Dollar Hits All Time Low Against Swiss Franc

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The USDCHD just printed at 0.9780, the lowest ever in history. The dollar obliteration, and the rush to safety away from the psychopaths of the Federal Reserve continues. Surely the destruction that the Fed is reaping everywhere will get investors to regain their confidence in what is now nothing more than a battlefield where the central bankers of the world can conduct their own little pissing contest while the HFT algos watch in awe and buy shit.

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The USA is kickin' ass (in the race to the bottom).

Debt and exporters, bitches!!!!!

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Seriously, however, the race to the bottom is begin to speed up. Almost exponentially.

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I can't bear to turn on CNBS but I can hear them anyway talking about how great all the info was today, just look at the market's reaction! 



Look we didn't sell any houses!  That means the only way is up from here!  Surely it can't get any worse! 

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honey, your dad's in prison, I lost my job and your sister ran away. It can only go up from here!

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Ridiculous. Was in Geneva last weekend - had a 4CHF coffee (upscale place, so less surprising), but upon stopping at the mcdonalds i noticed a big mac combo came in at 14CHF. 


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Before you travel

abroad from USA

be sure to consult

The Big Mac Index

at The Economist.

The Economist's Big Mac index seeks to make exchange-rate theory more digestible. It is arguably the world's most accurate financial indicator to be based on a fast-food item.

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Before you travel

abroad from USA

be sure to consult

The Big Mac Index

at The Economist.

The Economist's Big Mac index seeks to make exchange-rate theory more digestible. It is arguably the world's most accurate financial indicator to be based on a fast-food item.

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that's because they are not allowed to employ illegal immigrants nor are they allowed to pay them 50 cents on the day ... also, they have chairs in the mc'dee's over there, people dont sit on mexicans ... they also do get health insurance and social security and other socialistic stuff that you people ain't never heard of ... all that has a price ZePo

you should've gone to Starbux for a real butt rape !


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Silver Bizatches!!!!!

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You said it-  gold looks like it's rocking, but silver is the one blazing the trail and dragging gold's lazy ass up the mountain. 

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and plus after reading this, everyone will be shorting gold... perfect sound advise


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At 30 year highs.  Silver really is the magical metal that may kill the vampire squids...

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Swiss Franc is still significantly off of it's high in both gold and silver.  This run up in gold and silver is a side effect in the run up of the Franc.

Swissy, bitches.

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I've always wanted to paper my house with 20's. Keep burning it Benny.

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All time low woud be 0.9630, not quite there yet.


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Check your charts, not an all time high for the Swiss.

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Hmmmmmm.... CA did a superb astrology call on this almost 5 days ago.

For those thusly inclined, I'll print a bit here...

"by the way, this full moon and the fed chart...ouch...and the dynamic is strong through early october. And also until the Fed solar return in December...I'm feeling some very big changes coming......"

Time to pay attention to the big guys in the sky!




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Neither. Im sticking with cases of canned somewhat yucky and bland but will keep you alive for a long time stew and beef hash, firearms and ammo stockpiles. Buy some good boots too, its going to be real cold this winter. 

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You could also eat that mutton of yours if the going gets tough...

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Stock up on crushed red pepper, garlic powder and other spices and salt.

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Terminal Velocity mini - bitches, the canary is starting to show rigor mortis. !

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'USDCHD just printed at 0.9780, the lowest ever in history.'


But didn't we just get some data that fired up the markets because things are really getting better?


The pumped up market smoke screen trying to tell us all is well whilst people rush to gold and silver and the US taking a dive from the 25m board.


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Simple Kena, back to the carry trade BS, cheap dollars mean higher stawks, or something like that.

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At least the Central Committee of the CCCP openly admitted that it believed in central planning and micro management (in contrast to a contemporary and much closer committee we all know too well).

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Are the Swiss finished with there stupid "intervention" attemts yet ?

The Thai Baht must be high too, so far the Bank of Thailand has not done any intervention. Good for them.

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3/16/2008 was lower TD

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yep, I see low of 0.9636 on 3/17/2008

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the FED really needs to print like 10 trillions of dollars and it will be all good, the debt will colapse and will be worth about a loaf of bread and the obese part of usa will get their weight to a healthy levels

time for real sons of anarchy

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I recommend everybody to read this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and the german Site Chaostheorien.


Okay Ms. Fitts: in your highly impressive e-book “Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits” you mention as a prime factor that governs our lives on planet earth for roughly the last 500 years “the central banking-warfare investment model.” Can you describe to us at the beginning of this interview some of the essential characteristics, rationales and goals of that “model”?

“The central banking-warfare investment model” is really a control model, through which a small group of people can control the most resources on the most profitable basis. Essentially what happens is: Central banks print money and then the military makes sure that other parties accept it and that the financial system continues to have liquidity. The question many people ask with regards to a fiat currency, which is a paper currency, is: Why would anybody take paper, which has no value? They take the paper, because it’s part of the enforcement and military supervision, if you will, of the network that is printing the money. The system has created a fantastically profitable way of controlling large populations and access to resources very cheaply.

Let’s say for a second that Mr. Global is in charge of “the central banking-warfare investment model”: Mr. Global prints money and then people take that paper and give him in essence what he needs to buy up and control the national resources. The population is dependent on his paper and then he controls all the real things. Also through the military, he can steal whatever he wants. And organized crime is a very important component as well, because it can be expansive to drop an army and to occupy a place. If he can take over a place and buy that place with the place’s own money, it’s much more efficient, and that’s where the drug business traditionally comes in. It’s basically part of a model for controlling a territory with huge resources in the cheapest way possible........

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in a "world" where nationstate boundaries are arbitrary, and fluid (in part thanks to the internet) over time, those who see no artificial territorial lines (just there to keep the allegiance of the peeps, and enforce "laws" that vary based on what side of the "line" you are born into), they can i-mage-in anything they like.

armka does the military, the elite banking class in the olde world does the fiat. . .

I'll leave it to imaginations to guess who calls the shots.

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Well, that was a real eye-opener.

Fuck.  We are so . . . fucked.

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nothing to fear, Bob Pissani just said there will be no double dip since the housing number came in in-line with last months number. LMAO

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I am sure B. S. Bernanke believes he is in complete control but if inflation really takes off at some point what would that do to the banking system...people repaying all their loans with depreciated dollars would place the banking system in perhaps an even more precarious state than today.

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a total collapse in the USD is a very real possibility, IMHO.

No such thing as a free lunch.

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I understand that aspect...but given he is the public head of the banking cartel he would have to be suicidal to blow up the system he is charged with protecting.

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my point is, he wants the USD lower, but he might get it a LOT lower than desired. I think he is walking a fine line here, and he doesn't realize in these thin and volatile markets he could get a run on the USD beyond his control.

He's GOT to be sweating a bit about thta.

I could see easily a 10% drop vs the euro in 1 day, coming soon (a few months from now, not weeks)

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all of this presumes that he is psychologically healthy. History is pock marked with boys in power a brick short of a load

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USD total collapse? But just imagine how high the stawk markets will go on that news! <full retard mode off>

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Part of it also is that it's becoming a rolling long-squeeze.  A majority of traders are long on this pair, so it continues down as the position-covering cycle continues.

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BenBernaDonkey: >We will create inflation<

Sell your dollars in exchange for anything. Now.  

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Dollars? We don't need no stinking dollars!

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No.  But it appears you could use a paramedic.

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GE can compete against ABB for power generation equipment ...

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The Germans must be pissed.

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Who now is not long?

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Not true 0.9634 was the low happened in March 2008.