown from the fascist controllers of one of the most pathetic countries history has ever seen.

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Why? Massive billable attorney hours. And tax deductible

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Let's not forget that the bankers always win, at least that is what history teaches us. Then, there are the puppet masters who own the banks. Knowledge is power.


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Sent to Inaction Jackson?  Its as good as dead.  no action.

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When asked about these emails, Mr. Swenson also denied that Goldman had attempted to squeeze the CDS short market. He claimed that the cost of single name CDS shorts had gone too high, and the purpose behind Goldman’s actions was to restore balance to the market. Mr. Swenson could not explain, however, why in an effort to restore balance to the market, he used the phrases “cause maximum pain,” and “this will have people totally demoralized.”

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Holder has no balls , he is a pole smoker . SEC is too bsuy watching porn. Hang all the bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. Fuck you SEC and DOJ, 2 useless fucking dept.Enough of this long drawn out process, just start the hanging and clean out the system.

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But they'll go after whitey on a whiff of a hate crime.

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I think the banks are going for a clean sweep to get the GOP in power in 2012. Levin said "wait a fucking minute". In fact they are starting this at the right time. It gives them a good 18 months to get it wound up. Most of these Senators are wealthy as hell, the house members on this committee hearing want to get there too.

So, Goldman has pissed off the Dems in Congress by giving more and early to GOP candidates. Power meets Power with Holder going "Oh fuck, What does this do to my mindless 8 hour masturbation sessions". I have slight hopes that this could register on the Richter scale.

It's not for the right reasons, but shit, who cares how they get there, just as long as they do. This may have happened when they started using overhead doors at the Goldman Sach's Director's offices, so they could get their heads through.

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Who wants to start a Guillotine Party? The TEA Party is too tame to do anything of any importance.

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LMAO!! I know that ***IS*** the case with the DOJ.


Hey DOJ, go ticket a jaywalker ya putzez.

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The Attorney General is Jamie's bitch, bitchez!

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I'm not so sure about nothing being done about things.  I know that is the way things have been for a long time.  However, as many have posited, things like that work until they don't.  And right now, it isn't working.

Now, why would it be different this time?  Well, the answer is in the fund flows, or the lack thereof.  One of the things that has become patently obvious in all of this long struggle is that Average Joe no longer has faith in the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street.  In the end, the syndicate needs buyers to step up and receive their hot potatoes.  It isn't happening.

As such, I do believe that we are approaching that time when something MUST be done about this syndicate, or capital simply will not form, and the market will ultimately fail [as soon as the last dollar is printed].

No, I rather think it is time for some enterprising politician to make an example of someone, if only to distract from the role that politicians have played in enabling the kleptocracy.

Call me naive.  Call me hopeful.  However, I think this is actually a practical matter.

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While I wish what you're saying is true. Nothing will change.

They will run the same games until the country is in default and in wwiii.

Never underestimate the power of greed.

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The lack of retail participation in the market is one strike against what you are suggesting.  Of course, we shall see.

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mary gives BJ's to the banksters. DB being investigated is nothing , and how is that mary Schapiro is not being investigated when she over looked the crap at FINRA> Time for hanging is near. Hang the bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, no more court cases required and the lawmakers are buch of pussies and have no balls to stand up.

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You know, being the naive soul that I am, I can't help feeling that a) it would cost Goldman's a lot less and b) it would get it a whole heap more business if it just did things with a bit more integrity, in other words a bit more like it used to...

In other words, in the days when these institutions were partnerships rather than public companies.


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The days are gone and it is a fiction.I like your comment. Nothing changes as long as these vermins are in power.

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DC you may enjoy this interview from BBC

(april 30 edition)


It is an interview with  Charles-Edouard Bouée  of RolandBerger and his new book new book "China's Management Revolution". In the interview h tells Peter Day of the BBC how Chinese management philosophy is quite different to that in the West.


If we think we are falling behind Asia in Science and Tech the thesis of this book will shake America's biz establishment to its core.

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I think this deserves a 40 foot yacht in the ass as punsishment.

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simply downsizing to a 40foot 'yacht' would be punishment enough... imagine the humiliation of pulling into Saint Tropez this August in what would essentially be a tender

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Goldman is just a philanthropic organization doing God's work. Holy Jesus Mother of Mary, give these poor, hardworking guys a break.  They're just trying to work for the betterment of humanity and to make an honest buck!  Sheezzz.

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Dr. Impossible's picture collusion with the American Bar Association..the members of the BAR, over the period of time, refuse to file the appropriate lawsuits from the people, and, if they did, they were way costly (preventatively costly) to the people to find knowledgeable representation. instead allowing the escalation of activities, till issues become of National importance, devastating HUGE amounts of people. Waiting for an act/order from congress to move forward, again ensuring the cost of suit/s would be in the ASTRONOMICAL range, lining the pockets of the ABA members...all licensed under the POTUS.

 I demand this be heard by a citizens tribunal.including any and all input from the people..with absolutly ZERO(0) ABA membership participation. As its purely a conflict of interest. This demand is simply for the protection of the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Bush said it best.."No body is above The Law"


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A SLICE TROUGH THE MATRIX: DOJ, SEC Are Now Reviewing Senate Findings On Goldman

Holder says: There are variety of players, a variety of positions, a variety of tools, a variety of approaches … There are a whole variety of these matters, a whole bunch of different views, a number of cases, a number of investigations … We are numerous… , we are a substantial number of people who take whatever enforcement action. And we are serious and agressive.

You know, we are serious about the investigating that we are doing. All I can tell you is that we are looking at these cases seriously. We are going to pursue them aggressively. The fact that we have these prosecutions on the border is not any indication that we’re not taking the Wall Street potential offenses seriously. The notion — and people have to disabuse themselves of the notion that, somehow or other, this Department of Justice, the prosecutors who look at these cases, don’t want to bring these cases.

They come to the Department of Justice to look at matters like this, to apply the law, look at the facts and to bring new cases. We are extremely aggressive in that way. What we try to do, obviously, is to look at these matters, be aggressive. We look at these matters and try to make cases. If the determinations are made not to proceed, it’s not for lack of trying. It’s because they have made a determination that they can’t.

IF, IF, IF, but Bottom Up-Line: NEGOTIATIONS!

Holder: If there — if the negotiations fail, if there is a basis for prosecutions, we will bring them.